FIT's Department of International Trade Marketing (ITM) by kellena96


									         Department of
International Trade & Marketing

      Professor Patrick Yanez
    ITM’s Mission
Prepare entry-level
 executives for international
 trade and management
 careers in fashion and
 related industries.
  U.S. Trade Policies & World Trade
       IN312 International Trade
       IN492 International Trade Practicum (Field trip abroad)
  Import/Export Regulations
       IN323 Import/Export Regulations
  International Trade Law
       IN313 International Business Transactions
       IN441 International Business Law
  International Finance
       IN442 International Finance
  International Marketing
       IN322 Global Marketing
       IN324 International Marketing Research
  International Logistics
       IN341 International Logistics
  Global Sourcing
       IN433 Global Sourcing
       IN201 Global Sourcing in the Textile Industries
       IN301 Global Sourcing in Home Furnishings
  International Management
       IN434 International Management
       IN342 International Corporate Responsibility
       IN443 International Business Strategies & Fashion Law
            Jobs - ITM Graduates
• International Sales               • Brokerage Manager
• International Management          • Project Coordinator
• International Marketing           • Import Manager
• International Licensing           • Traffic Manager
• International Real Estate         • Traffic Coordinator
• International Buyer               • Logistics Specialist
• International Security Services   • Director of Operations
• International Trainer             • Transportation Manager
• Import/Export Coordinator         • International Production
• Government Compliance
  Inspector                         • Assistant Finance Analyst
• Non-Government                    • International Credit Specialist
  Organization (NGO) employee       • International Entertainment
ITM Faculty has lectured in
France     Japan       Jordan
Thailand   Malaysia    S. Korea
Bolivia    Iceland     China
Mexico     Vietnam     Monaco
Colombia   Hungary     Sri Lanka
Peru       Hong Kong   Philippines
Israel     Nepal       Guatemala
  ITM Majors participate in:
• Semester Abroad (Fall or Spring):
  Italy England Hong Kong Brazil Mexico

• ITM Practicum (Winterim):
        – 2001   Hong Kong
        – 2005   Portugal
        – 2006   Costa Rica
        – 2007   Brazil
        – 2008   Panama
        – 2009   India
    ITM’s Strategic Goal :

                       Focus on BRICs
•    Brazil, Russia, India, and China
•    Fastest growing economies & population
•    Pro-Western middle classes
•    Value education and social mobility
•    High propensity to fashion/luxury goods
•    Ideal fit for F.I.T. in next 5-10 years
•    Complement FIT’s current presence in
  A Student’s Experience
       trip opened my mind and
  heart to a new life dimension.
  Before, geography, languages,
  and culture were just school
  subjects. Now they are real. Let
  the world change you and you
  can change the world…”
                 Kathleen “Kit” Fry
                 ITM Practicum: Costa Rica 2006

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