Brief Nvu tutorial by techmaster


									                                    -Brief Nvu tutorial-

Similar to FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and Composer, Nvu is a web editor. The difference
between Nvu and the others is that it’s free and can be downloaded from the Internet at After you download the software on to your machine, you will
notice that it is very similar to FrontPage…

Everything else will stay exactly the same in terms of where you will save files, as you
will still save each of your web pages into a folder within My Documents…however,
there are a few (minor) differences that I have noticed:

       When you save the document for the first time, it will ask you to put a title
        (which we put in FrontPage with File…Properties).
       When you save your individual web page, when you look for it on the web, the
        difference will be that instead of .htm that each file in FrontPage produces, the
        files will have .html
            o There is no difference in the file itself (other than the “l”) but if you don’t
                type the “l” in your browser, the page will not display.

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