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									Mumps and Mumps
Mumps disease, goiter, a swelling or a large lump on the front of the neck (the throat) and is due to the growth of thyroid abnormalities. Most diseases caused by deficiency goiter iodine in food. Iodine deficiency in pregnant women sometimes causes the baby dies or is born with mental delay and / or deafness (krenitisme) even though the mother was not suffering from mumps. A. Iodine The element iodine is essential for the development of cells of the body including brain health. Iodine itself is required to form thyroid hormones which will be absorbed in the intestine and circulated to the various glands. These glands include: 1. Choroid 2. Ciliary body 3. Mammary gland 4. Placenta 5. Saliva glands 6. Gastric mucosa 7. Intenstinum tenue 8. Thyroid The bulk of the element iodine was used in the thyroid. If the levels of iodine in the thyroid is less, sure someone will mumps disease. B. Areas potentially endemic goiter disease 1. Uplands and mountains 2. Areas with low economic level C. Thyroid hormone deficiency Effect of nutrition on the development of 1. Brain weight of less 2. Abnormalities occur in brain cells 3. Large cells in the cerebellum decreases 4. The formation of dendrites on neurons affected 5. Relations between synapses in the brain becomes blocked 6. Ear tissue 7. Protein synthesis in the brain, mielinisasi, interconnection will be disturbed

E. Foods that contain the element iodine 1. Sea Fish 2. Algae-warming 3. green vegetables F. How to prevent, treat mumps, and to avoid the baby krenitisme All the people who live in endemic areas (areas that many people with mumps) should use iodized salt. Thus, mumps can be prevented and can be cured gondoknya bumps. If unable to obtain iodized salt, use yodiukm tinctura (iodine solution in alcohol). Enter one drop of solution into a glass of water and drink every day. Please be careful in using it: Too much can lead to a solution of iodine poisoning. Drink only one drop a day. Keep the bottle in a place inaccessible to children. But try to use iodized salt, because it is much more secure and better the results. Medical people can also be an option. It is not as good results using iodized salt. Eat crab or mixed seafood with a little algae and iodized salt, can help treat the sick patients from mumps.

Note: 1. If the lump has long mumps and hardened, immediately ask for treatment from health workers. Will be performed surgery or if surgery is necessary. 2. If mumps patients are always looking shaky, nervous, and protruding eyes, then this situation may be a sign of mumps is dangerous. Ask your doctor for advice.

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