Garmin eTrex Tutorial Turning on the GPS Unit and Determining by techmaster


									Garmin eTrex Tutorial

Turning on the GPS Unit and Determining Satellite Position

  1. Turn on the eTrex Legend by pressing and holding the Power button,
     which is located on the right side.
  2. The first screen you will see will be the Satellite page. Wait and
     observe the number and position of satellites the unit is receiving. It
     may take up to 5minutes for the unit to establish a connection with
     the satellites and determine the location. The outer ring represents
     the horizon, while the inner ring represents an overhead view of the
     sky at 45 degrees from the vertical. The black bars along the
     bottom of the screen represent satellite signal strength. The satellites
     you are receiving will be represented by black bars. Also notice that
     the latitude, longitude, and elevation are also shown.
  3. When sufficient satellites are received, Ready to Navigate will
     display at the top of the screen.

Creating Waypoints

  1. Press and hold the thumb stick button for two seconds to mark the
     current location as a waypoint.
  2. The ‘OK’ button will then be highlighted and to save the waypoint
     press the thumb stick again.

Navigate to selected Waypoints

  1. Push the Page button to scroll to the Main Menu.
  2. Use the Click Stick to highlight the Find icon. Press the Click Stick to
  3. Select Waypoints in the Find dialog box and By Name in the
     Waypoints dialog box.
  4. The Waypoints dialog box will show the Waypoints that you will
     navigate to on school grounds. Highlight and select the waypoint
     assigned to your group.
  5. Highlight and select the Goto button. The Navigation screen shows
     a compass with an arrow pointing towards the direction of the
     selected waypoint. The estimated time and distance to the
     waypoint is shown at the top. The Speed and Heading are shown at
     the bottom of the screen.
Transferring Data to ArcGIS from the handheld GPS unit

  1. Use the program DNR Garmin. It is required to transfer data from the
     GPS unit to the computer.

  2. To begin transferring data, plug the GPS unit into the computer
     using the appropriate data port. Turn the GPS on and then open
     the DNR Garmin program.
  3. Load the DNR Garmin extension in ArcView.
  4. Choose; Waypoint, Track, or Route from the GPS menu (depending
     on what your data is) and then select Download. The data will then
     show up in the data table.
  5. To save the data, go to File => Save To => ArcView and select the
     appropriate output option. You may choose ArcView Shapefile or
     ArcView Graphics. If you are trying to save a route, select the shape
     type (points, lines, or polygons) that you want to save the data as. If
     saving a shapefile, you must specify a file name.

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