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									Brand Building Process

Presented ByAmiya Kumar Sarma Sanjeev Kumar Singh

Brand is not only name, term, design, symbol but also it give assurance to customers will satisfy with the product. Powerful brands can drive success in competitive and financial market and it also become the organization’s most valuable assets.
Mc donald’s, Nike, Pepsi, Reebok, Bata etc

Consider on these things
We make brand for our product but these are some important things those make image for product Product Desing Packaging Technology Sales team Advertisements Target Market Segment

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What is require for Building Brand?

Brand Focus – This is initial state for making the brand for any product, here managers interact with senior management, employees, customers.

What is require for Building Brand?
Brand Training – in the brand training, the marketing team conduct a brand training program that helps employees focus on what your brand means and provide a guideline for their behaviour. “Customer’s are the King of the Market”

What is require for Building Brand?
Brand Plan – The marketing team develops the plan and put it into action. Here marketing team make plan - Which plan is better for advertising? - Which channel we should used for communication?

4 new P’s for Brand-Building
Promise Processes People Property( That needs to be invested)

What other stratiges for Brand Building?
Brand Licensing and Franchishing LikeMc donald - The first restaurant opened on 15 April 1955 in U.S.A now they are the world’s largest food service system with more than 31000 restaurants in 118 countries serving 58 million customers every day.

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