QUICK REFERENCE MANUAL

Understanding the policies and procedures that govern the Purchasing
Department can be very challenging. As result, this information is being
offered as a Quick Reference Manual to all Anderson School District Five
employees who are directly or indirectly involved in the procurement
process. These policies and procedures are more specifically addressed in
The District’s Procurement Code.

Should you have questions or concerns about this Quick Reference Manual,
please contact the Purchasing Department.


       1.      Purchases not in Excess $1,500.00

Small purchases not exceeding $1,500.00 may be accomplished without securing
competitive quotations if the prices are considered to be reasonable. Such purchases shall
be distributed equitably among qualified suppliers.


       1.      Purchases from $1,500.01 to $5,000.00

               Solicitation of VERBAL or WRITTEN quotes from a minimum of three
               (3) qualified suppliers shall be made. Documentation of the quotes shall
               be attached to the purchase order. The award must be made to the lowest
               responsive and responsible supplier.

       2.      Purchases from $5,000.01 to $10,000.00

               Solicitation of WRITTEN quotes from a minimum of three (3) qualified
               suppliers shall be made. Documentation of the quotes shall be attached to
               the purchase order. The award must be made to the lowest responsive and

               supplier. When prices are solicited by telephone, the suppliers shall be
               requested to furnish written evidence of their quotations.
            Procurement requirements must not be artificially divided so as to
            constitute a small purchase under this section.

     3.     Purchases from $10,000.01 to $25,000.00

            Written solicitation of written quotes, bids or proposals shall be made.
            The procurement shall be advertised at least once in a publication of
            general circulation or through a means of central electronic
            advertising. A copy of the solicitation and quotes shall be attached to the
            requisition. The award shall be made to the lowest responsive and
            responsible source or, when a request for proposal is used, the highest
            ranking offeror.

            Protest Rights – Rights to protest shall not apply to contracts awarded
            under the procedures set forth above. (Award values of $25,000 and
            below). Additionally, protest provisions do not apply to competitive
            procurements with awards less than $25,000.

     Purchases from $25,000.01and above (per unit) are to be awarded on the basis of
     guidelines outlined in Section V.B of the District’s Procurement Code. The
     procedures for the procurement methodologies require advance planning,
     advertising, public opening of bids and/or proposals and analysis prior to the
     award of the contract. These purchases shall require the signature of the Director
     of Purchasing.



     A purchase order may be awarded for a supply, service, equipment, or
     construction item without competition when the Director of
     Purchasing or Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services and
     Operations determine in writing that there is only one source for the
     required item.

     Sole source purchases will be authorized based on any of the
     following criteria:

     1.     There is a lack of competition for the product or service;

     2.     It is a unique, one of a kind product or service;

     3.      The product
      a. has patented or proprietary rights that provide superior
         capabilities not obtainable from similar products, and

      b. it is not marketed through other wholesalers, jobbers, or
         distributors whose competition could be encouraged;

4.    The product is an exempt item; or

5.    The product is a standardized item.

      In all cases, requisitions for sole source purchases must be
      accompanied by written justification with sound reasons to
      support the request. The justification must:

            Describe the technical and performance characteristics of
            the item/service.

             Explain why these characteristics are essential.

            Verify that they can not be obtained from any other

      Sole source purchases require thorough       documentation
      and file retention.


Emergencies exist when there is a threat to the health, welfare, or
safety of people and/or property. The officials who determine that an
emergency exists are therefore limited to the Director of Purchasing,
the Director of Buildings and Grounds, the Executive Director of
Operations, the Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services and
Operations, and the Superintendent. As a general rule, emergency
purchases are made by the Director of Buildings and Grounds, the
Executive Director of Operations, the Assistant Superintendent for
Financial Services and Operations, and the Superintendent, after
consultation with the Director of Purchasing.

Emergency procurements shall be made with as much competition as
is practical under the circumstances.
      Emergency purchases require thorough documentation and file


      The Board of Trustees may exempt specific supplies or services from
      the required bidding procedures or withdraw any exemptions provided
      for in this section.

The following items will be exempt from bidding requirements but should
be processed using a District Purchase Order Voucher or a Disbursement
Voucher. (Please process these in the same manner in which you have done in
the past.)

1.     Books, Periodicals, Newspapers, Technical Pamphlets, Standardized
      Tests and Testing Materials, Copyrighted Educational Materials,
      Filmstrips, Slides and Transparencies, CDROM Documents, Data
      Bases, Computer-Assisted Instructional Materials, Computer
      Licenses, Interactive Video Programs and other related materials
      made available by Information Technology that can be obtained from
      the company providing the information or service.

2.     Utilities, Fuel and Water

3.    Travel for District employees

4.    Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences

5.    Professional Journals

6.    Taxes, Social Security, and Annuities and Credit Unions

7.    Refunds on Health Insurance

8.    Oil Company Credit Cards - purchases for gas, oil, and emergency

9.    Attorneys (subject to approval by the Board)

10.    Licensed Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapy
      Services and Physical Therapy

11.   Clergy

12.   Court Recorders

13.   Professional Dues, Registration, and Membership Fees

14.   Instructional Training Seminars or Staff Development offered by the
      District to District employees, and those contractual services
      necessary to provide the services for the seminar.

15.   Diplomas

16.   U. S. postage Stamps and P.O. Boxes

17.   Art Reproductions

18.   Expert Witness Service

19.    Perishable Foods (milk, fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, eggs,

20.   The purchase of goods, products and services from the South Carolina
      Department of Corrections, Division of Prison Industries, to include
      Furniture Refurbishing Services.

21.   Services and/or supplies provided by the Division of General Services
      to Public Procurement Units

22.   Livestock, Feed, and Veterinary Supplies and Services

23.   Local School Activity Funds (not allocated funds)

24.   Any exemption granted by the S.C. State Budget and Control Board

Many repetitive or commonly used items can be purchased from State and
District Contracts. The advantage is convenience for you and the knowledge
that your requisition does not have to be bid since bidding procedures have
already been followed. Carpet, office furniture, chemicals, laboratory
supplies and equipment, computers, printers, vehicles, appliances and fuel
are just a few items on contract.

As a governmental entity, Anderson School District Five is exempt from
federal taxes but not sales taxes. If an item is exempt from sales taxes, an
exemption certificate must be furnished. Remember, shipping/handling
(freight) charges are taxable too!

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