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									Smallpox is a bacterial infection
Smallpox is a bacterial infection that causes injury to infectious and accompanied crust (crusta), and shiny yellow. Monkey pox often occurs in the face of children, especially around the mouth. The disease is easily transmitted to others through wounds or through dirty fingers. A. Treatment: 1. Wash the affected part with soap and boiled water, gently wet and clean keraknya 2. Apply gentian violet or ointments or antibiotics such as tetracycline polyporin the wound, if you have these drugs 3. If the infection has spread and cause widespread or body temperature elevation, give penicillin tablets. This was done under the supervision of health workers. B. Prevention: 1. Follow the instructions on Personal Hygiene. With a habit of personal health care, expected impact will be reduced vertical. 2. Always wash hands with soap after waking up in the morning, or after a bowel movement, and before eating. 3. Barefoot used, also for the children. 4. Bathe the children every day and they lingungilah from bedbugs bite and flying insects that bite. If a child is suffering from scabies, treat as soon as possible 5. Do not let a child who had chickenpox allowed to sleep or play with other children. Start treating it as the first signs of smallpox appears. C. Chicken Pox / Cangkrang / Varicella Mild viral infection that began to occur 2 to 3 weeks after a child is infected by another child who had chickenpox. Incubation period: 2-3 weeks D. The signs of Chicken Pox: First comes a lot of small spots, red, and itchy. Then these spots turned into slight bump (papilla) or blister (vesicula) a small, cracked and eventually form a scab (crusta). Usually these spots begin to appear on the body, then spread to the face, arms, and legs. Maybe there are spots, blisters and scab while at the same time. E. Chickenpox Prevention

1. Vaccination 7 2. Varicella Zoster Immunoglobulin (VZIG) .3 Treatment: These infections will last for one week. Bathe child every day with soap and warm water. To eliminate itching, attach a piece of cloth soaked with a liquid derived from grain and water that has been boiled and filtered. Trim your fingernails short people. If keropengnya infection, apply gentian violet or antibiotic ointment on the scab. F. The facts about chicken pox: 1. Chickenpox disease commonly encountered in children and 90% of them aged under 9 years old. While at the age of 15 years, the percentage of people who had chicken pox already reached 90%. 2. Smallpox is caused by infection of primary (first time) Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV). 3. Once declared cured, VZV does not simply disappear from the body. This virus will remain in certain nerve section and then activated again to herpes zoster (chickenpox or shingles snake) 4. Herpes zoster usually occurs at the age of 60 years. 5. The death rate due to chicken pox about 1.4: 100,000 6. In some groups, chickenpox may cause serious complications that are like chicken pox on the entire body weight, pneumonia, and hepatitis G. Vulnerable groups chickenpox disease: 1. Infants under the age of 28 days 2. People with immune system low (eg patients with HIV, organ transplant recipients, the recipients of chemotherapy, patients with leukemia)

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