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Services provides solutions to help your fleet cut fuel costs and reduce its carbon
footprint. From presales consultation to onsite custom installations we do it all.

Onsite Biodiesel Production Systems designs, manufactures and sells commercial and residential Biodiesel
production systems. Our fumeless dry wash processor design allows our customers to have the
safest, fastest and most cost effective means of making Biodiesel.

Ethos Fuel Reformulator

70 offers a rapid cost-effective solution to help companies and individuals
save money on fuel (Gas or Diesel) through Ethos Environmental. Commercial fleets on average
have increased fuel mileage between 7% and 19% and reduced emissions by more than 30%.
Commercial fleets in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Europe use
Ethos Fuel Reformulator to meet environmental regulations and relieve skyrocketing fuel prices. Call us today at Ph: (941) 870-2306                                      1

What is Biodiesel Fuel? A biodegradable transportation fuel for use in diesel engines that is
produced through Transesterification of organically derived oils or fats. Biodiesel is used as a
component of diesel fuel. It can be used as a replacement for diesel.
Biodiesel fuel is a clean burning alternative fuel that comes from 100% renewable resources. It is
considered the fuel of the future. Biodiesel does not contain petroleum, but can be mixed with
petroleum to produce a Biodiesel blend that can be used in a variety of vehicles. Pure Biodiesel
fuel, though, can only be used in diesel engines. Biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic;
making it so safe that common table salt has been proven more toxic.

Biodiesel in Non-Transportation Applications.
Biodiesel can be used in boilers or home heating oil applications, other uses include: (agriculture
power, boiler fuels, construction, forestry, mining, etc.)

Biodiesel in Transportation Applications.

Busy contractors and companies that use diesel trucks daily to run their businesses can also run
their fleets on fuel they make themselves on-site.

You can produce Biodiesel at home safely for your own personal vehicles. A 2005 Ford Excursion
has a 44-gallon fuel tank. Equipped with the 6.0-liter Power Stroke 32-valve diesel engine. You
get about 13 to 20 MPG some environmentalists renamed it the "Ford Valdez" after Exxon's ill-
fated oil tanker. At $4.50 a gallon for petroleum based diesel fuel, to fill the tank up will cost you
$198.00 dollars! With the B-60 home system you can fill your tank up for $30.80 or (.70 cents a
gallon) with your own Biodiesel. The B-60 Home Bio Diesel system pays for itself in 3 months.

School Buses, City Fleet Vehicles, Farm Equipment, Marine Diesel Engines can all use Biodiesel
fuel or Ethos FR to save money on fuel.

Why isn't Biodiesel cheaper than petroleum diesel????

That is simple supply and demand. Once the demand for diesel fuel increased so did the cost.
When you buy Biodiesel you are buying it from a distributor. It has changed hands 2 or 3 times
from production, to storage to transportation and then to the station that sells it. Even if it cost
1.50 to produce, they sell it for 1.3 to 1.5 above cost (cost being a relative fixed vs. variable)=
2.25/gallon. Then the middleman transports it and distributes it to the retail seller at 1.5 above
their costs = 3.37/gallon. Then they sell it for 1.5 above their cost to the public= 5.06. Granted this
number is a little high even in today’s standards but if you do the same math at 1.4 you get 4.11
final product.

Can I make Biodiesel at my facility or home cheaper than I can buy it????

Yes you can! Like many others across the planet, you also can produce Biodiesel yourself for
less money than you can buy it commercially Let us show you how to get started today. Call us at
(941) 870 2306. Call us today at Ph: (941) 870-2306                                           2

 Our Systems

 Commercial Production B-500 Continuous System

 The B-500 Continuous Batch Biodiesel Plant produces 400-gallon batches of Biodiesel.
 Our B-500 processor is the heart of the Continuous Batch system and has the capacity to
 produce 2.3 million gallons of Biodiesel annually.

 Commercial Production B-500 Manual System
 B-500 has the capacity to produce 400-gallon batches of Biodiesel every 5 hours.

 B-150 Dry Wash System
 B-150 has the capacity to produce 125-gallon batches of Biodiesel every 5 hours.

 B-60 Dry Wash System
 B-60 has the capacity to produce 45-gallon batches of Biodiesel every 5 hours.
 This is a complete At Home Biodiesel processing system that produces Biodiesel for your
 personal vehicles.


 Ethos Environmental offers a rapid cost-effective
 solution to relieve skyrocketing fuel prices and
 help lessen environmental regulatory
 pressures. Hundreds of millions of miles of road
 tests has proven that commercial fleets on
 average increase fuel mileage between 7% and
 19% and reduce emissions by more than 30%.
 Ethos FR addresses one problem that has two
 side effects, wasted fuel and air pollution. Fuel
 burns inefficiently in an internal combustion engine
 and that inefficiency leads to wasted fuel
 transformed into toxic emissions. Ethos FR makes
 fuel burn more efficiently so it significantly
 improves both of these adverse effects. Most
 important, the use of Ethos FR results in fuel cost savings to the customer.

You can call us today to place orders or presales consultation. Email us: Call us today at Ph: (941) 870-2306                                   3

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