Antioch Anti-Bullying Program by murplelake81


									Antioch Elementary’s Anti-Bullying Program

 Antioch Elementary has a zero tolerance bullying policy. Our goal
  is to reduce bullying incidents, educate students on bullying, and
  help students who are identified as bullies or victims.
 Disseminate Anti-Bullying Guide to school staff and
  students/parents (see attached).
 Bullying consequences:
  1st offense—Teacher warning, note home if necessary
  2nd offense—Speak with counselor, phone call home if necessary
  3rd offense—Office referral
 Review bullying pledge, policy and consequences with all grade
  levels during first guidance class of the year. Address different
  aspects of bullying throughout the school year during guidance
 Conduct an in-service for the faculty/staff on the definition of
  bullying and the proper ways to address it.

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