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									                               Philadelphia Empowerment Zone

                                         Sample Invoice
                                       Your Agency Letterhead
Always remember to include a
   date on your invoice
    June 24, 2001

                                                                              Always remember to include
                                                                                    an invoice number
                                                                                   Invoice Number: 006

                                        [Name of EZ Program]
                               For the Period of March 1 - March 31, 2001

   Recruitment and hiring of four EZ residents            $ 1,000.00
    to fill program staff positions
    (Deliverables Attached)

   Completion of Phase I of Training for 50               $ 20,000.00 (50 at $400.00 per)
    EZ residents
    (Deliverables Attached)

   Placement of 15 EZ residents in Internships            $ 1,500.00 (15 at $100.00 per)
    (Deliverables Attached)

                                  Total amount invoiced:   $ 22,500.00

                                       MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO:
                                [Your Agency Name, Mailing Address and EIN]

    A complete and correct invoice submitted to the Contracts Department will reach the Fiscal
    Department within two business days, provided all deliverables are current and complete.
    The City's payment process takes four to six weeks from that time.

                                                                                                          Updated 2/23/01

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