Tivoli Storage Manager for HP NonStop by murplelake80


									                                                             BACKHOME TSM                                  ®

                                                             Tivoli Storage Manager for HP NonStop

                                                                  NEW: BackHome/TSM is
                                                                  certified for NonStop
                                                                  Integrity systems.

                                                                  Advances in data storage             BackHome/TSM also
                                                                  hardware and data                    supports TM/MP tape
                                                                  management software have             services, such as audit
                                                                  made centralized storage             tape creation and online
                                                                  management a reality.                dump activity.
                                                                  Network backbones now
                                                                  connect distributed systems          The functionality of
                                                                  with channel level                   BackHome has been
                                                                  performance, allowing                evolving since 1988, when
                                                                  server based applications to         ETI-NET first provided
                                                                  deliver functions and                support for IBM MVS tape
                                                                  services previously dispersed        creation across
                                                                  upon individual client               multiplexed 9600 bps
                                                                  systems.                             communications lines.
                                                                                                       Today, using TCP/IP or
                                                                  ETI-NET has developed a              APPC, connections of 1
                                                                  family of connectivity               Gbps are common, and
                                                                  solutions that capitalize on         BackHome TSM
                                                                  cross-platform opportunities.        performance makes
                                                                  For over a decade ETI-NET            network attachment
                                                                  has been providing HP                transparent.
                                                                  NonStop users with high
                                                                  quality, easy to use products        Users will appreciate the
                                                                  that merge HP NonStop/               array of storage devices
                                                                  Compaq benefits with those           supported by Tivoli Servers,
                                                                  from IBM and Microsoft.              and the cost-effectiveness
                                                                                                       of sharing robotic tape
                                                                  BackHome is an HP NonStop            subsystems with other NSK
                                                                  application that automates           or non-NSK platforms.
                                                                  the transfer of backup and           Disaster recovery
                                                                  restore activity across network      procedures also benefit
                                                                  facilities into non-NSK storage      from the centralized
                                                                  servers. The Client API for Tivoli   administration that is
                                                                  Storage Manager, running in          adopted with Tivoli
                                                                  the HP NonStop system, links HP      Storage Manager.
                                                                  NonStop to Tivoli server
                                                                  software running in UNIX,
                                                                  Windows Server 2003, MVS, or
                                                                  other popular server

Since 1981 ETI-NET has provided software solutions to leading enterprises worldwide

BACKUP/RESTORE                             TIVOLI API                                    FEATURES
 BackHome allows bi-directional             The Tivoli TSM API on HP NonStop NSK
 transfer of backup or restore objects      operates at D38 or higher, and               BACKHOME/TSM
 to and from the server. Transfer           supports connection to every Tivoli           • Non-disruptive installation
 integrity is controlled by integrated      Storage Manager server. ETI provides
 modules in the API. High throughput        testing modules to allow the TSM API-         • Interactive, batch, and
 and high line utilization are achieved     to-TSM server conversation to be                programmatic interfaces
 through data compression and               diagnosed, independent of
 advanced I/O buffering techniques.         BackHome.                                     • Conditional completion
CATALOG                                    EVENT LOGGING                                  • Auto Restart
 Information about files can be stored      Logging of all activity is written to dual    • Optional TMF support
 in an ETI-NET-provided catalog at          alternating log files. Users may
 backup time. Commands are                  interactively access these event              • Selectable data compression
 available for locating and updating        messages through the BackHome                 • Compatibility with job
 information in the catalog. This           interactive user interface or they can          schedulers and security systems
 makes BackHome quick and easy to           be sent to the NSK EMS system. ADSM
 use for restoration of files.              stored objects and back-up sets can
                                            also be reviewed through ADSM API
FAST RESTORE                                commands on HP NonStop system.
                                                                                         TSM API
 FastRestore minimizes the amount of       BENEFITS                                       • Version 2.1 or Higher
 data needing to transit the network
 during restores. At Backup time a          • Standardizes HP NonStop systems             • MVS, UNIX, Windows NT
 catalog entry is created for each file,      within enterprise-wide storage
 and a BackupID and Position                  management approach.                        • Supports all API verbs
 Number is recorded.                                                                      • TCP/IP or APPC
                                            • Allows access to best cost/
                                              performance storage media and               • UNIX-like set-up
 At Restore time, the user builds the
                                              subsystems available industry wide.
 restore request, the Position Number
                                                                                          • Independent test modules
 is retrieved from the catalog on NSK       • Improves utilization of storage by
 and passed to the server holding the         sharing resources.                          • Open or closed registration
 backup set. The server starts
 transmitting the files to restore from     • Simplifies disaster recovery planning.      • Password authentication
 the Position Number, bypassing
                                            • Normalizes tape media for improved          • Scalable storage pools
 unnecessary files.
                                              archiving and vaulting.

CHECKPOINT RESTART                          • Reduces tape quantity through
                                              advanced reclamation techniques.
 BackHome provides the capability to
 process a backup as multiple
                                           INSTALLATION AND
 transactions, where each transaction
 can be ‘committed’ in the form of a       MAINTENANCE
 checkpoint. The Tivoli server provides     Installation is easy. The system can be
 roll-back processing to the last           operational within less than four hours.
 checkpoint when the in-process             Training and onsite support is available.
 transaction fails.
                                            Maintenance support and product
                                            updates are provided as part of a
                                            standard license agreement with each
                                            product installation.

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