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DBAPPSecurity Database Scanner
DBAPPSecurity database vulnerability scanner (DAS-DBScan) is researched on the basis of deep analysis of database typical security vulnerabilities and the popular attack techniques. It combines years of security experience and technology accumulation of authorized database security experts. DAS-DBScan can scan thousands of improper database configuration or potential vulnerabilities with the strong function of discovering weak passwords and database hidden Trojan. The consequences caused by database security risk and malicious use are well known to everyone. DAS-DBScan can helps users to fully understand the security risk of database by regular automatically scanning and reviewing of database system, and it can helps users to upgrade their ability to resist risks of database. Simultaneously, it can help users to evaluate the effectiveness of database system construction, and it can help to analyze and track the accident.

The major modules of DAS-DBScan: ◇ System Management ◇ Project Management ◇ Security Scanner ◇ Report Management

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Database Scanner

◇ Risk trends management: creating database structure fingerprint by base line, finding changes of database structure by base line scanning, analyzing the risk trends by base line. ◇ Vulnerability detection and analysis: examining the configuration and objects of database system with the inside regulations updated automatically. ◇ Week password detection: examining password strength with inside week password dictionary. ◇ Patch examining: comparing patch information and current configuration of scanned database. ◇ Project management: users can create, remove and modify projects. ◇ Report management: users can save, view and import/export the reports. ◇ Pre-notification of scanning: notifying the administrator of pre-scanned database systems. ◇ System management: including rights management, permission management, log management, updating management and self integrity management.

◇ Authority vulnerability regulation database, which is the most accurate and latest, provided by authority database security professional. DBAPPSecurity Limited Page 2 of 3 86-755-88877909

Database Scanner

◇ Depth vulnerability detection: it deeply examines vulnerabilities, unsecured configurations, week password, patching information and Trojans of database. ◇ Good supporting for all commonly used databases such as Oracle, MSSQL, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MYSQL, PostgreSQL, Access and so on. ◇ Specially detection of Trojans of database, detecting hidden Trojans by base line scanning. ◇ Excellent scanning engine: it minimizes the influence of system performance while it’s working. ◇ A variety of scanning reports for users, which provide classification of vulnerabilities and suggested solutions.

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