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					Happy New Year! This is the first persuasive essay project of the loop. Because I'm a format stickler, I will assign paragraphs one by one (hamburger style). The trade off is that students will get the opportunity to do what every 7th grade student wants to do--research and argue about a topic they feel passionately about. We are going to take some of the argumentative literacy knowledge (pro is to argument as con is to counterargument) we've gained from "current events" and channel it into this assignment. Students will be required to cite all sources in the body of their writing (parenthetical citations) and in a works cited a.k.a. bibliography. The good news is I'll go easy on the parenthetical citations, because it's our first time doing it. The bad news is the bibliography will be looked at for perfection--this is our third time doing it.

How long does my work need to be? Your work is to be two-to-three pages in length. The minimum is two complete pages and one bibliography page. Do not exceed three pages. Does spelling count? All G.U.M. (grammar, usage and mechanics) are expected to be correct when you submit your final draft. Does it have to be typed? Yes. You will be given 3 class days to type your essays after completing your research. If these aren't enough for you, you are expected to type your assignment at home, attend Homework Club, or work after school in the library. It will enhance the peer-editing experience, enable me to make better corrections, and decrease the amount of time it will take you for revisions. *Remember 12-point Times New Roman 1.5 space Is this assignment going to be on the next report card? Yes and no. Work done incrementally and your not-so-rough draft will be submitted and credit will be given on the second quarter report card. The Final Draft (the big grade) will be reflected in your third quarter grade (probably in time for the first progress report). I'm a really awesome writer. Do I have to use the silly hamburger graphic organizers? Yes. I'm an expert on my topic. Can I be my source? No way! You must have at least two good websites and one written source. Who is my partner? Nobody. You fly solo on this project.

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