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									Connecting to the internet with your laptop

                  Manual for the Academic
                   Notebook Connection
                         Windows XP        (classical menu)

         Using the Academic Notebook Connection (UNoA) within the
         university you can connect to the internet with your own
         notebook. You do need an ULCN account to be able to do this. This
         document describes the procedure of installation you need to
         execute once only to be able to use UNoA. You can find an
         extensive description of this procedure on the website

         Which requirements does your notebook have
         to meet?
         A notebook with a network card (non wireless)
         Your ULCN-account data
         Up-to-date antivirus software
         The latest (security)updates for the operating system
         Windows XP service pack 1 or higher.

         Step by step installation

         1. Connect the network cable to your notebook
         Now start up your notebook.

         2. Setting up the network connection

            Choose Netwerkconnections through Start: Settings
            Right-click on LAN-connection to open Settings
            Click on Internet-protocol TCP/IP and click on Settings
            In this screen click on „automatically receive an IP-address‟.
            Then click on Advanced and remove all IP-addresses with the
             remove button under the tabs DNS and WINS (if these are
            Now click on OK, OK and close the window
             The network connection is now set to automatic.
            If you have removed the IP-addresses the PC needs to be

         3. The necessary software

         Firstly you will be placed in a temporary network. Go to
         It can take up to ca. 1 minute before you have access to this
             Click on Academic Notebook Connection
             Then click on Client installation
                  4. Installing the software

                  Using the Client installation menu the SecureW2 software is
                  installed on your notebook. This program is necessary to ensure
                  that not everybody can use the UNoA.
                      Click on Secure w2 client
                      Choose the option “open” (or run), now the installation of the
                       software will automatically begin. (Keep clicking Next)
                      Accept the License conditions
                      For Language choose English or Dutch, then click on Install
                      For Username fill in your ULCN-username followed by @1x
                       Example: s1234578@1x
                      Now fill in your ULCN-password twice
                      Click on Finish
                      Your pc will now be restarted
                      Through Start choose: Settings  Networkconnections
                      Choose Networkconnections
                      Right-click on LAN-connection Settings
                      Go to the tab „verification‟
                      And tick the compartment „run IEEE 802.1x verification for
                       this network‟
                      Under EAP-Type select secureW2
                      Click on Properties of secureW2 client
                      Check if “wired” is selected in the profile Universiteit Leiden.
                      Now click on OK.
                      Choose Networkconnections
                      Right-click on LAN-connection Shutting down.
                      Through Start choose: Settings  Networkconnections
                      Choose Networkconnections
                      Right-click on LAN-connection to Connect
                      After switching this on it can take up to 45 sec. before the
                       connection is made. (You can check this under Start-settings-
                       network connection (status))

                  Now you can open the connection to the internet. If you do not
                  change any of the settings on your notebook, next time you log on
                  you can access the internet directly without having to execute this
                  procedure again. We hope you find your notebook connection

                  Securing your notebook
                      We would like to emphasize that you are responsible for the
                       software on your notebook
                      Your notebook should be equipped with the latest antivirus
                       software and software updates
                      The University of Leiden can not be held responsible for
                       damage to your software by viruses, damage to your
                       notebook or theft of your notebook.

                  Unfortunately it is not yet possible to print from this workplace.

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