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					| Open Source Project Management |

                           Course Outline
                                                  | Open Source Project Management |

      Overview                                                   Participants

Many well-known open source projects operate on a            Students are software developers building embedded
different model where software is developed through a        systems, project or technical managers looking to know
collaborative project driven by volunteers working as        more about open source project management and
part of a loose consortium. This collaborative model         engineers who want to know more about open source.
presents a range of unusual challenges for even a
seasoned project manager.

This 3-days Open Source Project Management Training
Course is designed for software engineers, technical         o   Students are expected to be proficient in the C
managers and embedded system developers who need                 programming language but not essential.
detailed knowledge and information of how to manage
open source projects efficiently. The lectures , inclusive   o   Well-versed in operating system concepts and
of hands-on sessions, will walk you through the steps            familiar with Linux or a comparable development
needed when managing an open source project to                   system.
support an embedded application.

                                                                 Training Approach

                                                             o   Hands-on
                                                                 There are continuous, ongoing hands-on throughout
                                                                 the course.

                                                             o   Small class size
                                                                 Not more than 15 students.
At the end of the course, the
participant will learn:                                      o   Up to date information.
                                                                 We update the materials before every event.

  o    What is open source?                                  o   Straightforward explanations
                                                                 Technical concepts and terms are explained in
  o    The software life cycle of open source                    English. You will walk away with a thorough
       projects                                                  understanding of how to manage open source
                                                                 projects for embedded systems and applications.
  o    The engineering requirements of open
       source projects                                       o   4 weeks of post e-mail support for course related
                                                                 questions on the course mailing list
  o    To use basic GNU tools for project
                                                   | Open Source Project Management |

    Certification                                                Trainer

There will be daily home-work assignments. The               The trainer is an Embedded/Real-Time Linux Software
knowledge is tested on the last day with a hands-on          developer from Austria. He is also the Real-Time Linux
session. Certification of successful participation is only   core designer and maintainer of RTLinux/GPL. He has 9
granted if a minimum program is achieved and at least        years experience in embedded real-time Linux
two assignments are completed.                               applications with high performance computing and
                                                             cluster administration. He has given talks, seminars and
                                                             workshops for Real-Time Linux and Embedded Linux in
                                                             Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, UK,
                                                             Slovenia and the USA since 2000. He co-founded and
    Course Concepts                                          organized The Real Time Linux Workshop in Vienna
                                                             1999, Orlando 2000, Milan 2001, Boston 2002.
o   Understand the concept of open source and how to
    efficiently manage open source projects for in-
    house or customer’s projects .

o   Clear focus on   open source project management.
o   The goal is the participant can go home after 3
    days, sit down and understand how to manage              3 full working days – 9:30am till 5:30pm
    open source projects for their current or future

o   Project management issues are also taken into
    account - tools used - environment policies.

o   Using CVS and participating in community efforts
                                          | Open Source Project Management |

Course Outline

       o   What is open-source / free-software and the FSF?
                     . What is GNU - where does Linux start ?
                     . Why Linux - Why not ?

       o   Software life cycle
                        . Managing Open-Source
                        . Assigning Tasks
                        . “Outsourcing” to the community
                        . Risk assessment and risk management

       o   Engineering requirements for Linux/Embedded Linux /RT-Linux
                       . Building on technology, not products
                       . Documentation requirements
                       . In-source documentation
                       . Coding style(s)
                       . Code reviewing
                       . Portability issues

       o   Repository usage and structure
                      . Web interfacing and community tools
                      . Critical data
                      . Minimum records

       o   Software life cycle for Open-Source Projects
                        . Open Source Integration Plan
                        . Project management forms
                        . Review procedures
                        . Public docs
                        . Publishing technology

       o   Releasing software
                      . Integrating into the community
                      . How to launch and manage community efforts
                      . Available infrastructure

       o   Introducing the concepts of the GPL
                       . Criteria for non-derived work
                       . What can/should/must go GPL ?
                       . What to do when the GPL is violated ?
                       . Who can tell you if you are safe ?
                                             | Open Source Project Management |

   For more information

If you have any further enquiries on our Open Source Project Management course, do not hesitate to contact us.

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