Introduction to OSHA Rules Regulations and Handling OSHA Inspections

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					                                                                                                      Course Outline
             This program has been approved for
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                                                         Rules & Regulations and Handling
                                                                OSHA Inspections
Prerequisites:           None

Course objectives

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created in 1970 in an effort to
standardize the various safety and health programs in various government agencies, states
and in the private sector. This introductory course will explain what OSHA is; its relationship
to North and South Carolina final approved state plans, and how to use the various standards.
It will outline rights and responsibilities of you and your company regarding an OSHA
inspection. It will take you from the initial workplace inspection by OSHA to the closing
conference and issuance of citations and penalties.

Course Topics

      The Occupational Safety and Health                                      The General Duty Clause 5 (a) (1)
                                                                              Multi-Employer Worksites
      History of OSHA
                                                                              Occupational Injury vs. Occupational
      The development of OSHA Standards                                       Accident
      Inspection priorities                                                   Basic recordkeeping requirements
      Overview of OSHA Inspections                                            How to use the OSHA standards and
                                                                              research exercise
      Origination of OSHA Standards
                                                                              Differences between Federal and
      Citations and Penalties
                                                                              State (NC / SC) inspection policies
      Top 10 Cited Offenses                                                   and procedures
      Subparts and application                                                Enforcement policies
      Employer’s rights and duties                                            New federal OSHA guidelines and the
      Explanation of general industry                                         field operations manual.

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