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									Social Media Manager Job Description
Position Overview

Reporting to the Vice President of Marketing, the Social Media Manager is responsible for
developing and executing a clearly defined social media strategy in a manner that supports
marketing & customer support initiatives while increasing brand equity and online
awareness. This position is responsible for evaluating, planning, organizing, managing, and
contributing to all social media channels in an effort to achieve corporate objectives while
ensuring a consistent marketing message and strengthening our position in the market.


      Analyze and evaluate both existing and potential social media activities and

      Conduct, gather and analyze market research to determine social media
       opportunities and competitiveness

      Identify, interpret, and capitalize on social media trends

      Plan, manage, coordinate and execute all social media programs & initiatives

      Work closely with other marketing organizations to ensure tight integration of all
       social media programs & initiatives

      Develop unique value propositions, business partnerships, and social media
       programs that are targeted toward key customer segments

      Achieve targeted results and ensure timely and effective execution of social media
       tactics and programs

      Develop benchmark criteria to measure the effectiveness of social media programs
       and implement improvements as required
     Participate and initiate online conversations across a variety of channels

     Educate and prepare key messaging and presentation material for senior
      management and other marketing organizations

     Collaborate with internal stakeholders (legal, customer support, product
      management, etc.) to provide support to their initiatives

     Measure the success of social media activities and report the results to management

     Use social listening tools to monitor online conversations

     Create, maintain and execute a social media editorial calendar and posting schedule

Job Requirements

     University degree or college diploma in business or computer science

     A track record of performance excellence meeting targets and objectives

     Strong analytical, planning, forecasting and research skills

     Excellent communication and writing skills

     The ability to manage multiple priorities and demanding timeframes

     Knowledge and understanding of technology, search, new trends and the latest in
      social media innovation

     Must excel at online research, possess excellent writing skills and have the ability to
      create editorial content at a moment’s notice

     Experience in advertising, public relations, and online marketing a must

     Proficient with Microsoft Office products

     Proficient with social listening tools such as TweetDeck and Google Alerts

     Ability to integrate social media into broader marketing campaigns

     Ability to identify threats and opportunities within the user generated content space
      and make quick decisions
   Experience in integrating content into multiple social distribution channels

   Proven track record of listening & engaging with the online community and acting
    on their behalf

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