Quick Reference Guide to SOMA Rules of Procedure by techmaster


									              Quick Reference Guide to SOMA Rules of Procedure
           Rule #        Rule Name           Pro/Con        Vote                 Comments
            29a)      Point of Order           N/A          N/A      Used for introducing motions,
                                                                     and other procedural matters.
            29b)      Point of Personal         N/A         N/A      Physical discomfort affecting
                      Privilege                                      the assembly.
            29c)      Right of Reply            N/A         N/A      Insulted or misconstrued by
                                                                     speaker on the floor.
             30       Point of                  N/A         N/A      Question speaker on speech (or
                      Information                                    Chair on procedure)
             5b)      Setting the Agenda       1+ / 1-      1/2      Change the order of resolutions
                                                                     being debated.
             38       Informal Debate*         1+ / 1-      1/2      Starts series of short speeches;
                                                                     no Points of Information
             39       Closure of               1+ / 1-      1/2      Ends debate on topic; Assembly
                      Debate*                                        moves to immediate vote.
            23a)      Recess*                  1+ / 1-      1/2      Allows a recess.
            23c)      Shelving*                1+ / 2-      1/2      Ends all consideration on given
                                                                     resolution for the time being.
            23d)      Competence*              1+ / 1-      1/2      Question the Assembly’s
                                                                     competence to debate under
            23e)      Reference*               1+ / 1-      1/2      Move resolution to different
             24       Reconsideration*         2+ / 2-      2/3      Reconsider decision on a
             25       Censure*                 2+ / 2-      1/2      Censure disorderly delegates.
            46a)      Clause by Clause         1+ / 1-      1/2      Operative clauses voted on
                      Vote*                                          individually. 
            46b)      Separation of            1+ / 1-      1/2      Operative clauses voted on in
                      Clauses*                                       sections. 
            19c)      Friendly                  N/A         N/A      Adopted by submitter and
                      Amendments                                     seconder of resolution. Added
                                                                     to resolution without vote.
            19d)      Unfriendly               2+/2-        1/2      Rejected by submitter or
                      Amendments                                     seconder of resolution. Copy
                                                                     submitted to Chair, submitter
                                                                     must appear on Speakers’ List.
             54       Expulsion of             2+ / 2-      1/2      After 2 censures, this motion
                      Members*                                       may be proposed to remove a
                                                                     member of the Assembly.

If you have a question about a rule or decision made by the Chair, rise on a point of information directed
towards the chair and ask for clarification.

* Indicates a Privileged Motion (rule 22). Privileged motions must have a seconder in order to be
considered. Members may not abstain from votes on such motions.
  The submitter and seconder of a resolution may approve the motion, eliminating the need for a vote on it.

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