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									                 Compel User Guide

To report a problem, or ask for advice please contact the
HR IT team

Data Protection Act

The information contained on Compel consists wholly of personal data, i.e.
information from which a living individual can be identified. As such, it is
protected by the Data Protection Act 1998 and staff accessing this data
should ensure that they understand the data protection principles and the
restrictions on disclosure that the Data Protection Act places on them.

Further advice on the Data Protection Act can be found on the University
Data Protection pages and from the University's Data Protection Officer,
Mrs Ruth Robertson in the Corporate Compliance Unit. Data Protection
training is also available.

Telephone - extension 75767

E-mail -

Date: 13-11-06
Getting Started

The Compel application can be found in the start menu under

      Networked Applications
      Departmental Software
      Admin
      Compel
      Compel

Once the Application has loaded, you will be prompted for your username and
The system will present you with the three different modules used by the HR

Accessing the Personnel Manager will enable you to view all personal data
the HR Directorate holds on current and past staff according to your security

After clicking on the data button you will be presented with the sectional areas
that make up the Personnel Manager. Selecting any of these options will
display personal information for that category.
To search and select and employee, simply type in the surname of the staff
member and Compel will filter down to that record. You can scroll through
records by using the arrow keys in the top left hand corner of the screen. To
search for an employee number, change the indicator to “Employees by Staff
Number” and then type in the staff ID. This same method can be used for
searching through the leavers’ database.

You can also search for staff by using the list button.
Personal Data

The screen is split into two sections. The upper section will show the
employees name, job title, HR staff number, department and acronym.

The lower window has eight tabs which display each category of personal

The first tab displays basic personal information as seen here.
The work tab will display the current service start date and the first entry data
to Cardiff University. Internal contact info will also be shown here.

Emergency contact details will be shown here.
This is used to track any documents currently being sought when there is a
change of details to the contract, the current position of the authorisation
process is also held here.

Leaver details are populated with a reason for leaving and a leaving
Job & Pay

The main job & pay screen will display a summery of all of the contractual
changes that have happened in date order throughout an employee’s
employment. Clicking on the details button will display the record that is
marked by the black arrow.

The individual job and pay records will display the details of the contractual
change. Only the top or current record will not have an end date as this will
display the current information.

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