Department of Economics Mathematics Tutorial for Arts Students by techmaster


									                Department of Economics’ Mathematics Tutorial for Arts Students

Economics becomes increasingly mathematically intense as students progress through the
program. To better prepare our students to progress through the program, the Department of
Economics is offering a unique opportunity for Faculty of Arts’ students to upgrade their
mathematical skills. The Department of Economics believes strongly that strong mathematical
skills will assist students in their studies and thus, is investing its very limited resources in
offering a free non-credit mathematics tutorial, taught by a full-time faculty member, which will
be structured according to students needs.

A voluntary online mathematics test will be provided during the first week of classes to allow
students to self-test (the answers can be downloaded and the student self-evaluates). Students can
use the results of the test as an indicator of the need to participate in the mathematics tutorials.
Students may want to bring the results of the test to the tutorial to discuss with the instructor (this
is voluntary). Of course, any Faculty of Arts’ students intending to take introductory economics
may participate if they feel the need to upgrade.

The tentative tutorial schedule is listed below. Final schedule will depend on student demand and
will be updated on the department webpage. The tutorials will be structured so to provide as
much individual assistance as possible. The first meeting will take place on Thursday, September
11th at 1530h in room HH235. If you have any questions, please email Professor Curtis at .

Tutorials are tentatively booked on the following days in ROOM HH235 from
1530h to 1730h
                                                          Thursday September 11th

Monday September 15th               Tuesday September 16th

Monday September 22nd               *Tuesday September 23rd            Thursday September 25th

Monday September 29th               Tuesday September 30th             Thursday October 2nd

Monday October 6th                  *Tuesday October 7th               Thursday October 9th

                                    *Tuesday October 14th              Thursday October 16th

                                    *Tuesday October 21st              Thursday October 23rd

                                    *Tuesday October 28th              Thursday October 30th

Final schedule will depend on student demand. *If a room becomes available
Wednesdays will be substituted for Tuesday for maximum choice.

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