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                          Salwar Kameez and its Relevance in Today’s Times in India

       By Ravi Jani
       Dated: Dec 23, 2009 is online shopping store for exclusive collection of Indian designer sarees,
       salwar kameez, cotton sarees, indian sarees, printed sarees, cotton salwar kameez

       Salwar kameez is the National dress of Pakistan, but it is equally popular in Punjab and various states in
       India. Salwar means loose trousers and kameez means long shirt. The woman who wears a salwar kameez
       usually wears a scarf or dupatta around the head. In India, they are also referred to as Punjabi suits. It first
       originated in North India and slowly due to its comfortable look and feel, the people of India accepted it
       and wore it for their day-to-day life.

        Many prefer to wear this dress due to the extreme climate in the North. It is very comfortable to wear,
       elegant as well as graceful. It gives a decent look to every woman. The fabric is very light-weight which
       makes it very comfortable to wear. In many gatherings as well as marriages, women prefers to wear
       designer salwar kameez, fancy saris or chudidars to have a stylish as well as royal look.

        Nowadays young girls prefer to wear kurtis over jeans, Capri or a skirt instead of kameez; it looks descent,
       modest as well as stylish and trendy. Some latest designer salwar kameez are so exceptional many women
       prefer wearing them over wedding or bridal saris. The deep hand work with zardozi beads in a mixture of
       fabrics with an interesting blend of east and west trend makes it far more beautiful to wear over fancy saris.
       In addition to that, the salwar kameez is less expensive than wedding saris, designer saris or fancy saris. It
       can be worn in any parties, functions or even at work or colleges and above all it is easier to maintain or
       take care of the dress.

        We get to see many designs of salwar kameez through online salwar kameez sites. They show us variety of
       designs suitable to us according to our look or style. Likewise designer chudidars, Banarasi silk salwar
       kameez or plain Punjabi Salvar Kamez etc can be bought online at cheap prices from different online

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