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Multi-core Video Analytics Engine
Embedded video event detection solution in FPGA for higher performance at reduced time-to-market and lower cost
NEW: MVETM Evaluation Kit 2.2
Multi-core Video Analytics Engine (MVE ) is an easily configurable, compact, high-performance processing architecture that can be used to implement complete video analytics solutions in a single FPGA embedded in intelligent surveillance cameras. With the steadily growing demand for increased processing power at lower costs for video analytics systems, especially intelligent cameras with embedded Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), traditional “software-only” approaches are breaking down under the heavy burden of sheer computational complexity resulting in excessive development costs. MVE addresses this problem right at the heart, combining an inherently parallel multi-core processing architecture, and embedded complex video analytics algorithms in a configurable building block, reducing hardware design and programming effort resulting in reduced development cost and time to market. Embedded solutions also benefit from low-cost and low-power implementation when embedding the entire MVE into a single FPGA. This initial commercial implementation of MVE is on the Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP 3400A FPGA chip. MVE is based on Eutecus’ Cellular Multi-core Video Analytics TM (C-MVA ) processor – containing specialized image processing IP cores – which was developed based on substantial research into cellular architectures that mimics the processing found in human vision. Eutecus works closely with security camera OEMs to incorporate MVE™ into their product lines, either as a singlechip solution or as a Video Analytics module in high-end cameras where a separate DSP can take care of tasks such as encoding and compression. MVE reference implementations with rapid development and prototyping capability are available for the Bi-i V301HD camera from Eutecus, and also for the XtremeDSP Video Starter Kit from Xilinx. These provide a quick and easy way to evaluate the performance, capability and cost of an FPGA-based Video Analytics system. Please contact Eutecus about ordering a fully functional MVE Evaluation Kit for the VSK, licensing MVE or customizing it for your needs.

Control and Meta Data


Video Out

Video In

InstantVision EmbeddedTM running on MicroBlaze Optional Custom Hardware and Software


Implemented on: Spartan XC3S4000 Spartan 3SD3400A

MVE Features:
Stand-alone configurable Video Analytics engine based on high-performance C-MVATM processor architecture Fully configurable VA functions such as people counting, detection of abandoned/stolen objects, entering forbidden zone, loitering, movement in wrong direction Reduced time-to-market due to easy system integration Enables single-chip VA solution in Xilinx FPGAs Significantly reduced system cost and power consumption at superior performance HD image resolution at 30 frames per second Arbitrary number of events detected in parallel Pixel processing implemented by parallel IP cores Object detection and decision making implemented using powerful parallel processing algorithms
On the reverse side:

Fully functional MVE Evaluation Kit 2.2

Integrating MVE into your camera

MVE Evaluation Kit 2.2
on Xilinx XtremeDSP Video Starter Kit (VSK) Spartan 3A DSP Edition
Test MVE as it would run in your embedded system application
The MVE Evaluation Kit 2.2 is an add-on package to the Xilinx XtremeDSP VSK, allowing the testing of video analytics functionality and performance of MVE as embedded completely in an FPGA, with the ease and simplicity of a user-friendly graphical user interface. MVE Evaluation Kit 2.2 Features: NEW: Digital video input at HD resolution NEW: Composite TV (NTSC, PAL) input NEW: Range of new pre-configured videos NEW: Streamlined graphical user interface for full control of video analytics and MVE Live or pre-recorded video Easy installation and setup (PC software, CF card content for VSK and documentation in single installation package) User-defined rule settings for video event detection in unlimited reusable configurations

Contact Eutecus for more information and ordering.

Implementing MVE in OEM Security Cameras
Next-generation video analytics embedded in your camera design
Design flow

MVE can be easily integrated into OEM security camera design. OEM development only needs to be concerned with overall camera design and component integration. MVE integration via standard FPGA tool chain Configuration and programmability with software (enough to handle MVE at software level) Reference designs with tools and libraries available to speed up development Customization and support available for integrating MVE into new camera platform Contact Eutecus for more information. Read more about MVE in Issue 66 (Fourth Quarter 2008, pp28-32) of Xcell journal (

Camera hardware design FPGA design Software design & impl. VA Application SW Additional video processing (DSP)

MVE control Other hardware and IP cores

FPGA Architecture

OEM camera and FPGA design fit into existing tool chains with minimal software development effort. High-end cameras may run additional video processing algorithms on DSP.

Eutecus develops and delivers firmware and software capabilities in the area of improved high-speed image flow analytics for commercial and military applications. The core IP of the Company is based on its proprietary Cellular Visual Technology (CVTTM) enabling real time, bio-inspired and massively parallel visual computing. Mimicking the operation of the human eye, CVT yields significant improvements beyond the current state of the art in applications primarily in the areas of Security, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.
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