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									Critical Danger Virus !!!
HIV, "Human Immunodeficiency Virus", is the cause of AIDS, a disease that attacks certain immune system. Aids is very contagious and there is no cure until now. Aids causes the immune system of the person helpless, so he will be very weak and susceptible to other diseases such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, diarrhea, or a kind of skin cancer. Most died of Aids sufferers due to other diseases that accompany AIDS where the immune system of patients unable to fight anymore. Aids virus is transmitted through blood, semen, vaginal fluid of AIDS patients into the body of his partner. Can be through sexual contact, from the blood of pregnant women to the fetus, or through needles and blood transfusions have been contaminated with AIDS virus. Be careful: You may be infected by AIDS virus from a prostitute or a woman who seemed in good health. This is because the first new AIDS gajala appear after a few months or even years since the person is possessed by the AIDS virus. AIDS can not be transmitted through shaking hands only, live and eat together. Water, food, where the public toilets, animal insek not transmit the AIDS virus.

A. SYMPTOMS: In every person is different symptoms, typical symptoms usually show common disease, only more severe and longer. If three of these symptoms occur simultaneously and the patient was very sick, he probably AIDS. But for sure, should be proved by laboratory tests at the nearest public hospital. 1. Losing weight dramatically, so people lost weight, 2. Diarrhea for more than one month 3. Fever more than a month, sometimes come and gone by itself. Other symptoms that may occur in the patient: * Cough more than one month * Moldy in the mouth * Enlarged lymph glands * Skin rash * Combs chicken or wounded in the genitals and buttocks are not cured if treated * Always feeling tired * Easy to contracting TB and shingles

B. DONE ACTION: There is no causative therapy, the AIDS simptomatif need to be treated to relieve suffering. 1. For diarrhea, give drink rehydration 2. For the mushrooms, berries gentianviolet, nystatin or Miconazole 3. For genital warts (condylomata acuminata), berries podophyllin or acid bichloroacetat 4. Fever, give a lot of fluids, aspirin, and bathe the patient with ice water 5. Cough and pneumonia treated with antibiotics and TB drugs when the BTA. 6. Treat skin infections with antibiotics and antihistamines 7. Keeping the intake of the patient by giving him nutritious food, if you want to forbid smoking, stop drinking, not drugs, and arrange a time to rest. 8. Due to the AIDS virus is not transmitted through the respiratory tract and skin, the patient does not have to sleep in separate rooms. Better to live and be treated at home so the family can give moral support to the patient.

AIDS PREVENTION: 1. Sex couples can only take place with the official, not alternating pairs. 2. Using condoms will reduce the risk of someone infected with AIDS. 3. Avoid having sex with prostitutes and merka using injecting drugs. 4. Do not use needles that have not been sterilized too late in other patients, including acupuncture needles, tools circumcision, ear cleaners and others. 5. Do not accept a blood transfusion has not been tested free of the AIDS virus 6. In the long run, the spread of AIDS can be stopped if there is no prostitution. In which every member of society get a decent job without having to sell himself.

Note: For nurses or family members who care for AIDS patients, should always wear rubber gloves or plastic. Wash your hands always after these activities. This is because the blood, open wounds, blood diarrhea, or vomiting of blood from an infected person can transmit the AIDS virus. Clothes, bed linen and towels should be washed with patient hot water and soap, plus chlorida disinfectant.

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