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									           Time Warner Cable
           South Carolina Division
           Philanthropic Giving Program

           Time Warner Cable’s division philanthropic giving program in South Carolina awards grants and in-kind donations
           primarily to projects, programs and activities in communities where the company has a significant presence, com-
           mitment, or investment and where we believe we can make a lasting impact.

           In addition to community giving, Time Warner Cable strives to connect kids to education, the arts, and to technol-
           ogy utilizing our unique resources and through monetary donations to programs that promote these initiatives.

Program Objectives:                                   Areas in which Time Warner Cable, SC                    Giving Criteria:
                                                      Division has a vested interest and
Time Warner Cable is dedicated to using the                                                                   We give preference to initiatives that:
power of media, communications and informa-
tion technology to serve the public interest and                                                              1.   Are managed competently by excellent or-
strengthen society. However, rather than simply       1.   Greater Columbia Metro Area                             ganizations with a history of accountability,
providing grant monies or funding unsolicited                                                                      cost effectiveness, strong leadership and
requests, we prefer to enter into sustainable         2.   Orangeburg Area                                         creativity
strategic partnerships with organizations that
have a demonstrated commitment to pioneering          3.   Sumter Area                                        2.   Provide a significant and measurable impact
innovative ways of meeting our organization’s                                                                      on quality of life
three philanthropic priorities.                       4.   Pee Dee Communities
                                                                                                              3.   Makes a significant impact in one or more of
                                                      5.   Grand Strand, Georgetown, & Conway Area                 the three areas that Time Warner Cable
Areas of Interest:                                    6.   Summerville Area
                                                                                                              4.   Serve a broad range of community residents
Time Warner Cable believes that cable broad-
band, communications and information technol-                                                                 5.   Meet a key need in the community
ogy have an unlimited potential to empower            Areas of Exclusion:
communities and improve people's lives around                                                                 6.   Show strong support from community lead-
the world -- and we are committed to unleashing       As a general rule, Time Warner Cable does not                ers
that potential by focusing on innovative initia-
                                                      consider funding the following:
tives that fit into our philanthropic giving strat-
                                                      1.   Organizations that do not have 501(c)(3)
1.    Connecting Kids to Education                         tax-exempt status, to include individuals.

2.    Connecting Kids to the Arts                     2.   Political, labor, religious or fraternal organi-
                                                           zations or capital fund drives.
3.    Connecting Kids to Technology
                                                      3.   Amateur or professional sports groups.

                                                      4.   Publications of books or the production of
                                                           films and music.

                                                      5.   Organizations whose missions fall outside
                                                           the three focus areas.
                                                    Time Warner Cable Philanthropic
                                                      Funding/Contribution Request
Date of Request:                                                 Date of Project/Event:

Organization:                                                    Website:


City:                                                            Area Served:

Zip Code:                                                        Phone No.:

Fax No.:                                                         Exec. Director:

Proposal Contact:                                                Title:

Email Address:                                                   501(c) 3 Org.?     Yes      No

Federal Tax Identification Number:                               W-9 Form required - Please attach.

Organization Mission Statement & Goals:

Project Title/Event Name:                                        No. of People Served/Visited/Impacted:

Type of Support Requested:       PSA Time       Equipment      Courtesy Services      Cash        Other in Kind

Please List:

Amount/Value Being Requested:                                    Total Cost of Project/Event:

Start Date of Program/Event:                                     End Date of Program/Event:


Use of Our Funds/Contribution:

Reporting/Measurement tools in Place:

Total Project Budget:                                            Projected Revenue:

Projected Expenses:                                              United Way Organization:       Yes      No

Please allow 2-3 weeks for Time Warner Cable to review your proposed request and make a determination. To ensure a
timely determination, please include the following supplemental information/attachments:

  IRS W-9 Form        Current Financial Statement    501(c)3 Verification     Other supporting documentation

Please mail or fax request and supporting documentation to:      Laura Barker, Public Affairs Coordinator
                                                                 3347 Platt Springs Road
                                                                 West Columbia, SC 29170
  803.251.5393 – office 803.251.5354 – fax

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