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     April 5, 2004

                     Contact: Robert Madison
                              Executive Director
                       Project Reach Youth, Inc.
                                  199 14th Street
                            Brooklyn, NY 11215
                      Telephone (718) 768-0778
                           FAX (718) 768-1419
                                                  Table of Contents

I.      Executive Summary.....................................................................................................2

II.     Description of the Business .........................................................................................4

III.    Industry and Market Analysis................................................................................. 10

IV.     Marketing Plan ......................................................................................................... 18

V.      Management Plan ..................................................................................................... 22

VI.     Operations Plan ........................................................................................................ 27

VII.    Financial Plan............................................................................................................ 32

VIII. Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan ................................................................. 38

IX.     Supporting Documents

                             •     Start-Up Costs
                             •     Marketing Budget
                             •     Balance Sheets
                             •     Business Manager Job Description
                             •     Business Manager Resume (Pete Solomita)
                             •     Business Development Manager Job Description
                             •     Business Development Manager Resume (Liz Schnee)
                             •     Venture Catering Board of Director Resumes
                                       o John D. Fowler
                                       o Michael Ayoub
                                       o Irene LoRe
                                       o Barbara McTiernan
                                       o Grace Wilner
                             •     Focus Group Questions
                             •     Sample Menus
                             •     Customer Satisfaction Surveys
                             •     Market Survey Results

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                                      I. Executive Summary

     Venture Catering offers high quality catering services to individuals and businesses in
            New York City while providing career development in the culinary arts
                        to at-risk youth from the Brooklyn community.

Venture Catering, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY), employs
at-risk youth in a catering business, where they gain the culinary arts and employment experience to
create a brighter future for themselves. Venture Catering offers an inspired menu with a variety of
delicious, high quality food selections for meetings, events and social gatherings and provides full
service catering with staffing for passed foods and buffet service.

Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY), an innovative nonprofit youth development organization
launched Venture Catering to complement its work readiness and culinary arts programs. Venture
Catering has a select number of high performing graduates from PRY’s culinary arts training
program, Project Venture, to prepare and serve its offerings. PRY has the management resources,
board approval and commitment to successfully run a catering business. Through a successful
pilot, PRY discovered real interest and commitment on the part of the students for employment in
the catering business and a demand for its products.

The two primary market segments are individuals hosting social events and business customers
catering lunches and meetings in their workplace.
     • Social catering customers – individuals that contract for private events, usually serviced in
         their home.
     • Business catering customers –local companies and institutions that use catering services
         primarily for breakfasts, lunches, and meetings.

Social catering customers are primarily individuals living in affluent Brooklyn neighborhoods such
as Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights who hire caterers for private events usually in their homes. The
targeted affluent neighborhoods contain numerous brownstones that are spacious and well equipped
for entertaining. Venture Catering estimates that the total market size for social catering customers
in the select neighborhoods is 5,672 events per year.

Venture Catering will access business lunches and meeting market through PRY’s existing
relationship with corporate supporters and through our relationship with the Brooklyn Chamber of
Commerce with 1200 members which hosts numerous networking events. Venture Catering’s goal
is to secure repeat business for regular meetings. PRY has committed to using Venture Catering
exclusively for its catering needs and will generate over $20,000 in annual sales to provide lunch
for workshops and meetings just from its Professional Development and Resource Center.

Venture Catering is uniquely positioned to succeed within these markets. Venture Catering’s
primary research confirmed national data that consumers are likely to switch brands, when price
and quality are equal, to help support a cause. In a market survey conducted with patrons of a local
green market, 59% of respondents indicated that knowing the business employed young people
would very favorably impact their decision to hire a caterer. Venture Catering has invested in the
right management to ensure good quality and student workforce to provide comparable pricing.

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Venture Catering has developed a marketing plan that includes creating promotional materials,
organizing visibility events, and establishing strategic alliances with businesses in the catering
industry such as party rental facilities, liquor stores and party planners. Venture Catering will be
referred customers through the preferred provider lists of organizations with rental venues.

Since the fall of 2003, Venture Catering is using temporary rented space in an area restaurant to
provide a limited number of catering events. Venturing Catering has been established as a limited
liability corporation with an Advisory Board consisting of five members with close ties to the
Brooklyn community and who bring a wealth of experience in the catering industry, business,
financial services, youth development and social services. Venture Catering has hired a business
manager, who has vast experience in working with youth and a background in catering.

Venture Catering is a double bottom line business, focused on ensuring a supportive work
environment for the youth involved in the program. Excess income from Venture Catering will be
used to provide security and cash flow for the business and to support other PRY programs.

The social outcomes of Venture Catering are numerous and far reaching. A select group of youth
will be hired as Apprentice Chefs and will enhance their culinary abilities; learn first hand how to
operate a business; and gain job readiness skills transferable to diverse business environments.
Some will go on to pursue careers in culinary arts. Others will support themselves while they
attend college or culinary school. All will gain solid work experience and be better prepared to
compete in the job market.

Start-up costs for the business are estimated at $103,813. With realistic expectations about growth
of the business, Venture Catering will service an average of 2.4 events per week during its first year
and grow to 4.8 events per week by year 5. Following this growth schedule, Venture Catering will
break even in year 3 and become cash positive in year 4.

PRY is well positioned to capitalize the business by attracting investors from a promising pool of
agency supporters. PRY’s Board of Directors has provided board approval for launching Venture
Catering and has committed to raising the start-up funding. PRY is exploring attaining loans
designed for social purpose businesses.

Key Financial Milestones
    • Sell social catering events with 30 high-end cocktail parties with an average of 75 guests at
       an average price of $28 and 12 dinners with an average price of $40 per person with 40
       guests in year one; and,
    • Sell business catering events with 63 brunch/meetings per year at an average per person
       price of $15 for 20 people and 20 lunches at $25 per person with 25 people in year one.
       Over 6O meetings are already committed.

PRY will develop a profitable, social purpose business that will allow the organization to enhance
its capacity to serve youth in Brooklyn. The business has a sustainable model for both creating
strong social and financial outcomes. Venture Catering will allow PRY to better fulfill its youth
development mission as well as provide a new source of revenue for the organization. PRY is
committed to launching Venture Catering as a full-time, licensed catering business serving top-
quality elegant food at a reasonable price to Brooklyn residents and local businesses.
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                                      II. Description of the Business

Venture Catering, LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY), employs
at-risk youth in a catering business, where they gain the culinary arts and employment experience to
create a brighter future for themselves. Venture Catering offers an inspired menu with a variety of
delicious, high quality food selections for meetings, events and social gatherings.

Venture Catering is a social purpose catering business, started by Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY),
an innovative nonprofit youth development organization serving the Brooklyn community. Venture
Catering has established an Advisory Board and hired a part-time business manager. Currently,
Venture Catering has been operating using temporary rented space in an area restaurant and has
already catered more than 30 events.

                             Project Venture youth at a pilot catering event with Coordinator Liz
                                            Schnee and Funder Amy Hagedorn

         Staff prepares a high-end buffet dinner.
           From front to back jeweled chicken,
            roasted asparagus, maple glazed                             Mocha-brownies and lemon bars
                     sweet potatoes

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Venture Catering features menu selections for business functions as well as social events. Signature
items will be offered consistently and seasonal items will also be introduced to keep the menu
options fresh and exciting. Sample menus are included in the Supporting Documents. Venture
Catering also offers “front of the house” services including passed hors d’oeuvres and buffet
service at reasonable prices. Below is a sample menu for a cocktail party:

                                         Sample Cocktail Party Menu

                                              Stationary Platters

                                       Assorted Cheeses and Fresh Fruit

                  Asparagus, Snap Pea and Endive Crudite with White Bean-Roasted Garlic Puree

                          Smoked Salmon with Capers, Crème Fraiche and Brown Bread

                                           Passed Hors D’Oeuvres

                                   Red Snapper Cakes with Lime Remoulade

                      Sesame Glazed Skirt Steak with Chipotle Cream on Sourdough Crostini

                                         Wild Mushroom Phyllo Purses

                               Slow Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Quesadillas

                          Grilled Vegetables in Sundried Tomato Pinwheels with Pesto

Venture Catering has developed products that will appeal to customers planning social gatherings
as well as business consumers. Social catering customers are primarily individuals that contract for
private events, usually serviced in a private residence. These customers seek catering and
professional service for buffet dinners and cocktail parties with flexibility and a high level of
service in the planning stage. Venture Catering delivers intricate recipes that involve complex
kitchen skills and demand the freshest ingredients. Filling special requests provides opportunities
to introduce the Apprentice Chefs to new culinary techniques. More moderate menus have been
created for businesses, corporations, and nonprofits institutions that use catering services primarily
for breakfasts, lunches, meetings and small-scale business events. Venture Catering’s marketing
plan will tap into both these customer bases through PRY’s network of corporate supporters,
organizing visibility events, distributing promotional materials, and creating strategic alliances with
area businesses affiliated with the catering industry such liquor stores, invitation shops, party
planners, and rental venues for events.

PRY Expertise
Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY) is a community-based organization in Brooklyn committed to
helping low-income youth, adults and families to learn and grow in a creative and supportive
environment. Through education, training and counseling, we provide participants with
opportunities to reach their goals. Founded in 1968, PRY offers an array of youth development,
immigrant and literacy programs to assist our participants develop the skills necessary to succeed
personally, academically, and professionally. A holistic, comprehensive approach permeates all of
our work. Our professional staff, comprised of approximately 50 full-time and over 80 part-time
employees, understands the needs of the communities we serve.
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PRY’s Relationship to Venture Catering
Venture Catering was created by PRY to complement its Project Venture Culinary Arts Program
and PRY’s GED/Career Development Program by offering real-world employment opportunities.
Venture Catering will hire youth that succeed in the training. PRY has devoted key management
staff to successfully launch Venture Catering including business plan development, implementation
of the pilot program, setting up the legal structure, and identification of a site for the business. PRY
has and will continue to provide Venture Catering with resources including financial and
bookkeeping assistance, support services for the youth employees, access to PRY supporters who
may become customers, and providing regular business by using Venture Catering exclusively to
cater numerous conferences, meetings and events.

Venture Catering will build on the highly successful Project Venture Training Program. Project
Venture’s outcomes to date include:

   •   Graduation from Training: Between November 2000 and December 2002, 61 students
       enrolled in the Project Venture training. Of these, 54 successfully completed the training.
       The graduation rate is 89%.

   •   Internships: 27 students have been placed in internships. Several students completed a
       second internship or found part-time employment for 3 – 6 months or longer.

   •   Employment in Food Industry: 14 students have secured employment in the food industry.
       One of the first Venture teens to graduate was hired by her internship in the fall of 2001 and
       has worked there ever since. She is now a kitchen manager and has supervised other
       Venture student interns. Many others are employed in unrelated fields.

   •   Higher Education in Culinary Arts: Six Project Venture graduates have gone on to pursue
       higher education in culinary arts. The first student to complete culinary school is expected
       to graduate this winter. Many others have gone on to attend colleges and universities.

Youth Employment
Venture Catering will carry out PRY’s mission of providing participants with opportunities to reach
their goals. Project Venture Culinary Arts Program offers disadvantaged youth who live in the less
affluent areas and public housing projects in the Brooklyn neighborhoods surrounding Park Slope
including: South Slope, Sunset Park, Red Hook, Gowanus, Fort Greene, Bedford Stuyvesant and
Flatbush, the opportunity to learn advanced culinary skills from trained chefs. In 2002, Project
Venture trained 36 youth, ages 16 – 21.

Venture Catering will employ 5 to 10 youth as Apprentice Chefs in flexible part-time positions and
anticipates requiring nearly 2,000 staff hours in the first year. Part-time employment will
accommodate their other commitments such as school or childcare. Apprentice Chefs will receive
extensive on-the-job training in culinary and “front of the house” skills as well as customer service
and other soft skills. Venture Catering will use each catering event as a learning opportunity
through a formal debriefing and evaluation during which youth and staff will identify what went
well and where improvements could be made in both the food and service aspects of the business.

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In the current economy, adults with several years of work experience are accepting entry-level
positions in food service, making it especially difficult for inexperienced young people to compete
for limited employment opportunities. The professional experience participants will gain while
employed by Venture Catering will prepare them to secure and retain future employment in the
food industry or other professions. The youth employees will graduate from the year of work with
Venture Catering with a solid and consistent work experience, a professional resume, a letter of
reference, professional demeanor, vastly improved culinary skills and the self-confidence needed to
enter the world of work.

In order to offer employment to 5 to 20 new youth every year, Venture Catering intentionally limits
a young person’s employment to one year. In order to maintain continuity and avoid starting each
year with a cadre of untrained staff, new employees will be hired three times a year. More
experienced youth will help new hires acclimate and get up to speed. The one-year limit will push
young people (who might otherwise become complacent in the sheltered environment of the social
purpose business) into the real-world job market. Taking this step can be difficult and PRY will
provide support during the transition. Advanced positions, Sous Chefs and Assistant Chefs, will be
created for young people interested in learning customer relations and business management skills
such as: event planning, working with vendors, bookkeeping, and training new employees.

Venture Catering Social Outcomes:
The social outcomes of the proposed catering business are numerous and multi-faceted;
   • Youth will be retained in part-time employment in catering business;
   • Youth will gain professionalism and "soft-skills" that can transfer to future employment;
   • Youth will build enhanced culinary and service skills;
   • Youth will be positioned to pursue higher/continuing education;
   • Youth will develop money management skills and take steps toward financial independence;
   • Youth will be prepared to conduct a job search; and,
   • Venture Catering will increase PRY’s visibility, recognition and financial support.

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Supportive Services at Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY)
The youth employees of the proposed business will continue to receive a range of services from
PRY to support their professional and personal development.

   •   Career Counseling/ Referrals for Employment: Career counselors will work with youth
       employees on defining their career or educational goals and develop individualized plans for
       achieving their goals. PRY career counselors will assist them with updating resumes,
       writing cover letters, conducting job searches, preparing for interviews, and transitioning
       smoothly into their next positions. The staff will use their extensive networks in the food
       industry to identify potential employers. Professional references will be provided.

   •   Educational/College Counseling: PRY education counselors will provide individual tutoring
       and educational advocacy, as needed. PRY’s College Advisor will meet with employees to
       encourage them to pursue higher education including culinary school. Youth employees will
       participate in PRY trips to culinary institutes and colleges. PRY will assist youth and their
       families with the college application process including information on scholarship and
       financial aid opportunities.

   •   Social Work Services: Because of the high-risk population that Venture Catering is
       designed to serve, PRY will offer social work services on an as needed basis. Often,
       personal and family problems, including poverty, lack of professional role models at home,
       instable living arrangements, low academic skills and the demands of teen parenting can
       challenge or impede a young person’s success in school or at work. PRY social workers will
       provide counseling as well as services aimed at supporting the youth to develop into
       independent, productive working adults.

Project Venture Participant Quotes
Project Venture graduates are gaining real world work experience and finding pathways to brighter
futures. Most Project Venture students were high school dropouts who came to PRY to pass their
GED test. Now, these young people have turned their lives around and gained the skills needed to
succeed in today’s workforce through our supportive services, GED test preparation and job
readiness training. And through Project Venture, students gained culinary training and work
experience. Our young chefs develop a strong work ethic, a sense of accomplishment, and a
positive self-image that will serve them in their future pursuits whether or not they decide to pursue
careers in the food industry. Below is what Project Venture graduates are saying:

“Project Venture helped me learn culinary skills and helped me find a job at a restaurant. PRY
encouraged me to do things I wanted to do but wasn’t sure I could. I was hired by the restaurant
where I did my Venture internship and have working there for over 2 years supervising other
Venture student interns. I really like working with Venture Catering. I like the rush you get when it
is really busy and we are working under pressure to get everything done! One day I hope to open
my own restaurant.” --Ta Sheena Griffin

“Project Venture taught me a lot about cooking and about different types of food. I really like to
bake. At home I bake and decorate cakes for my family. I make cakes for my younger sister and
brother’s birthday parties.” -- Elizabeth Arenas

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“My career goal is to go to college and pursue a career in culinary arts. I love cooking! I started
cooking for my family when I was seven. PRY opened a path for me when my GED teacher asked
me to join Project Venture Culinary Arts. When I graduated from the training with perfect
attendance I was so happy that I accomplished something. I am looking forward to working with
Venture Catering. I want to be a role model for my daughter.” --Hanan Maqsher

Success of the Pilot Business
PRY is confident in its products and services and in the ability of the youth to perform in the
catering business. During 2002 – 2003, PRY operated a highly successful pilot business that catered
28 events. The objectives of the pilot were to assess the interest and abilities of the youth to staff
such a business, test menus for customer appeal, determine pricing, and confirm demand for
Venture Catering. PRY was careful, for liability reasons, to only procure business from “friends of
the agency” such as past and current members of the PRY Board of Directors, PRY funders and
community based organizations with which PRY works closely. Customers were charged what it
cost to provide the catering, as profit making was not one of the objectives during the pilot year.
Menus were developed, and recipes were tested, refined, and cost-out.

Through the pilot, PRY discovered that there is real interest and commitment on the part of the
students for employment in the catering business. PRY also found that demand existed for its
products. PRY received numerous requests for social catering from individuals that had been at an
event catered by Venture Catering or who had heard about it through word-of-mouth. This helped
confirm that demand exists for this business and led Venture Catering to research and define its
target market and refine its product mix. An explanation of the market opportunity and marketing
plan follows in the next sections. PRY distributed customer satisfaction surveys to all the clients in
the pilot project. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

•   89% rated overall impression of Venture Catering as excellent. Other 11% rated it very good;
•   55% rated Venture Catering as better than other caterers they had used;
•   22% rated Venture Catering as significantly better than other caterers;
•   22% rated Venture Catering as comparable to other caterers;
•   67% said event planning was excellent. 33% said it was very good;
•   89% rated taste & presentation excellent. 11% rated taste & presentation very good;
•   89% rated the service by the youth staff excellent. 11% rated service very good;
•   100% would use Venture Catering again; and,
•   100% would recommend Venture Catering to a friend.

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                                  III. Industry and Market Analysis

The Restaurant industry is a thriving industry that has been steadily growing for the past 30 years.
According to the 2003 Restaurant Industry Forecast, between 1970 and 2003, the restaurant
industry will post a compound annual growth rate of 7.2%. On a typical day in 2003, the
restaurant industry should post average sales of nearly $1.2 billion and sales were forecast
to advance 4.5% in 2003 to equal 4% of the U.S. gross domestic product. The restaurant
industry provides work for more than 9% of those employed in the United States. However,
the supply of workers age 16 to 24, the primary pool for restaurant employees, has been declining.
To solve the problem, companies are hiring more retirees and immigrants, and are increasingly
making use of automation. In New York State, there are 55,983 food service establishments
with 440,700 employees generating over $21 billion in annual revenues with a projected
growth of 4.4% (Sources: US Census Bureau and the National Restaurant Association).

The catering industry is a subset of the Restaurant Industry, termed the Accommodation and Food
Services Sector. The catering industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing
single event-based food services. Banquet halls with catering staff are included in this industry.
The catering industry is experiencing strong growth:
        • According to the trade journal Specialty Food News off-premise catering is the second
           biggest growth sector in the food industry, second only to home meal replacement.
        • According to the Economic Census, New York City catering establishments grew at a
           compound annual growth rate of 6% between 1998 and 2001.
        • According to the National Catering industry, the number of catering companies is
           currently 46,000 to 65,000 caterers nationally with estimated start up costs of $85,000.

In New York City, the catering industry has grown significantly in recent years. According to the
Economic Census, New York City had 358 catering establishments in 1998 and grew to 427 in
2001 (compound annual growth rate of 6%). The highest rates of growth took place primarily
among businesses with less than 20 employees.

Venture Catering Customer Segments
Within the catering industry, Venture Catering has developed products that will appeal to two
customer segments and allow the business to maximize its social outcomes.
       Social catering customers – individuals that contract for cocktail parties and buffet dinners
       for private events, usually serviced in their home.
       Business catering customers – private companies and nonprofits that use catering services
       primarily for breakfasts, lunches, and meetings.

Social Catering
Social catering refers to catering for individuals hosting a special event such as a cocktail hour,
holiday dinner or other party typically in their home. These customers are seeking caterers that
offer high-end food options as well as service for passed hors d’oeuvres or that can perform other
“front of the house” duties. Customers tend to contract for evening or weekend events involving
dinner or cocktail parties.

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To date, Venture Catering has catered over thirty social events for parties ranging from 8 to 90
attendees. Social catering events fit strongly with Venture Catering’s social goals as the small, private
environment provides a training ground for the youth in customer service and “front of the house”
skills. Venture Catering has found that guests at these parties are eager to talk with the youth. These
events have been the best source of new customers for Venture Catering with guests impressed by the
delicious food and service. The social mission and opportunity to connect with youth also compels the
guests. At this time, Venture Catering has chosen not to focus on catering large-scale table service
events such as weddings and or other sit-down events that are held at large reception halls.

Venture Catering will target social catering customers in select Brooklyn neighborhoods: Park
Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, Windsor Terrace and Carroll Gardens (see map below).

                                      Brooklyn by Zip
 Targeted Neighborhoods:
  Brooklyn Heights and
    Cobble Hill (11201)

  Carroll Gardens (11231)

  Park Slope (11215, 11217)

  Windsor Terrace (11218)

These neighborhoods have been chosen based on several criteria.

1. Proximity to Venture Catering
Venture Catering and Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY)) are located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Over
the past 35 years, PRY has built a reputation in the community. At the same time, the community
has experienced tremendous revitalization, creating a customer base for Venture Catering.
Targeting neighborhoods in close proximity to Venture Catering allows the business to initiate
marketing efforts in familiar locales. In addition, these customers are also the most likely to respond
to Venture Catering’s social mission, as the youth are residents of the surrounding communities.

2. Relative affluence of the target neighborhoods
Upper income households are the target social catering market because they are most likely to host
catering events. Of the approximately 30,000 Brooklyn households with incomes over $150,000,
30% are located in the target areas. Furthermore, the target neighborhoods contain numerous
brownstones that are spacious and well equipped for entertaining. In the last decade, the target
areas have experienced gentrification and an influx of upper middle class homeowners. This is
reflected in the rise in housing purchase prices and the growth in the percent of homeowners in
these areas. According to the Corcoran Brooklyn report, “Park Slope was one of the Borough’s
[Brooklyn] hottest markets…Average sales prices in Park Slope jumped up 30% from year end
2000.” The report stated that the typical Brownstone buyer in 2001 was a professional male, 33
years of age, with a net worth of approximately $548,000 and earning $161,743 yearly.
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3. History of social activism and past support of PRY
In addition to containing a largely affluent population, Park Slope and the surrounding communities
have a reputation for attracting socially and civic-minded residents. PRY was founded 35 years ago
by such individuals and is fortunate today to have Board of Directors and many generous individual
donors from this and neighboring communities. Over the last two years, friends of PRY have been
the primary catering client base. Recently, word of mouth has generated requests from individuals
who are not familiar with the agency but are interested in using a social purpose catering company.
Venture Catering’s experience supports national trends. The 2002 Cone Corporation Citizenship
Study found that 84% of Americans say that they are likely to switch brands, when price and
quality are equal, to help support a cause. Below are previous catering customers:
     • Engagement party for PRY supporter;                 • Party for New York Women’s Foundation;
     • Reception for a city council member;                • Reception for a private law firm; and,
     • Event for the Brooklyn Borough President;           • Seder dinner for a neighborhood resident.

Market Potential
Social catering customers contract catering services to fill a variety of needs, including holiday
gatherings, showers, birthday parties, cocktail parties and business-related social events. Among
households earning over $150,000 annually in these targeted neighborhoods, Venture Catering
estimates that 10% utilize catering services 2 – 3 times per year and an additional 25% utilize
catering services once per year. In addition, Venture Catering estimates that the market of social
catering customers includes 5% of households within the $75,000 - $150,000 income range. These
customers might contract for a special event such as a bar mitzvah but would not be repeat catering
customers. Using these estimates and assuming that Venture Catering services events only within
the five target zips, the total market size for social catering customers is 5,672 events per year.

                       Brooklyn       Park       North    Carroll     Windsor       Total of    Brooklyn
                       Heights/       Slope      Park     Gardens     Terrace       five zip     (Kings
                      Cobble Hill    (11215)     Slope    (11231)     (11218)        codes      County)
                        (11201)                 (11217)
 Total Households          21,551     27,469     15,726     14,904       25,584      881,006     105,234
 Percent/total with          38%        34%        29%        29%          19%          17%
 income greater             8,200      9,340      4,600      4,330        4,741      151,847      31,211
 than $75,000
 Percent/total with           15%         9%        7%         9%           3%           3%             3%
 Income greater              3,285      2,543     1,153      1,392          760       29,046          9,133
 than $150,000
 Market Size              1,889         1,612       749        843          579      5,672
Source: 2000 Census

Business Meeting and Lunch Catering
The second market for Venture Catering is customers seeking food service for meetings and lunch
delivery primarily in a business setting. These customers are seeking convenience and reliability and
are attracted to gourmet quality that cannot be found through typical take-out restaurants. Venture
Catering’s experience with 19 pilot business meetings led to the development of a menu for small
events such as board, departmental or staff meetings. These events can be breakfasts, lunches or
meeting refreshments.

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Corporate lunches offer a reliable source of revenue and provide steady work for the business. As
opposed to the social catering market, which is more seasonal in nature, corporate lunches often
lead to other catering jobs for parties and events with higher profit margins. Since many companies
have regular meeting schedules, business lunches can be a reliable source of repeat business. These
catering orders are often made by the same person providing opportunities to build relationships
and future business. The goal of Venture Catering is to establish contracts with a few companies
providing regular repeat business.
There is a vibrant business community in Brooklyn, which is home to 37,000 firms in a wide range
of industry groups. Venture Catering has surveyed several firms in Brooklyn to determine the
market for corporate lunches. Among the largest Brooklyn firms such as JP Morgan Chase and
Keyspan, located in the MetroTech office complex utilize an in-house catering vendor for all their
food service needs. At other large companies, catering budgets and decisions are diffused among
different departments making it difficult to assess the market. Based on our initial research,
Venture Catering’s most accessible market may be mid-size businesses accessed through the
Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and PRY supporters such as foundations and corporate donors.

With over 1,200 members from across the borough, the Brooklyn Chamber is the largest chamber
of commerce in New York City. Although most of its members are small businesses, they also
represent large manufacturers, wholesale distribution companies, banks and utilities. The Brooklyn
Chamber hosts a variety of events and networking opportunities for its members and itself spends
more than $100,000 on over 20 catered events and meetings per year with an average price of $17
per person spent on food. Venture Catering will become a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of
Commerce and participate in events such as their monthly networking meetings and Brooklyn Eats,
a tasting with nearly 100 local restaurants participating.

Further, PRY has committed to use Venture Catering for the agency’s board meetings, conferences,
fundraising events, and other meetings. PRY facilitates a large number of workshops, meetings and
trainings for a State-wide professional development initiative on family literacy, which provides
catered breakfasts and lunches for these events. Venture Catering estimates that this PRY project
alone will generate over $20,000 in annual sales, conservatively estimated at $15 per person for
breakfast and lunch with 30 participants twice week for at least 30 weeks during the year.

Primary Customer Research Data
Venture Catering Focus Group Results: On a snowy evening in February 2003, PRY held a focus
group to pitch the idea of Venture Catering to individuals in the community. The focus group was
meant to both solicit potential pilot customers and assess the catering needs of community leaders
and institutions. The focus group consisted of 11 attendees, representing: Brooklyn Junior League;
Careers through Culinary Arts Program (CCAP); Fordham University; Garfield Temple; Kelley-
Harris Associates; Lisa Demsey, LLC; New York Methodist Hospital; Park Slope Civic Council;
Partnership for After School Education (PASE); Prospect Park Alliance; Secondary School for
Law, Journalism and Research. The focus group data confirmed secondary customer research.
Attendees indicated that customers base their catering decisions on:
    • quality of food and service;                         • convenience;
    • price;                                               • flexibility of caterer; and
    • availability of service;                             • social purpose of business.

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The quality of food and service are the primary factors in decision making for both segments.
Convenience and flexibility were also important considerations for the focus group members. Most
consumers felt that there are many options for excellent food and the social purpose would motivate
them to hire Venture Catering. If all else were comparable, a majority of focus group participants
indicated a willingness to pay market prices or even more because of the social purpose. The focus
group further confirmed that other customers would also be willing to pay market rates.

Market Survey
Venture Catering conducted a market survey to explore the demand for catering. The survey
looked at the demand for catering, types of events, factors for selecting a caterer, and impact of the
social purpose on decision to purchase services. A survey was distributed to patrons at a local
green market and a total of 80 surveys were completed over two Saturdays. The market research
survey results indicated that 41% of the respondents had used a caterer during the past for at least
one social event. Taste and price were the most important reasons for selecting a caterer.
Respondents overwhelmingly (97%) indicated that Venture Catering should advertise the social
purpose. In response to being asked how knowing the business employed and trained young people
would affect a potential customer’s choice to use Venture Catering, 59% indicated that it would
impact the decision “very favorably.” Results confirmed that the features of Venture Catering, we
consider our competitive advantage, are important to potential customers. 62% indicated that
flexibility of menu was highly important. Survey results are included in the supporting documents.

Catering Competition
The competitive environment for catering is highly fragmented with over 200 catering
establishments within a three-mile radius of Venture Catering. These companies represent a variety
of catering services, from banquet halls to corner delis. While proximity is an important factor,
strong recommendations from friends is the deciding factor in caterer selection. Most catering
clients tend to contract for repeat business with a handful of “recommended” caterers. Customers
evaluate the quality of the food first and foremost. Then they weigh factors such as price,
convenience, flexibility, and reliability depending on the type of event. Venture Catering will
compete with the following caterers:

                           Lunch/        Dinner/
  Name and location       Meetings      Cocktails    Description
  Sorella Caterers        $15-$28       $15-$28      Catering arm of local Italian market. High-end
                                                     Italian foods. Service available at extra charge.
  Bassett Caterer         $7 - $10      $20-$25      High-end events individually planned.
  Bon Soir Caterers       $8-$17        $15-$40      Caters to large companies. Will coordinate
                                                     service for $145 per waiter per event.
  Naturally Delicious     N/A           $30-$45      Social events with catering staff.
  Jacques Exclusive       $10 - $13     $12 - $29    Wide range in menu and pricing choices.
  Cucina Restaurant       N/A            $45-$60     Known for its high quality Italian fare. Service
                                                     is available at $100 per waiter per event.

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Venture Catering stands out among the competition. Venture Catering is the only social purpose
caterer in Brooklyn. Further, Venture Catering coordinates full service not available through local
restaurants and gourmet shops. This requires the customer to spend additional time coordinating
services. Venture Catering will be more convenient for these customers. Venture Catering’s
customized menu options, flexible customer service and convenience is a priority for social catering
customers as these events reflect highly on the host. Businesses are looking for ease, the
convenience of delivery and set-up, and more upscale options than deli fare. After food quality,
price and reliability are the primary factors for these customers.

Competitive Advantage
Venture Catering is in a unique position to succeed with its inspired menu offering a variety of
delicious, high quality food selections while providing entrepreneurial and culinary arts training to
disadvantaged youth. Venture Catering’s key competitive advantages include:

   •   Quality of food and customer service at competitive prices: The Business Manager and
       chefs bring a wealth of experience and expertise in creating delicious menu options and will
       ensure that the youth produce high quality food and service.
   •   Full service, affordable catering: Venture Catering offers a full range of “front of the
       house” services, at reasonable rates. Youth are trained to provide the highest quality
       service. These youth are also enthusiastic about Venture Catering/PRY, knowledgeable
       about the food and able to speak professionally about their experiences.

   •   Flexibility and customization of menu: The flexible nature of Venture Catering’s menus
       and event preparation allows the customer to have input in a way that larger, more
       established caterers and restaurants do not. Utilizing a youth labor force allows Venture
       Catering to maintain lower labor costs.

   •   Social impact: Venture Catering will positively affects the lives of youth through a
       supportive workplace and training in culinary arts, customer service and entrepreneurship.
       The social mission allows customers to support a worthy cause while eating well.
   •   Relationship with PRY: PRY’s Project Venture provides trained employees as staff for the
       business. In addition, PRY is well established in the community and has an extensive
       network of potential customers, supporters and other stakeholders.
Lesson Learned from other Social Purpose Catering Companies
Venture Catering has been assessing the lessons learned from other nonprofits that have launched
businesses, particularly catering services. Venture Catering has gleaned valuable information from
this research. Importantly, these businesses were able to secure market prices for their services as
indicated in the charts below. Despite some variation in the actual prices, the businesses all
confirmed that the pricing structure was based on fair market value in their location. The case
study for New Directions Catering also illustrates key lessons in the success of social purpose
businesses including focusing on marketing and the quality of the product rather relying on the
solely on social mission to attract customers; the viability of a corporate lunch market segment; the
importance of minimizing fixed costs; and creating a structured business environment with cross
training and treating the people being hired as employees and not participants.

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New Directions Catering - Los Angeles, CA
          Product               $/person           Service             Fee/Hr
Dinners                              $25           Dinners                $25
Hors D'oeuvres (no alcohol)          $10           Cocktails              $25
Lunch                                $10           Lunch                  $25
Brunch/Meeting                       $15           Brunch/Meeting         $25

                             Additional Delivery fee of $25.

Women's Bean Project - Denver, CO
          Product              $/person            Service             Fee/Hr
Dinners                             $10            Dinners                $15
Hors D'oeuvres (no alcohol)          $8            Cocktails              $15
Lunch                                $7            Lunch                  $15
Brunch/Meeting                       $6            Brunch/Meeting         $15

        Additional delivery fee of $5-$25 depending on location and time of day.

The Works - New York, NY
          Product                 $/person         Service             Fee/Hr
Dinners                             N/A            Dinners              N/A
Cocktails                              $35         Cocktails            N/A
Lunch                                  $15         Lunch                N/A
Brunch/Meeting                         $10         Brunch/Meeting       N/A

Case Study of New Directions Catering – Los Angeles, CA


New Directions, Inc., a long-term drug and alcohol treatment program, provides food, shelter and
rehabilitation to homeless veterans. New Directions’ Catering Services provides food for events,
large or small, casual or formal. The Catering business enables veterans in New Directions’ on-site
Culinary Arts training program to earn income and learn additional skills needed for their eventual
employment in the food service industry. New Directions Catering (NDC) was established in
September 2002 and is currently generating profits of 38% of sales. Key business facts include:
    • Pricing: Food prices are competitive with the industry rather than drastically discounted in
        order to convey an image of a high quality product.
    • Growth rates: Their business has tripled since implementation.
    • Cost of food as % of sales: NDC works to make sure cost of food does not exceed 35%.
        They believe that a 28% target is reasonable and a good operational goal.
    • Breakeven date: NDC was almost immediately profitable. Since the parent organization
        already owned a kitchen, there were few significant start-up costs to overcome.

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•   Profit margins: 38% on average. For box lunches for corporate customers meetings, the
    margin is 35-38% with 100-150 people. For corporate parties, the margin is 50%.
•   Kitchen facilities: New Directions provides food and shelter to homeless veterans, so the
    agency already owned and operated a commercial kitchen. The catering business is a way
    to capitalize on the agency’s excess capacity, since the kitchen is only used during regular
    meal hours. As a result, costs of maintaining and operating the kitchen are shared with the
    other programs of the parent organization.

Key Challenges
• Maintaining consistency in product and business operations: If the head chef is out, the
   consistency goes down. Chef must not need to oversee every detail. It is important to have
   people in program involved enough so that they feel ownership of business and learn to run
   the business themselves (i.e. management and accounting skills). Cross-training employees
   exposes them to different skills and enables others to fill in.
• Planning for growth: Investors want to fund social enterprises with experienced managers
   and experts in the field. To investors, people are the most important asset of your business.
• Know who can work where: Employee selection is key to ensure students are suited for job.
• Work Ethics and Life Skills: NDC felt that this is a critical component that was missing in
   their training and employment programs. They do not provide a training course in the soft
   skills needed to keep a job (i.e. what employers expect, what you need to be willing to do or
   be fired). NDC recommends running the business under these same expectations. If
   someone is not performing, you need to replace the person with someone else. When this
   happens at NDC, the worker loses the job, but is then recycled through training programs.

Lessons Learned
• Market: NDC provides box lunches for weekly/monthly corporate meetings for nonprofits
   and for-profits. While this is a lower-margin product, it provides steady, consistent business
   that is also a good training tool for new workers. Most importantly, this establishes a
   relationship with business customers, which positions NDC for attaining these customers for
   their higher margin events as well. NDC currently provides 10-15 box lunches per month
   and 4-5 parties per month for these business customers. The best customers are nonprofit
   functions (i.e. foundations), which become a tasting for potential new clients.
• Social Purpose: NDC suggests not relying on the social purpose in marketing and obtaining
   new customers. Customers are attracted through high quality products and services.
• Political events/house parties/fundraisers: Marketing materials are distributed at these
   events, which are viewed as a growth opportunity to attract new business customers. NDC
   subscribes to, linking online customers to caterers for private parties.
• Corporate Lunches: NDC prefers office events because they are more structured and there is
   one contact person, allowing for relationship development. Each customer can provide a
   steady stream of business.

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                                            IV. Marketing Plan

During the pilot year, Venture Catering created recipes and cost-out menus for four product lines:
buffet dinners, cocktail parties, business lunches and food for meetings. Customers can choose a
comprehensive menu with signature items offered consistently and seasonal items introduced to
keep the menu options fresh and exciting. Sample menus are located in the Supporting Documents
section. Venture Catering also offers “front of the house” services including passed hors d’oeuvres
and buffet service at reasonable prices.

Venture Catering is an off-premise catering company. Typically, social catering customers host
events in a private residence or small event hall. Business and institutional customers tend to hold
events on the workplace premises in locations such as conference rooms. The menus are prepared at
a commercial kitchen and then transported via a local car service with which Venture Catering has
a preferred account, to the event or prepped at the kitchen and cooked or finished off at the event
space. Venture Catering staff arrange and serve the food as directed by the customer.

Venture Catering has two pricing strategies. The first is to offer a high-end catering service that
combines top quality food with professional service. Offerings for this market include cocktail
parties and dinners. The second pricing strategy is to offer a corporate catering menu, designed for
business consumers seeking lunches and food service for meetings. These menus offer diverse
menu items that are a step up from traditional deli sandwich fare. Below is Venture Catering’s
price structure.

                     Venture Catering Meal Type                       Price
                     Brunch/Meeting                                   $15
                     Lunch                                            $25
                     Dinner                                           $40
                     Hors d'oeuvres                                   $28

For comparison, the information below lists catering rates and guidelines (national averages)1.
Prices are per person.

         Meal Type                 Low                Medium             High
         Breakfast                 $5-10              $10-20             $20+
         Lunch                     $5-15              $15-30             $30+
         Dinner                    $10-20             $20-40             $40+
         Hors d'oeuvres            $5-10              $10-20             $20+

    Data source:
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The catering business is a very personal sales industry in which relationships are the key to
customer acquisition. These relationships are vital because customers are looking to use a catering
firm that has been recommended or is “preferred” by the event space or institution. During the first
two years, Venture Catering will focus on building brand awareness, leading to product trial,
through word of mouth and strategic partnerships. The Business Manager, in conjunction with the
Business Development Manager, will conduct sales calls and manage the promotional efforts.

Venture Catering has a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting clients. Its parent
company, PRY, has been serving the community for over 35 years and has an extensive network of
friends, partners and allies. PRY has a network with 22 board members, over 75 foundation and
corporate supporters, access to 400 afterschool providers through the Partnership for Afterschool
Education and over 350 current donors. All the pilot customers were “friends” of PRY.

Venture Catering developed positioning statements for its two target customer segments.

       Business Customers:
       Venture Catering is the brand of catering services offering convenient, reliable delivery of
       delicious lunches and refreshments for business meetings and gatherings at local
       corporations and institutions while benefiting the community.

       Social Customers:
       Venture Catering is the brand of catering services offering upscale food, flexibility and
       quality service to civic-minded Brooklyn residents while benefiting the community.

Venture Catering Marketing Plan Year 1

Objective 1: Penetrate the social catering market to sell dinners and cocktails starting with 42
events in year one.

   • Provide hors d’oeuvres at monthly wine tasting events and other cross promotional efforts
        with Park Slope wine store Red, White and Bubbly (6 to 12 times a year);
   • Do taste tables at Grand Army Plaza Green Market (2 times a year);
   • Two outreach events to local party planners;
   • Targeted mailing to PRY current donors (350 people);
   • Outreach by PRY Board Members to friends and partners;
   • Conduct sales calls to local party planners;
   • Participate in Brooklyn Eats (Annual “tasting” event sponsored by Brooklyn Chamber of
        Commerce) starting in year two;
   • Obtain lists and send promotional materials to development professionals in Brooklyn; and,
   • Increase by at least 3 the event venues that include Venture Catering on their preferred
        caterer lists.

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Objective 2: Penetrate the catering market for business lunches and meetings.

   • Call venues that host business functions such as Brooklyn Borough President Office to be
       on their preferred caterer list;
   • Conduct sales calls to all pilot customers; and,
   • Provide 5 tastings per year to professional organizations such as bar associations, CEO
       roundtables, Executive Director meetings, and grant maker associations.

Objectives 3: Acquire repeat business from existing customers.

   • Conduct sales calls to all customers;
   • Distribute customer satisfaction surveys;
   • Conduct after event phone surveys;
   • Send thank you letters;
   • Provide kitchen magnets or other giveaways; and,
   • Publicize holiday event promotions.

Marketing Pieces
Venture Catering is currently developing a marketing piece, with menu samplings, that can be used
in the mailings, tastings and house parties. Venture Catering has designed a logo, letterhead,
business cards and is developing an informational package. The web site will be developed by
June. A marketing budget for these materials along with the cost of promotional events is included
in the supporting documents.

Strategic Alliances
The catering business is driven by word of mouth and referrals. Therefore strategic alliances are an
important element of the business. Venture Catering has established several strategic relationships
and will continue to develop partnerships as a main part of its marketing efforts. Currently, Venture
Catering has created strategic alliances with the following organizations and institutions:

   •   Project Reach Youth will contract catering services for the agency’s board meetings,
       conferences, fundraising events, and other meetings. PRY facilitates a large number of
       workshops and trainings, for a professional development initiative, which provides catered
       breakfasts and lunches for these events. PRY has already committed to 60 events, which
       will generate over $20,000 in annual sales.

   •   The Prospect Park Picnic House, a popular site for events that does not offer on-site
       catering, has added Venture Catering as an approved vendor. Similarly, Brooklyn Borough
       Hall, with meeting spaces used by local businesses and nonprofits for events, has included
       Venture Catering on their preferred vendor list. Venture Catering is identifying
       organizations that rent spaces for events.

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   •   Venture Catering is establishing connections to other organizations with access to catering
       customers such Garfield Temple, which has used our services for their own events and is
       willing to recommend us for bar mitzvahs to their members.

   •   Many nonprofit institutions also have fundraising events. Venture Catering will market our
       services to development staff, who typically hire the caterer for these events, through
       professional associations for development professionals such as the New York Association
       of Fundraising Professionals and Women in Development.

   •   “Brooklyn Eats” a program sponsored by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to promote
       local food establishments in Brooklyn will provide online and print promotions; and,

   •   Red, White and Bubbly; a local wine shop contracts with Venture Catering to provide food
       at frequent wine tasting events.

Research and Development
Venture Catering will experiment with new recipes to expand the menu, offer seasonal products,
and provide customers with more choices. The Business Manager will test new recipes, train the
youth and pilot the new products to a small customer segment before adding it to the menu.
Venture Catering will also research the feasibility of expanding to new product lines such as:
   • Market items such as holiday baked goods, or homemade sauces and condiments that will
       be prepared in response to pre-order sales;
   • Selling pastries or desserts to local restaurants and coffee houses;
   • Offer gourmet-cooking classes featuring chefs from prominent New York restaurants;
   • Pre-made holiday meals such as Thanksgiving dinners with turkey and the trimmings or
       Passover Seders;
   • Picnic baskets for concerts and events in Prospect Park; and,
   • Compile and sell a cookbook of recipes from our classes and catering business.

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                                          V. Management Plan

Relationship to Parent Organization
In August 2003, PRY’s Board of Director’s established Venture Catering LLC. Venture Catering is
currently securing its New York State catering license and has completed the legal documents to
become a wholly independent Limited Liability Corporation, owned in full by Project Reach Youth,
Inc. (PRY) with an Advisory Board consisting of five members with 2 PRY Board Members and 3
industry experts. The structure will allow PRY to ensure that Venture Catering remains focused on
its social mission while reducing liability risk to PRY. The management of Venture Catering brings
a range of experience in the fields of finance, culinary arts, entrepreneurship and youth

                                                                             Project Reach
                    Venture Catering
                    Advisory Board
                                                                             Project Venture

                    Venture Catering                      Collaboration in
                                                           training youth
     Business Development
           Manager                    Business Manager/Chef

       Elizabeth Schnee                  Peter Solomita

                             Chef           Specialty         Sous Chef
                            Interns          Chefs



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Venture Catering Advisory Board

Michael Ayoub’s commitment to his Brooklyn community is apparent in every aspect of his life.
Michael is the renowned chef and former co-owner of CUCINA Restaurant, Small Feast catering
company, Mike and Tony’s, BAM Café, and Le Coffee Shop at Lutheran Medical Center.
Founded in 1990, CUNINA Restaurant’s arrival in Park Slope, transformed the area into a vibrant
culinary destination and contributed to the economic revitalization of Fifth Avenue. CUCINA has
been rated the best restaurant in Brooklyn by Zagat’s Guide and the New York Press. Mr. Ayoub’s
personal experience of growing up in Brooklyn led to his commitment to give back to his
community. Michael has employed dozens of PRY teens in his businesses and serves as an
inspirational speaker to youth groups, encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Mr. Ayoub serves
on the Board of the Brooklyn Center at Brooklyn College, Urban Glass, and Xaverian High School.

John Fowler has recently founded a private equity investment and advisory firm, Baycrest Capital,
LLC based on his impressive career with over twenty years experience working at major
investment firms in the healthcare sector. During a decade at Salomon Brothers, Mr. Fowler
founded the investment banking health care group at the company expanding it from three bankers
to a team of over 65 professionals with offices in New York, London, Chicago and Tokyo. He
served as the Managing Director and Head of the Health Care Group at Salomon Brothers from
1992 to 1998. In 1998, Mr. Fowler joined J.P. Morgan as Managing Director for the Health Care
Group expanding the traditional base of pharma and biotech clients to service sectors including
hospitals, nursing homes, HMOs and distribution companies. In 2001, Mr. Fowler was appointed
President and Member of the Board of Directors for Large Scale Biology Corporation, a
biotechnology company. Mr. Fowler serves on the board of Beverly Enterprises, a Fortune 500
public nursing home operator. He has been a member of PRY’s Board of Directors since 2001.

Irene S. LoRe is co-owner of Aunt Suzie’s Restaurant, which opened in 1987, and serves as an
Adjunct Professor of Management and Entrepreneurial Policy, at Pace University Graduate School.
As co-owner of the restaurant, Ms. LoRe provides marketing and overall management oversight.
Ms. LoRe is a management consultant to small and medium sized companies in entrepreneurial
strategies, management and sales training, marketing, speech writing and coaching. Ms. Lo Re has
been a principal in six entrepreneurial ventures over the last nineteen years. Prior to becoming an
entrepreneur, she held several corporate positions including running a chain of eye glass stores and
serving as Vice President for a medium sized insurance company overseeing a staff of over a
hundred. Current volunteer positions include Chairperson of Community Board Six in Brooklyn,
board member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, service on the Business Committee of the
Prospect Park Alliance, and member of the Fifth Avenue Merchants Association.

Barbara McTiernan is the Senior Vice President for External Affairs for Prospect Park Alliance
overseeing all aspects of development, marketing and concessions. The Prospect Park Alliance is a
public/private partnership with the City of New York, which through fundraising and advocacy
furthers the restoration and preservation of Prospect Park. She was a co-partner in
McTiernan/Kahn Catering, a catering and party planning business from 1980 to 1987. Current
volunteer activities include Vice Chair of the Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corporation, Chair
of Second Street Block Association, and Member of the Junior League of Brooklyn. Ms.
McTiernan is married with three children and has lived in Brooklyn for over thirty years.

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Grace Wilner has operated a private psychotherapy practice since 1992 and has been employed
part-time with the Catholic Guardian Society since 1983. Her work at the agency includes
providing psychological evaluations in English and Spanish with inner city children and
adolescents, supervision of psychologists and social workers, and leading group trainings for foster
parents. Areas of expertise include developmental issues with children evolving into adolescence
and teaching appropriate anger management skills. Ms. Wilner has served as a Board Member of
Project Reach Youth since 1998.

Management Team

Business Manager/Chef: Pete Solomita is responsible for day-to-day operations of Venture
Catering. This includes scheduling, planning and staffing all events, developing the menu,
implements marketing plan, hiring and managing the youth, and maintaining financial records. The
Business Manager will report to the Advisory Board. Pete Solomita brings to Venture Catering a
multi-dimensional background in retail/wholesale and not for profit management, event production,
culinary arts and working with youth. Pete has over 15 years in not for profit management
experience that includes program development, volunteer recruitment and training, fundraising and
overseeing funding programs. In addition, Pete has been active in producing concerts and events,
entertainment services and catering. A graduate of Natural Gourmet Cookery School, Pete has
worked in restaurants, gourmet retail prepared foods, catering services and private teaching. Pete
has worked with youth training teens to do HIV/AIDS outreach at concerts and clubs, and working
as an intern then instructor with PRY’s Project Venture. Pete is also owner and president of
GROOVALICIOUS Entertainment Services and serves as board president for The Rebecca Center
for Music Therapy. Pete’s experience includes: training youth; extensive experience organizing
special events; bartending; program development; marketing; retail and wholesale sales experience;
teaching culinary classes at Project Venturing and publishing culinary articles.

Business Development Manager: Liz Schnee has been a non-profit manager for over a decade and
with Andrea Martin developed the Project Venture Culinary Arts Program. Over the eight years Liz
has worked at PRY, she has held a variety of leadership positions and has been a part of the
agency’s senior management team. With funds from Seedco Liz led PRY through the business pre-
development year, working closely with a business consultant and the team at PRY to conduct the
business feasibility study. Liz is a long-time resident of Park Slope and has an extensive network of
contacts within the targeted Brooklyn communities. Liz, along with Pete Solomita, recently
completed a course, How to Open a Catering Business, at the Institute for Culinary Education. Ms.
Schnee’s primary responsibilities will be to work with the Business Manager in marketing Venture
Catering to both target segments and acquiring additional catering jobs. In addition, as Program
Coordinator for Project Venture, Ms. Schnee will link the culinary arts training and PRY services
with Venture Catering.

Assistant Chef: This position will assist the business manager with the day-to-day operations of
Venture Catering. Assistant Chef will help with ordering, shop for specialty items, oversee youth
in the kitchen, track kitchen inventory, and provide support to business manager.

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Project Venture Chef: Andrea Martin brings more than a decade of experience as a professional
chef in both restaurants and catering businesses. Andrea has worked with Project Venture since its
inception three years ago and has built solid experience in training and supervising youth in the
kitchen. She will work with the Business Manager to transition youth employees from the culinary
training to Venture Catering.

Specialty Chefs: This is position will be filled by professionals in the field that bring special talents
and experience to Venture Catering. Examples would include pastry chefs, culinary educators and
teachers, cheese purveyors, sommeliers, event planners, food and decorative designers, and other
food service related specialties. These positions will be filled on an as needed basis to complement
Venture Catering staff and for high-end larger events.

Chef Interns: Venture Catering will utilize relationships developed by Project Venture to serve as
an externship site for local culinary schools. Project Venture has been fortunate to be a placement
site for culinary school student interns including Jen Massie from the French Culinary Institute and
Tina Pico of the Natural Gourmet.

Youth Staff: Youth staff will be utilized in both the kitchen and the service activities. Youth will
join the Venture Catering staff, as Apprentice Chefs, after completing the Project Venture Culinary
Arts Training Program as well as an internship in food service. The staff for the first year of
Venture Catering will be drawn from a highly talented pool of graduates from the three years of
Project Venture Training Classes, some of which are currently students in culinary school. This
experience will allow Venture Catering to ramp up quickly in terms of professional service skills
and efficiency.

Youth will be employed for a maximum of one-year in the entry-level position to enable the
business to train as many young people as possible. Every four months new employees who have
graduated from Project Venture’s culinary training program will be added to business as others
complete their year of employment. Upon completion of their term of employment, the Apprentice
Chefs will either move on to more senior positions within the business or be supported in finding
other employment in the industry.

   Level 1: $7 per hour. Apprentice Chef
   Entry-level position for teens who have graduated Project Venture. This position requires basic
   culinary skills such as: knife handling skills, cooking techniques (blanch, fry, bake, sauté,
   braise, etc.), safe food handling, ability to read a recipe and execute, ability to follow direction
   and basic front of the house skills.

   Level 2: $10 per hour. Assistant Chef
   The position requires restaurant or catering skills or advance culinary training. Employees must
   be able to work unsupervised and will be asked to take a food handling course for certification.
   Position mentor new employees and assist the Business Manager in the execution of catering
   checklists, managing inventory, ordering of supplies, and customer relations.

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   Level 3: $15 per hour. Sous Chef
   This position requires a culinary degree and 2-3 years job experience. Job duties will include
   kitchen and off-site supervision of staff when the Business Manager is not present, mentoring of
   senior youth employees, recipe and menu development, customer relations, inventory and
   ordering of supplies. To start, we will seek recent graduates from culinary schools and or local
   food service business. Down the road, this position will be filled mostly with youth employees
   who have been promoted through Venture Catering.

Employee Review Process
The Business Manager will be responsible for tracking the outcomes and evaluating the youth
employees’ overall job performance. Upon hiring a young person, a personnel file will be created
into which copies of resumes, cover letters, job applications and any other information related to
career advancement will be kept along with other relevant human resources information. In
addition to debriefing sessions after each event, quarterly performance assessments will be
conducted with each employee. These include a written performance evaluation and individual
meetings with each employee. During this time the professional staff will review the youth
employee’s job performance and offer constructive criticism. The youth employee will also have an
opportunity to evaluate him/herself and to give feedback to the professional staff. The quarterly
meetings will also offer a time to discuss, plan for and track the youth employee’s future career and
educational goals. Performance evaluations will be documented and kept in the employee’s
personnel file. Time sheets will be used to assess punctuality and attendance and feedback will be
given as soon as a concern arises. A formal knife skills assessment will be made of each employee
at mid-year and at the end of the year of employment.

Project Reach Youth’s Commitment to the Venture Catering
PRY is confident that Venture Catering will further its mission to assist youth people reach their
goals. Programmatically, Venture Catering is a natural extension to PRY’s work readiness and
culinary arts training programs. Organizationally, Venture Catering will provide PRY with avenues
to increase its visibility, recognition and financial support. Beyond any profits the business will
generate, Venture Catering can open doors to new potential donors for PRY.

PRY has committed organizational resources to create a business plan and successfully launch this
social purpose enterprise. Staff from PRY’s culinary arts training program, Project Venture, will
train and provide employees and work closely with Venture Catering to ensure a smooth transition.
PRY will provide the Apprentice Chefs at Venture Catering with social work services and job
readiness. Upon completion of their one-year employment at Venture Catering, PRY will support
these Apprentice Chefs in transitioning to other career opportunities and/or gaining admission to
higher education including culinary arts schools, technical schools, colleges and universities.

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                                        VI. Operations Plan

Youth Staff Selection and Promotion
Employment in Venture Catering is limited to one year and is designed to be a stepping-stone to
future employment. To ensure that the business will never be staffed entirely by new employees, a
new group of trained Apprentice Chefs will cycle into the business three times a year. Venture
Catering Apprentice Chefs will enter the business with high-level skills, having completed the
culinary arts training. Project Venture Culinary Arts graduates a cadre and every four months a
new team of youth will enter the business. Only the most successful graduates of the training who
have demonstrated good attendance, responsibility, motivation and skills will be hired by Venture
Catering. A buddy system will pair each new youth with a more experienced worker, responsible
for providing additional support to the new employee. In addition to being a boss, the business
manager will serve as a coach and mentor for the Apprentice Chefs.

After the initial first year of employment, some Apprentice Chefs will have the opportunity to be
promoted to more senior level positions such as Assistant and Sous Chefs. Advancement
opportunities will inspire entry-level workers to do their best and allow Venture Catering to retain
skilled youth staff for more than one year. In addition, these more senior chefs will set the tone for
the other youth to behave in a professional, mature manner.

Venture Catering is designed as an extension of PRY’s career development program. The agency is
committed to offering as many youth as possible the opportunity to work with Venture Catering.
The one-year term will prevent complacency and force young people to prepare for subsequent
employment. High staff turnover is already the industry standard for food service. The gradual staff
cycles at Venture Catering is designed to provide opportunities for more young people while
thoughtfully managing staff transitions to minimize the impact on business operations.

Youth Employee Training
Venture Catering will conduct an employee orientation every four months, which builds on the
training already acquired through Project Venture, as a new cycle of Apprentice Chefs join the
business. The orientation, which builds upon the training already received from Project Venture,
will include the following topics:
    1. Introduction to Venture Catering:
            a. Mission of social purpose business and relationship to Project Venture & PRY
            b. Business staff and types of catering work
            c. Part-time scheduling (driven by events) and one year employment commitment
    2. Detailed review of employee manual & kitchen norms
    3. Detailed review of youth employee job description
    4. How to fill out time sheets & other paperwork
    5. Orientation to kitchen
            a. Proper use & care of all equipment
            b. Where & how things are stored
            c. Systems for maintaining track of inventory
    6. Safety and sanitation
    7. Customer relations
            a. Handling phone calls and delivering food to customers
            b. Service skills at events
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   8. Front of the house skills
          a. Plating & presentation of food
          b. Passing appetizers and talking about food with customers
          c. Bussing & clean up
   9. Knife Skills Practical Review
   10. Kitchen Math & Reading a Recipe Review
   11. Professionalism
          a. Personal presentation
          b. Attendance & punctuality
          c. Positive attitude, hard work, and team work
          d. Problem solving and conflict resolution

Production Process
The Business Manager will work with each customer to develop a menu for the event. Food
products, rentals and other items will be purchased or arranged for the event. Catering has already
negotiated arrangements with suppliers. The Business Manager will develop a production and
staffing schedule to prepare the menu. These catered meals will be produced by the Apprentice
Chefs with supervision in a commercial kitchen. Customers can choose either to pick up small
orders themselves, or the food will be transported by Venture Catering staff in a car service under
our preferred customer arrangement. As with most caterers, some food items will be re-heated in
the customer’s kitchen. Food will be plated and presented on site using Venture Catering platters or
other serving items. For larger events, Venture Catering may rent additional service items.
Venture Catering Apprentice Chefs will be available to provide wait staffing when requested. Non-
perishable items will be stored in bulk and during slow periods items such as stocks and certain
sauces will be prepared in advance and frozen for future use.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management
Products will be obtained through established relationships with vendors. The Business Manager
along with the Assistant Chef will be responsible for inventory management to ensure that there are
ample supplies for upcoming orders. The Business Manager will coordinate beverages, party
rentals, and ordering wine at a client’s request. Venture Catering has relationships with several
rental companies that deliver and pick up china, glassware and other utensils. Venture Catering has
determined reliable sources for the ingredients and equipment needed. These sources include:
    • Park Slope Food Coop (fresh, organic, low-cost produce and other healthful ingredients);
    • Horizon Meat and Seafood;
    • Costco (wholesaler for bulk food and paper goods supplier);
    • Arrow Metropolitan Linen (for catering uniforms);
    • Broadway Famous, Party Time, and Atlas Party Rentals (rent party supplies); and,
    • Jetro (restaurant supply).

Additional supplier relationships will be developed when Venture Catering is able to generate
regularly placed orders that meet minimum order size requirements.

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Kitchen Space, Facility Requirements and Equipment Needs
Venture Catering has rental agreements with two restaurants and has been providing catering
services from these locations. In the first year, Venture Catering will continue to rent kitchen space
at $200 per day. Venture Catering has been seeking a new space that will provide access to a fully
equipped kitchen with ample workspace and storage for ingredients and prepared food items. A
location near major transportation will make it easier for the youth to get to work. Venture
Catering has also developed a list of required kitchen equipment (pots, pans, knives, etc.) totaling
approximately $30,000 included in the start-up budget.

Capacity Analysis
Given the seasonality of the business, Venture Catering anticipates that the late fall and winter
holiday season and the spring will be busy periods. Through Project Venture’s extensive network of
contacts with neighborhood restaurants and chefs, Venture Catering has identified a number of
chefs and pastry chefs who can work with the catering business to accommodate the fluctuations in
demand for catering. Similarly, if more youth are needed on occasion, Venture Catering can draw
from the pool of trained Project Venture graduates.

Productivity Analysis
During the pilot year Venture Catering cost-out signature recipes and determined the length of time
each took to prepare. The amount of staff and hours required to prepare for an event is calculated
based on the recipes being prepared and the number of pieces of each unit being served. In addition,
the staffing level for events with wait service was calculated. Venture Catering will continue to
track staff and ingredient costs for each event using a project code for each event to determine
productivity and food costs.

Economies of Scale
As the Venture Catering expands or multiple jobs are secured, economies are expected primarily in
the cost of food. Venture Catering will be able to buy more in bulk, prepare sauces and other items
in advance, and develop stronger relationships with its vendors thereby reducing the cost of the
product. As Venture Catering increases business with select vendors (such as rental companies),
we anticipate a reduction in unit costs.

Quality Control
To assure quality control, the Apprentice Chefs will be supervised at all times by the Business
Manager or Assistant Chef during food production. No food will leave the premises without a
careful inspection by a supervisor. At events, the Business Manager or Assistant Chef will oversee
the set-up, presentation and clean up of the food served. To ensure the highest quality of food and
service, the Business Manager will give feedback to the Apprentice Chefs at weekly meetings and
debriefing sessions after large events. A Customer Satisfaction Survey will be distributed to all
customers, after each catered event to obtain customer feedback. Results will be shared with the
employees and integrated into future catering work. In addition, Apprentice Chefs will also be
observed and given feedback on their customer service skills.

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Fiscal Outsourcing
Venture Catering will outsource its accounting system to PRY’s Finance Department. PRY will
create and maintain a separate accounting system for Venture Catering using our existing financial
software. Venture Catering will have its own separate checking account and general ledger. The
Business Manager will be responsible for customer billing and payment collection. Venture
Catering will also prepare timesheets and expense reports for each event with staff and event costs.
PRY’s Finance department will manage all financial transactions for the business including making
deposits and paying bills. PRY will prepare and manage payroll by creating a separate account
through ADP. PRY will also oversee the tax forms and audits using the agency’s existing certified
public accountant. On a monthly basis, PRY’s CFO will produce monthly financial documents
including income and expense statements, and cash flow projections to provide the Advisory Board
and the parent organization with the information to make sound business decisions.

Management and Information Systems
Venture Catering has evaluated a number of information systems and plans to purchase ExecuChef
to track customer information, catering jobs and conduct marketing activities. Detailed customer
information including sales history, menu and preferences will be created.

                            Catering IT Inventory Information
             Account Tracking/ Event Marketing Purchasing License                Other
Features     Mgt.    Reporting Mgt             & ordering Cost
Caterplus       √          √         √          √                      $ 1,695
CaterPro                   √         √          √                       $ 695    1 yr. technical support;
                                                                                 yearly upgrade $ 250
CaterTrax       √          √         √          √            √       Proposal    Online automated
                                                                     Requested   system/customer access
Caterease       √          √         √          √                      $ 1900    Maint. Agmt. $500;
ChefTec         √                    √                       √          $ 595    Used by Marriott
ExecuChef       √          √         √                       √          $ 599

   •   Account Management: All contacts, sales responsibility, billing, invoicing, corporate or
       social settings, separate contacts, billing and delivery information.
   •   Performance Tracking & Reporting: Accounts receivable, aged accounts receivable, account
       statistics, events calendar.
   •   Event Management: Limitless selections, cost & prices, tracking per selection, notes, tasks,
       location, charge summary, payment summary.
   •   Purchasing & Ordering: Generates orders, tracks purchasing in detail and provides
       summary. Instant flag on price increases & decreases. Compares vendor bids & actual
       purchases between vendors, transfer invoices to accounting system.
   •   Other: Includes other features or information worth mentioning such technical support, and
       maintenance costs.

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Business Timeline
Venture Catering will scale up the business based on the following timeline:

                            Venture Catering Business Timeline

     Task                                                          1    2      3 4 5      6
     Develop Human Resources Manual                                             Done
     Develop Employee Performance Review                                        Done
     Develop Job Descriptions                                                   Done
     Create Menus                                                               Done
     Install MIS System
     Develop System for Tracking Inventory
     Create Marketing Materials Including Web-Page
     Purchase Equipment/Supplies
     Publicize Official Business Start-Up
     Recruit, Hire, and Orient Youth Staff
     Plan/Begin to Provide Ongoing Staff Development
     Plan/implement press activities for business launch
     Hold Kick-off event to Introduce Business

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                                                            VII. Financial Plan

Venture Catering is a double bottom line business, focused on ensuring a supportive work
environment for the youth involved in the program and generating revenue for PRY programs.
Venture Catering hits break even in year 3, and moves to 12% net margins in year 5, on revenues of
$304,940. By Year 4, Venture Catering will be a fully self-sustaining business. In subsequent
years, Venture Catering will be able to support PRY programs and services. With realistic
expectations about growth of the business, Venture Catering will service an average of two events
per week during its first year and grow to five events per week by year 5.

Revenue Assumptions
Venture Catering has 4 product offerings:
   • Dinners with an average of 40 people at $40 per meal;
   • Cocktail events with an average of 75 people at $28 per person;
   • Lunches with an average of 25 people at $25 per meal; and,
   • Meeting/Brunch with an average of 20 people at $15 per meal.

Venture Catering is projecting 125 events in year 1, or 2.4 events per week, growing to 248 events,
or 4.8 events/week in year 5. The average revenue per meal is $25.40 in year 1, growing to $28.45
in year 5, based on mix of business moving toward more profitable cocktails and dinners. In year 3,
a fee increase of 7% is built into the model. Service for events is provided on dinners and cocktails
by youth servers and is billed at $16 per hour. Below are the revenue assumptions:

Revenue Assumptions
Catering                      Yr 1 - 2                Yr 3 - 5              Events/Year                  Meals served
              # people        $/person $/event       $/person    $/event     Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr 4 Yr 5     Yr 1    Yr 2   Yr 3   Yr 4   Yr 5
Dinners                  40     $40.00      $1,600         $43     $1,712       12   18   23   26   30      480    720    900 1,035    1,190
Cocktails                75     $28.00      $2,100         $30     $2,247       30   45   56   65   74     2,250 3,375 4,219 4,852     5,579
Lunch                    25     $25.00        $625         $27       $669       20   30   38   43   50      500    750    938 1,078    1,240
ing                      20     $15.00        $300         $16       $321       63   95   95   95   95     1,260 1,890 1,890 1,890     1,890
Total                                                                          125 188 211 228 248         4,490 6,735 7,946 8,855 9,899
                                                                             Events Per Week                    Average Cost per Meal

                                                                               2.4 3.6 4.1 4.4 4.8       $25.30 $25.30 $27.73 $28.10 $28.45
Service        Servers         hours       Ttl Hrs    Fee/Hr      Event                                           Yr 2   Yr 3   Yr 4   Yr 5
Dinners                   2            4         8      $16.00       $128                                          50%    25%    15%    15%
Cocktails                3             4        12      $16.00       $192                                          50%    25%    15%    15%
Lunch                     0                      0      $16.00         $0                                          50%    25%    15%    15%
Meeting                   0                      0      $16.00         $0                                          50%     0%     0%     0%

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Key Expense Assumptions

Staffing includes one full time Catering Business Manager at $48,000 per year; a portion of a Business
Development Manager; Apprentice (student chefs) at $7.00 per hour; an Assistant Chef at $10.00 per
hour and a Sous Chef at $15.00 per hour. Salaries increase of 2% per year for all staff positions is
included. Fringe benefits were calculated at 20% for full time staff and at 10% for part time staff.

Labor costs are based on number of hours of part-time (Apprentice Chef hours) to prepare each event
time the number of events per year. This drives annual work hours. Venture Catering will continue to
use a rental kitchen for Year 1 at $200 per day times 3 days per week. It will lease an equipped kitchen
for year 2 at $3,800 per month. Transportation will be done through currently established relationships
with car services and costs will be passed through to clients.

Expense Assumptions

Cost of Food (% of catering $)       Yr1       Yr 2     Yr 3       Yr4     Yr5
                                    28%        27%      26%       24%     24%

Staff Costs
                                              2.0% 2.0% 2.0% 2.0%
Staff Salary                         Yr1       Yr 2     Yr 3       Yr4     Yr5
                                                     $49,93 $50,93 $51,95
Catering Bus Mgr        FT        $48,000    $48,960      9      8      7
Bus Dev Mgr             PT         $6,000     $6,120 $4,000 $4,080 $4,162

Apprentice Chef         PT          $7.00      $7.14    $7.28     $7.43   $7.58
Assistant Chef          PT         $10.00     $10.20 $10.40 $10.61 $10.82
Sous Chef               PT         $15.00     $15.30 $15.61 $15.92 $16.24

Payroll Expenses                   FT         PT
W/C, SUDA ,FICA                   11%        10%
Retirement, Health                 9%        0%
Total Benefits/Fringe             20%        10%

# Hours Per Event for PT Staff                                  Brnch/            Ttl Hrs/ PT Emps    Yr1      Yr 2     Yr 3    Yr4     Yr5
                                 Dinners Cocktails Lunch Mtg                      Catering hrs
Apprentice Chef                         24         30     12         6            App. Chef Hrs      1,806     2,709   3,245   3,646   4,108
Assistant Chef                          0          0       0         0            Asst. Chef hrs        0         0       0       0       0
Sous Chef                               8          8       6         0            Sous Chef hrs        91       137     171     197     226
                                                                                  Ttl PT Hours       1,897     2,846   3,416   3,843   4,334
% Need Per Event for PT Staff                                   Brnch/
                                 Dinners Cocktails Lunch Mtg                      Service
Youth Chefs                        100%       100%      100%     100%             Youth Servers       456       684     855     983    1,131
Sr. Youth Chefs                       0%       20%      20%        20%
Asst Chef                            20%       20%      20%         0%

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Below are projections for the general operations and fixed costs.

                     Per Event           Yr1      Yr 2      Yr 3       Yr4       Yr5
Transport-D, C, L    $28.00           $1,736    $2,604    $3,255    $3,743    $4,305
Transport - Brunch   $10.00             $630      $945      $945      $945      $945
Total Variable                        $2,366    $3,549    $4,200    $4,688    $5,250

Fixed                annual inc:                 2.0%      2.0%      2.0%      2.0%
Administrative                        $6,000    $6,120    $6,242    $6,367    $6,495
Facility Maint.               $50                $600      $612      $624      $637
Marketing                             $7,399   $10,308    $3,831    $3,848    $5,868
Rent - PT                     $200   $30,000
Rent -Lease               $3,800               $45,600   $46,512   $47,442   $48,391
Telephone                     $50      $600      $612      $624      $637      $649
Supplies                      $200    $2,400    $2,448    $2,497    $2,547    $2,598
Linens                         $75     $900      $918      $936      $955      $974
Utilities                     $500              $6,000    $6,120    $6,242    $6,367
Vent Cleaning                 $165              $1,980    $2,020    $2,060    $2,101
Extermination                 $100              $1,200    $1,224    $1,248    $1,273
Insurance                     $400    $4,800    $4,896    $4,994    $5,094    $5,196
Misc.                                  $800      $500      $500      $500      $500
Total Fixed                          $52,899   $81,182   $76,112   $77,565   $81,050

Total G&A                            $55,265   $84,731   $80,312   $82,254   $86,299

Key Financial Milestones
   • Secure $103,813 in start-up costs to purchase equipment, develop marketing materials and
      fund salary and material needs in the initial months;
   • Sell social catering events with 30 high-end cocktail parties with an average of 75 guests at
      an average price of $28 and 12 dinners with an average price of $40 per person and 40
      guests in year one; and,
   • Sell business catering events with 63 brunch/meetings per year at an average per person
      price of $15 for 20 people and 20 lunches at $25 per person and 25 people in year one.
      Over 60 meetings are already committed.

Start-Up Costs
Venture Catering needs $103,813 in investment capital, which includes tools and supplies, four
months of salaries, a full year of marketing costs, and four months of SG&A, plus some cash
reserves. This will allow the organization to maintain itself with positive cash flow for three years
as it moves into the black. A start-up budget is included in the supporting documents. PRY’s
Board of Directors has provided approval for launching Venture Catering. PRY has also committed
to raising the start-up funds to launch business and is approaching funders such as the Horace and
Amy Hagedorn Fund. PRY is exploring attaining loans designed for social purpose businesses.
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REVENUE                     Yr 1               Yr 2             Yr 3             Yr 4                Yr 5
Dinners                    19,200            28,800            38,520           44,298         50,943
Cocktails                  63,000            94,500           126,394          145,353        167,156
Lunch                      12,500            18,750            25,078           28,840         33,166
Brunch/Meeting             18,900            28,350            30,335           30,335         30,335
Ttl Catering              113,600   92%     170,400    92%    220,326   92%    248,825    92% 281,599       92%
Dinners                     1,536             2,304             2,880            3,312         3,809
Cocktails                   5,760             8,640            10,800           12,420        14,283
Lunch                           0                 0                 0                0             0
Brunch/Meeting                  0                 0                 0                0             0
Ttl Service                 7,296    6%      10,944     6%     13,680    6%     15,732     6% 18,092         6%
Transport Fee
Car/Van Svs                 2,366             3,549             4,200            4,688            5,250
Ttl Transport Fee           2,366    2%       3,549     2%      4,200    2%      4,688     2%     5,250      2%

TTL REVENUE               123,262   100%    184,893    100%   238,206   100%   269,245   100% 304,940       100%

EXPENSES                    Yr 1               Yr 2             Yr 3             Yr 4             Yr 5
Food Costs                 31,808   26%      46,008    25%     56,183   24%     59,718    22% 67,584        22%
Staff Costs
Apprentice Chef            12,642            19,342            23,629           27,085           31,126
Assist. Chef                    0                 0                 0                0                0
Sous Chef                   1,368             2,093             2,669            3,130            3,672
Youth Servers               3,192             4,884             6,227            7,304            8,568
Payroll Exp PT (10%)        1,720             2,632             3,252            3,752            4,337
Ttl Salary                 18,922   15%      28,951    16%     35,777   15%     41,271    15% 47,702        16%
Ttl Cost of Sales          50,730   41%      74,959    41%     91,960   39%    100,989    38% 115,286       38%
Catering Bus Mgr           48,000            48,960            49,939           50,938           51,957
Bus Dev Mgr                 6,000             6,120             4,000            4,080            4,162
Payroll Exp FT(20%)         9,600             9,792             9,988           10,188           10,391
Transportation              2,366             3,549             4,200            4,688            5,250
Administrative              6,000             6,120             6,242            6,367            6,495
Facility Maint.                0                600              612              624              637
Marketing                   7,399            10,308             3,831            3,848            5,868
Rent                       30,000            45,600            46,512           47,442           48,391
Telephone                    600                612              624              637              649
Supplies                    2,400             2,448             2,497            2,547            2,598
Linens                       900                918              936              955              974
Utilities                      0              6,000             6,120            6,242            6,367
Vent Cleaning                  0              1,980             2,020            2,060            2,101
Extermination                  0              1,200             1,224            1,248            1,273
Insurance                   4,800             4,896             4,994            5,094            5,196
Misc.                        800                500              500              500              500
Ttl SG&A                  118,865   96%     149,603    81%    144,239   61%    147,459    55% 152,809       50%
TTL EXPENSE               169,595           224,561           236,199          248,449          268,095
NET INCOME              ($46,333)          ($39,668)           $2,007          $20,797          $36,845
                            -38%               -21%               1%               8%              12%

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          Cash Flow Projections

      Year One
                                     Jan         Feb         Mar         Apr        May         Jun        Jul        Aug          Sep        Oct       Nov         Dec
Cash flow from operations:
      Cash at beginning of period   $103,813     $94,816     $90,955     $87,094    $83,233    $79,372     $75,511    $71,650     $67,789    $63,928    $60,067    $56,206
      Cash from Sales                 $5,136     $10,272     $10,272     $10,272    $10,272    $10,272     $10,272    $10,272     $10,272    $10,272    $10,272    $10,272
    Cash Provided by Operations     $108,949    $105,088    $101,227     $97,366    $93,505    $89,644     $85,783    $81,922     $78,061    $74,200    $70,339    $66,478
      Cash paid to Suppliers          (2,848)     (2,848)     (2,848)     (2,848)    (2,848)    (2,848)     (2,848)    (2,848)     (2,848)    (2,848)    (2,848)    (2,848)
      Wages and Salary
      Payments                        (1,577)     (1,577)     (1,577)     (1,577)    (1,577)    (1,577)     (1,577)    (1,577)     (1,577)    (1,577)    (1,577)    (1,577)
      Operating and Other             (9,708)     (9,708)     (9,708)     (9,708)    (9,708)    (9,708)     (9,708)    (9,708)     (9,708)    (9,708)    (9,708)    (9,708)
    Cash Disbursed                  ($14,133)   ($14,133)   ($14,133)   ($14,133) ($14,133) ($14,133)     ($14,133) ($14,133) ($14,133) ($14,133) ($14,133) ($14,133)

Net Cash flow from Operations        $94,816     $90,955     $87,094     $83,233    $79,372    $75,511     $71,650    $67,789     $63,928    $60,067    $56,206    $52,345

      YEAR 2
                                     Jan         Feb         Mar         Apr        May         Jun        Jul        Aug          Sep        Oct       Nov         Dec
Cash flow from operations:
      Cash at beginning of period    $52,345     $46,471     $43,165     $39,860    $36,554    $33,248     $29,942    $26,637     $23,331    $20,025    $16,720    $13,414
      Cash from Sales                 12,840      15,408      15,408      15,408     15,408     15,408      15,408     15,408      15,408     15,408     15,408     15,408
    Cash Provided by Operations      $65,184     $61,879     $58,573     $55,267    $51,962    $48,656     $45,350    $42,044     $38,739    $35,433    $32,127    $28,822
      Cash paid to Suppliers          (4,130)     (4,130)     (4,130)     (4,130)    (4,130)    (4,130)     (4,130)    (4,130)     (4,130)    (4,130)    (4,130)    (4,130)
      Wages and Salary
      Payments                        (2,413)     (2,413)     (2,413)     (2,413)    (2,413)    (2,413)     (2,413)    (2,413)     (2,413)    (2,413)    (2,413)    (2,413)
      Operating and Other            (12,171)    (12,171)    (12,171)    (12,171)   (12,171)   (12,171)    (12,171)   (12,171)    (12,171)   (12,171)   (12,171)   (12,171)
    Cash Disbursed                  ($18,713)   ($18,713)   ($18,713)   ($18,713) ($18,713) ($18,713)     ($18,713) ($18,713) ($18,713) ($18,713) ($18,713) ($18,713)

Net Cash flow from Operations        $46,471     $43,165     $39,860     $36,554    $33,248    $29,942     $26,637    $23,331     $20,025    $16,720    $13,414    $10,108

       YEAR 3
                                     Jan         Feb         Mar         Apr        May         Jun        Jul        Aug          Sep        Oct       Nov         Dec
Cash flow from operations:
      Cash at beginning of period    $10,108      $2,918      $3,085      $3,253     $3,420     $3,587      $3,754     $3,922      $4,089     $4,256     $4,423     $4,591
      Cash from Sales                 12,493      19,851      19,851      19,851     19,851     19,851      19,851     19,851      19,851     19,851     19,851     19,851
    Cash Provided by Operations      $22,601     $22,769     $22,936     $23,103    $23,270    $23,438     $23,605    $23,772     $23,939    $24,107    $24,274    $24,441
      Cash paid to Suppliers          (5,032)     (5,032)     (5,032)     (5,032)    (5,032)    (5,032)     (5,032)    (5,032)     (5,032)    (5,032)    (5,032)    (5,032)
      Wages and Salary
      Payments                        (2,981)     (2,981)     (2,981)     (2,981)    (2,981)    (2,981)     (2,981)    (2,981)     (2,981)    (2,981)    (2,981)    (2,981)
      Operating and Other            (11,670)    (11,670)    (11,670)    (11,670)   (11,670)   (11,670)    (11,670)   (11,670)    (11,670)   (11,670)   (11,670)   (11,670)
    Cash Disbursed                  ($19,683)   ($19,683)   ($19,683)   ($19,683) ($19,683) ($19,683)     ($19,683) ($19,683) ($19,683) ($19,683) ($19,683) ($19,683)

Net Cash flow from Operations         $2,918      $3,085      $3,253      $3,420     $3,587     $3,754      $3,922     $4,089      $4,256     $4,423     $4,591     $4,758

                                                                                                                                 PAGE 36 OF 39
Social Return on Investment

Retained Part-Time Employment in Catering Business:
   • Hire and train 5-20 youth annually for part time employment in catering business; and
   • At least 75% of the youth will complete one year of part-time employment annually.

Gain a Sense of Professionalism and "Soft-Skills" That can Transfer to Future Employment:
   • Apprentice Chefs will understand workplace culture and etiquette;
   • Apprentice Chefs develop time management skills: punctuality, attendance and efficiency;
   • Apprentice Chefs have enhanced communication and customer service skills; and,
   • Apprentice Chefs become more able to work independently.

Enhance Culinary and Service Skills:
   • Apprentice Chefs will improve knife skills, kitchen organization, presentation/serving skills.

Pursue Higher/Continuing Education:
   • At least 40% of the Apprentice Chefs each year will make plans to attend college, culinary
       institute or vocational training.

Prepare to Conduct a Job Search:
   • Apprentice Chefs will learn to write cover letters and update resume;
   • Apprentice Chefs will receive professional reference from chef; and
   • Apprentice Chefs will develop self-confidence needed to successfully interview for

Develop Money Management Skills and Take Steps Toward Financial Independence:
   • At least 75% of the Apprentice Chefs will open bank accounts

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                          VIII. Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan

Risks and Strategies for Mitigation
Venture Catering has taken steps to minimize the risks associated with opening a catering business.
In addition, the staff has anticipated several potential issues and proposed mitigation strategies.

   •   Youth Staffing – Venture Catering will be composed primarily of youth that have been
       trained through Project Venture Culinary Arts Training Program. If the commitment and
       dedication of these participants is lacking or other issues hinder the ability of the youth to
       follow a work schedule the business may have difficulty servicing the catering orders.

       Strategy for mitigation: The selection process will be key. Venture Catering will hire only
       the most highly trained and motivated among the Project Venture trainees. Furthermore, the
       Apprentice Chefs will be treated as employees not participants, with the expectations and
       demands of any place of employment. Venture Catering will offer Apprentice Chefs
       incentives to complete the year. Such incentives would include: professional reference
       letter, “graduation” dinner or ceremony for cohort that are moving on, graduation award of
       professional knife set to take to their next position, and the potential to move into a senior
       position within the business. In addition, PRY will offer support services to the youth,
       particularly counseling services as needed. If necessary, PRY can offer additional culinary
       trainings in order to prepare larger numbers of youth annually.

   •   Difficulty identifying a kitchen space – Venture Catering continues to explore possible
       permanent kitchen options including leasing existing restaurant spaces but has had difficulty
       identifying a facility within our budget limitations. Venture Catering has been able to
       continue taking catering jobs by paying a local restaurant per day to use its kitchen.
       However, this temporary arrangement makes the operation more difficult since it does not
       provide for the storage of food and equipment.

       Strategy for mitigation: Venture Catering can mitigate the operational difficulties of a
       temporary facility through transportable storage units. In addition, Venture Catering is
       exploring a sharing a kitchen with another business to lower facilities costs for both
       businesses. Compatible businesses such as bakeries or cake makers would complement
       rather than compete for business and would have different production schedules and times
       in the kitchen.

   •   Low Sales - Venture Catering has conservatively estimated its sales projections and growth
       rates. These estimates are based on success of our marketing strategy, obtaining repeat
       customers, and securing food service contracts for regular meetings/events.

       Strategy for mitigation: PRY will closely monitor catering sales to ensure that projections
       are on track. If sales are low, costs will also go down since most expenses are variable
       including youth salaries, food costs and rent for the kitchen. In the first year, the kitchen will
       be leased on a per diem basis depending on sales volume.

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   •   Consistent Product Quality - Venture Catering may have difficulty in attaining these goals if
       there is inconsistency.

       Strategy for mitigation: Venture Catering has hired a highly skilled Business Manager who
       will be supported by Assistant Chefs that can also supervise food production, presentation
       and service. Further, Venture Catering is hiring the most successful graduates from the
       training program. Efforts to cross train staff will also ensue that more than one person can
       perform the same job and provide consistency.

   •   High Employment Turnover Rates: PRY is committed to using Venture Catering as vehicle
       to train youth and, to increase these opportunities, will limit employment to one-year in the
       entry-level position.

       Strategies for mitigation: A high employee turnover rate is a standard in the food service
       industry. Venture Catering provides a thoughtful process for providing youth with work
       experience while retaining enough trained employees to run the business. Every four
       months, 25% of its entry level workforce or 2-4 new employees (will vary as business
       grows) will join the business with a similar number moving on to new positions supported
       by our job referral services. In addition, advancement opportunities will enable some youth
       employees to continue with Venture Catering providing further consistency.

PRY and Project Venture have completed a successful pilot business and are excited to launch
Venture Catering, a social purpose caterer, employing at-risk youth in Brooklyn. The business has a
sustainable model for both creating strong social and financial outcomes. Venture Catering is
focused on its double bottom line, ensuring a supportive work environment for the youth involved
in the program. Excess income will be used to provide cash for the business and to support other
PRY programs.

PRY seeks to develop a profitable, social purpose business that will allow the organization to
enhance its capacity to serve youth in Brooklyn. Venture Catering will allow PRY to better fulfill
its youth development mission as well as provide a new source of revenue for the organization. As
a leading youth development agency with experience in the culinary arts, and with a successful
pilot project completed, PRY is now dedicated to launching Venture Catering as a full-time,
licensed catering business serving top-quality elegant food at a reasonable price to Brooklyn
residents and local institutions.

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                   Supporting Documents
•   Start-Up Costs
•   Marketing Budget
•   Balance Sheets
•   Business Manager Job Description
•   Business Manager Resume (Pete Solomita)
•   Business Development Manager Job Description
•   Business Development Manager Resume (Liz Schnee)
•   Venture Catering Tax Identification Document
•   Venture Catering Board of Director Resumes
        o Michael Ayoub
        o John D. Fowler
        o Irene LoRe
        o Barbara McTiernan
        o Grace Wilner
•   Focus Group Questions
•   Sample Menus
•   Customer Satisfaction Surveys
•   Market Survey Results
Project Youth Reach
Venture Catering


Tools and Supplies
 Supplies                             $30,000

 4 months of salaries and benefits     $6,307

Marketing Materials
 Year One Marketing expenses           $7,399

 4 months of SG&A                     $37,155
 3 months of Cost of Food              $7,952

Cash Reserves                         $15,000

Total Investment Needs               $103,813
Project Youth Reach
Venture Catering
                                                Year 1     Year 2    Year 3
Cash and cash equivalents                        52,345     10,108     4,758
Accounts receivable                               5,136      7,704    15,061
Inventories                               10%       265        383       468
Prepaid Expenses                                    712      1,032     1,258

          Total current assets                   58,458     19,228    21,545

Property & Eqpt.                                 30,000     24,000 18,000
Accum. Depreciation                                   0     (6,000) (12,000)
          TOTAL ASSETS                           88,458     37,228 27,545

Accounts Payable                                 11,940     15,442    16,383
Long Term Liabilities                                 0          0         0
Unearned revenue                                  3,390      5,085     6,551

          Total liabilities                      15,329     20,526    22,933

Retained Earnings                               (46,333)   (86,001) (83,994)
Shareholders Equity                             119,461    102,703 88,606

          Total liabilities and capital          88,458     37,228    27,545
Marketing Budget
Project Youth Reach
Venture Catering

                                Yr 1     Yr 2     Yr 3     Yr 4     Yr 5
1) Social - Dinners Cocktails
 Tasting Events
   Wine Tastings                 1,200    1,200        0        0        0
   Grand Army Plaza                300      300      300      300      300
   Local Party Planners          1,000    1,000        0        0    1,000
 Mailings to PRY list              210      210      210      210      210
 Brooklyn Eats                            1,000    1,000    1,000    1,000
Subtotal                         2,710    3,710    1,510    1,510    2,510

2) Business - Lunch Meetings
 Nonprofit Mailing                 250      250       0        0        0
 Tastings                        1,000    1,000     200      200      200
Subtotal                         1,250    1,250     200      200      200

3) Renewal/Cust. Cultivation
 Thank you letter                  63       94      105      114      124
 Event Mailings                   100      100      100      100      100
Subtotal                          163      194      205      214      224

 Brochure Design                   600                        600
 Brochure Printing                 750                        750
 Website Hosting                   288     288      288       288     288
Subtotal                         1,638     288      288     1,638     288

Ttl Marketing                    7,399   10,308    3,831    3,848    5,868
                                      Venture Catering, LLC

Title: Business Manager

The Business Manager will report to the Venture Catering Advisory Board.

Summary of basic function:
    Responsible for day-to-day operations of Venture Catering. This includes scheduling,
    planning and staffing all events, working closely with the Executive Chef, hiring and
    managing the youth, and maintaining financial records.

Main duties:

•   Determine day-to-day catering arrangements with clients to ensure good working relationship.
•   Work with chef to plan menus to contract specifications.
•   Supervise the purchase and storage of food to ensure compliance with company standards and
    legal requirements.
•   Keep all accounting records on takings and expenses to ensure accurate returns.
•   Manage and hire staff to ensure good cover and required delivery of service.

Supervisory duties:
Supervise approximately 13 staff, including assistant. These will include both kitchen staff and
front-of-house staff.

Management qualifications up to degree level, basic food hygiene. Must have people management
Elizabeth Schnee
296 East Fourth Street
Brooklyn, New York 11218
  A seasoned and multi-talented professional with over twenty years of experience helping
  non-profits develop innovative programs; identify and maximize resources; train and
  develop staff; and acquire and refine skills and tools to better serve their communities and
  constituents. A creative manager with strong organizational skills and a wide range of
  experience in youth development, health and sexuality education and counseling,
  HIV/AIDS prevention, career readiness, and social purpose business development.


                                Master of Public Health
     Hunter College, New York, NY. 1987. Essie Lee Award for Public Health Field Work.

                                       Bachelor of Arts
                              Tufts University, Medford, MA. 1982

  3/97 – Present      Project Reach Youth, Inc., Brooklyn, New York
  Coordinator Project Venture Youth Entrepreneurship & Culinary Arts Program
  Researched, designed, raise funds for, and coordinate an innovative and highly successful career
  development culinary arts training that prepares out-of-school youth for careers in the food
  industry. Responsible for identifying and supervising culinary arts internships and assisting
  participants find and maintain employment. Supervised the chef and culinary arts team.

  Acting Business Manager Venture Catering LLC
  With a pre-development grant from Seedco, led non-profit in the development of a social
  purpose catering business, an outgrowth of Project Venture Culinary Arts Program. Coordinated
  a team that conducted a feasibility study and developed a comprehensive business plan.

  HIV/AIDS Prevention Trainer of Trainers
  Designed and co-facilitated Developing HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programs, a 10-week
  training for staff of youth agencies in communities of color in New York City.

  HIV/AIDS Prevention Specialist
  Provided technical assistance and training in HIV/AIDS and Adolescents, to Brooklyn
  Psychiatric Hospital staff based at a school-based health clinic at Erasmus Hall High School.

  Assistant Director Adolescent Services
  Participated in agency management team. Assisted the Director with day-to-day operation of
  freestanding youth center that serves over 300 youth, ages 12 - 21. Responsible for writing grant
  proposals and reports. Supervised health-related after school programs including a replication of
  the nationally recognized, Carrerra-Dempsey teen pregnancy prevention model.

  Coordinator Project SAFE Peer Education Program
  Supervised Brooklyn’s first and largest HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and youth violence
  prevention peer education program. Raised funds for and managed over $650,000 of State and
  City contract and private foundation grants. Supervised eight bachelor and master level full time
  and two part time program staff.
10/01 – present    Community Resource Exchange, New York, New York

HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Consultant
Assist community based organizations in communities of color to integrate HIV prevention into
their mission and programs. Services include: resource development, staff training, program
planning, and grant writing.

9/03 – present     IMANI HOUSE, Inc., Brooklyn, New York

HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Consultant
Assist small community-based organization integrate HIV/AIDS prevention into existing
programs. Working with the Executive Director to secure funding, train staff, document
curriculum and develop print and electronic educational materials.

12/01 – 12/02      Inwood House, New York, New York

Curriculum Developer
Updated and revised a model teen pregnancy prevention curriculum implemented at middle
schools and high schools throughout New York City and in New Jersey. Integrated youth
development strategies into the curriculum and worked with social workers to document their
unique group work approach.

12/96 – 5/98       Manhattan Country School, New York, New York

Sexuality Educator
Designed and taught comprehensive sixth and seventh grade sexuality education curricula at a
private middle school.

5/88 – 12/95       Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, New York, New York

HIV/AIDS Peer Education Coordinator
Designed curriculum and facilitated New York City’s first HIV/AIDS peer education project.
Collaborated with STAR Theatre, a youth performing arts company that addressed HIV/AIDS
and adolescent health and sexuality, on the development of a behavior change workshop series
that was implemented in high schools throughout the City. Provided technical assistance on
developing HIV peer education programs to agencies citywide and nationally.

Senior Health Educator
Participated in an interdisciplinary team that developed the clinic’s HIV/AIDS Prevention and
Treatment Program. Responsibilities included designing HIV risk assessment and HIV
counseling and testing protocols and HIV health education materials. Provided pre and post test
HIV counseling. Co-facilitated a weekly support group for young people living with HIV/AIDS.
Supervised four health educators and two community outreach workers. Assisted with grant
writing. Represented the Adolescent Health Center at various citywide networks.

1/87 – 6/95 Hunter College Center on AIDS, Drugs and Community Health, New York, NY

Trainer of Trainers
Provided HIV/AIDS training for health and social service professionals at health centers and
community-based organizations throughout New York City.
 6/87 – 12/89        Hunter College School of Health Sciences, New York, New York

 Adjunct Professor School of Public Health
 Designed and co-taught graduate level electives in HIV/AIDS and community health.

 6/84 – 5/88 The Door, New York, New York

  Sexual Health and Awareness Counselor
  Provided individual and group health education and counseling at a health clinic within a multi-
  service center for adolescents. Provided pregnancy options counseling and health education to
  pregnant and parenting teens. Worked on an interdisciplinary team to develop agency’s HIV risk
  assessment and counseling and testing protocols.

  6/85 – 8/85 Delmarva Rural Ministries, Princess Anne, Maryland

  Health Educator
  Designed and implemented first health education program for migrant farm workers. Part of an
  interdisciplinary team that provided health care at migrant labor camps. Translated for Spanish
  speaking patients.

  1/83 – 2/84 Children’s Health Service, New York, New York

  Caseworker Family Day Care Program
  Provided crisis intervention and casework services to low-income families in a family day care
  program. Supervised and trained family day care providers

                             PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

  5/90 – 5/98 AIDS and Adolescents Network of New York, New York, New York

  Director, Board of Directors
  Founding member of a citywide network of adolescent service providers, youth and others
  concerned about the HIV epidemic and young people. Co-Chair and active member of Board
  committees that: founded youth committee, authored HIV Counseling and Testing guidelines,
  began annual Youth Advocacy Day. Participated actively in strategic planning from pre-funding
  phase through closing of network.


             Lee, Jacalyn, Schnee, Elizabeth and Freudenberg, Nicholas: Counseling and
             Education for the Prevention of AIDS: A Training Course for Health and Social
             Service Workers; July 1988; Center for Community Action to Prevent AIDS; Hunter
             College School of Health Sciences; City University of New York.

             Karlson, Kathe, Schnee, Elizabeth, Kunreuther, Frances, and Haymes, Richard; HIV
             Counseling and Testing and Adolescents: Policy Issues and Practical Guidelines;
             February 1992; AIDS and Adolescents Network of New York.
                                     Venture Catering, LLC

Title: Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager will report to the Venture Catering Advisory Board.

Summary of basic function:
    Marketing Venture Catering and responsible to for business development of catering jobs
    for both social events and business functions. This includes executing marketing plans
    including tasting events, promotional events, and building strategic alliances. Position will
    also serve to coordinate training of the student through PRY’s Project Venture culinary arts
    program and the social purpose business, Venture Catering, LLC.

Main duties:

•   Implement marketing and promotional strategies.
•   Work with Business Manager to secure new clients.
•   Serve as primary link from with PRY’s Project Venture and Venture Catering.
•   Coordinating training of Venture Catering students through Project Venture’s Culinary Arts
    Training Program.
•   Manage and hire staff to ensure good cover and required delivery of service.

Management qualifications up to degree level, familiarity with catering industry and market in
                                           Peter E. Solomita
                                  154 16th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    •   Create organic, health supportive whole foods meals with a variety of ethnic flavor points.
    •   Knowledge of cooking techniques, use and preparations of grains, beans, vegetables, poultry,
        fish, soy products, soups, stews, stocks and sauces, pasta, pizza, bread and desserts.
    •   Ability to plan a healthful balanced meal including recipe development, costing, preparation,
        and presentation.
    •   Familiar with a variety of theoretical approaches to diet, nutrition, and health.


Natural Gourmet Cookery School, Chef’s Training Program , NYC (2003)

Venture Catering, LLC, Brooklyn 11/03-Present
Business Manager working as a part-time consultant to help build Venture Catering, a new
catering company for Project Reach Youth, Inc. (PRY), a community-based organization in
Brooklyn. Venture Catering is a company that will hire teens who have graduated from PRY's
culinary arts/job readiness program Project Venture. Involved in all facets of a start up business
including: writing and designing human resource materials, marketing materials, contracts and
customer intake sales forms, menu and recipe development and costing, prospecting for kitchen
space, employee recruitment and training, and market research.

C.H.I.P.S. Soup Kitchen, Brooklyn 11/03-Present
Fulfillment of membership to Park Slope Food Co-op, working one shift every four weeks in soup
kitchen, providing lunch for approximately one hundred community members in need. Duties
have included supervision of volunteer staff (over ten), designing of menu using leftovers,
donated canned and packaged food, as well as produce and food items that the Co-op cannot
sell, food prep and execution of lunch.

Project Venture, Project Reach Youth, Brooklyn 6/03-9/03
Part-time chef instructor teaching low-income teens in a culinary arts/job readiness program.
Designed and implemented new curriculum for advanced students and upgraded catering menu.

Tuller Premium Foods, 199 Court Street, Brooklyn 4/03-8/03
Full time chef for a gourmet shop that sells in-house prepared foods, cheeses and charcuteries.
Executed vegetable side dishes, vegetarian entrées, chicken, fish, meat, sandwiches and wraps,
salads, dressings, and cookies for in-house and catering. Brought in catering jobs, developed and
executed menus for catering. Developed new recipes and scaled and edited existing recipes.
Ordered produce, meat and fish and did inventory.

Dish Restaurant, 165 Allen Street, New York City Winter 2003
Intern under the direction of Chef/Owner Cheryl Perry and Executive Chef James Fetterman, a
comfort food restaurant seating 62 people and an onsite/offsite catering company. Gained
experience in preparation of menu items and specials, garde manger, line and plating. Assisted
cooking staff with three onsite catering events and one offsite.

Counter Restaurant, 105 First Avenue, New York City Winter 2003
Intern under the direction of Chef Richard Pierce. A vegan restaurant and organic wine bar, with
an upscale diner atmosphere and menu, seating 72 people. Performed a range of culinary tasks
including the preparation of menu items, inventory of supplies, office duties and other tasks
related to grand opening.
Project Venture, Project Reach Youth, Brooklyn Winter 2003
Intern under the direction of Chef Andrea Martin and Program Director Liz Schnee. Venture is a
culinary arts/job readiness program for teens from low-income families. Assisted Chef Instructor
in all phases of instruction for fourteen teens. Gained teaching experience as a guest instructor,
chose topic (pizza making), created agenda, recipes and all phases of class.

Community Supporting Agriculture, Healthy Heart Program at St. Vincent’s Hospital Fall 2002
Volunteer. Provided food demonstrations for members of an organic produce club.

  • Over 15 years of management experience. Hiring & firing, training, and supervising small staffs of
     not for profit organizations and music distribution company.
  • Production of special events including fundraising, entertainment, media and community events.
  • Public speaking at award ceremonies, fundraising and community outreach events, board meetings,
     and interviews for television and radio regarding organization profile.
  • Good people skills, ability to work with a diverse population.
  • Sales, purchasing of supplies and inventory control.

Groovalicious Entertainment Services, LLC 4/02-present
Founding President of Corporation that provides entertainment services including private cooking
and instruction, catering, disc jockey, live music and bartending services for events, private
parties, restaurant and clubs and charities.

LIFEbeat, The Music Industry Fights AIDS, New York City, NY 4/97-present
Program Director. Supervised and managed programs including an HIV/AIDS prevention and
education outreach program at concert venues nationally and a program that brings live music to
people living with AIDS.

The Associated Blind, Inc. New York City, N.Y. 10/89-4/97
Manager, WTAB Radio Station and Audio Resource Center

Vercesi Hardware, New York City, NY 9/81-8/85, 6/86-6/89
Sales and purchasing.

Greenworld Distribution, Torrance CA 2/85-6/86
East Cost Office Manager for music label and distribution company.

Baruch College, CUNY/ Bachelor of Arts in Management of Musical Enterprises (6/83)

Board President, The Rebecca Center for Music Therapy
527 First Street                                                                                    718-965-0037(W)
Brooklyn, NY 11215                                                                                   917-755-2831(C)

2003 – Present    Baycrest Capital, LLC                                                                  Bellport, NY
                   Managing Director
                   Founded private equity investment and advisory firm

2001 – 2003       Large Scale Biology Corporation                                                       NY and CA
                    President and Member of Board of Directors
                    Repositioned opportunity-rich, cash-constrained biotechnology company. Focused
                    company on near-term opportunities, restructured business development (closed over 15
                    deals, versus virtually no deals the previous 3 years), reprioritized R&D and product
                    portfolio, reduced cash burn rate by over $11 million, established operating business
                    units with accountability and streamlined other operating areas

1998 – 2001      J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated                                                           New York, NY
                     Managing Director, Health Care Group – Investment Banking
                     Joined as Head of Health Care Services. Expanded health care banking practice from
                     traditional base of pharma and biotech clients to the services sector including hospitals,
                     nursing homes, HMOs, PPMs, HCIT and distribution companies

1986 – 1998       Salomon Brothers Inc                                                                   New York, NY

1992 - 1998          Managing Director and Head, Health Care Group - Investment Banking
                     Founded health care group, which originated and closed over 200 mergers,
                     acquisitions, equity, debt, high-yield and advisory assignments and transactions.
                     Expanded group from 3 bankers in New York to a team of over 65 health care
                     professionals in banking, M&A, equity and high-yield research, capital markets
                     and credit with offices in New York, London, Chicago and Tokyo

       1992          Vice President, Internal Consultant to Investment Banking Operating Committee

1986 - 1992          Vice President, Home Building Products and Furniture Group

1992              Wheat First Securities                                                                 Richmond, VA
                   Managing Director, Head of Furniture and General Industrial Group

1985 – 1986       4th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals                                                   Charlottesville, VA
                     Student Clerk to the Hon. J. Harvie Wilkinson

1979 - 1982       Jefferson National Bank, Assistant Vice President                                      Charlottesville, VA


2002 – Present    Beverly Enterprises, Inc., Board Member                                                Ft. Smith, AR
                    Fortune 500 public nursing home operator. Chairman, Finance and M&A
                    Committee, Chairman-Elect, Nominating and Compensation Committee,
                    Member, Audit Committee

2001 – 2003       Large Scale Biology Corporation, Board Member                                          Vacaville, CA

1999 – 2001       Optical Dynamics Corp., Board Member                                                   Louisville, KY

2001 – Present    Project Reach Youth, Board Member                                                      Brooklyn, NY


1986                 J.D., University of Virginia School of Law                                          Charlottesville, VA

1984/86              M.B.A., University of Virginia Graduate School                                      Charlottesville, VA
                     of Business Administration (The Darden School)
1979                 B.A., History, University of Virginia                                               Charlottesville, VA
9229 SHORE ROAD | APT. # 3E | BROOKLYN | NEW YORK | 11209 | | CELL:347-446-8521
PROFILE: Highly motivated and creative professional with a focus on bottom-line results. Proven
entrepreneur, chef and business leader who is innovative, sets high standards and exceeds goals. A
culinary business leader who has the vision and the honed shills to design and implement a new
food service program, which is nutritious, tasty, ‘kid-friendly & kid-cool’ and cost effective, for the
City of New York public school system, and will be transferable to school systems across the

    • Successfully instituted a ‘Healthy Choice’ menu plan for students in a private school
    • Demonstrated culinary abilities & business skills by running high acclaimed restaurants
    • Implemented the first ever food service operation in two major cultural institutions
    • Trained for press work: TV (studio & remote), interviews and culinary demonstrations

1999-Present    Student Food Corporation | Executive chef/Owner             Brooklyn, New York
      • Instituted a ‘Healthy Choice’ menu plan for students in the Xaverian High School,
      • Pioneered a healthy & cost effective approach to school meals by utilizing a culinary
          approach and twenty-six years of experiences as an executive chef

1992-2002    Hospital food Corporation | Executive Chef/Owner             Brooklyn, New York
      • Created a food service program for the Lutheran Medical Center community
      • Offered and created a variety of healthy menus for a multi-ethnic audience
      • Maintained New York City Board of Heath standards in an informal kitchen facility

1990-2001       Cucina Restaurant | Executive Chef/Owner                  Brooklyn, New York
      • Conceived, built and operated a highly acclaimed Italian restaurant
      • Received and maintained top ratings from Zagat’s Survey & The New York Times - 2
      • Media experience with TV: NBC, ABC, CBS, WB11, Disney Channel; and print: The
          New York Times, Daily News, Crain’s, NY Post, Newsday, New York Magazine
      • Off-premises large-scale catering: Brooklyn Bridge Birthday, Statue of Liberty, NY

1995-2001      Mike & Tony’s | Executive Chef/Owner                    Brooklyn, New York
      • Conceived, built and operated a highly acclaimed steakhouse
      • Received and maintained top ratings from Zagat’s Survey, Daily News & New York

1995-1999     Brooklyn Academy of Music | Executive Chef                       Brooklyn, New York
      • Conceived and implemented the first ever food service plan.

1987-1990      Waters Edge Restaurant | Executive Chef            Long Island City, New York
      • Maintained responsibility for 265-seat restaurant, 400-seat on & off-premises catering
1976          Culinary training in the classic French style and extensive apprenticeships
1995-1998      Society Culinary Philanthropic Awards: Buffet, Plate, Dishes & Blown Sugar
1995/1999      Man of the Year - Brooklyn College 1995; Project Reach Youth 1999
                                    IRENE LORE
1979 MBA   Baruch College, New York City
1969 MA    Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City
1963 BS    St. John’s University, Queens, New York

2000-Present Adjunct Professor of Management and Entrepreneurial Policy,
             Pace University Graduate School

1998-present   Management Consultant to small and medium sized companies in
               Entrepreneurial strategies, management and sales training,
               marketing, speech writing and coaching.

1982-Present A principal in six entrepreneurial ventures over the last nineteen years surviving
             interest rates of 16%, three mayors, two recessions, labor cuts and shortages.

               As co-owner of Aunt Suzie’s Restaurant which opened in 1987,
               I am still involved in its marketing and management over site.

1968-1982      Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Held several corporate
               positions ranging from first line supervisor in a large
               textile company to vice president of a medium sized insurance
               company where I was responsible for a multi-million dollar
               budget and managed a staff of over a hundred.

               After six months of being named the Director, I was able to turn around
               a chain of eye glass stores to profitability though intensive sales training
               and refocusing the company to a top line emphasis and reducing expenses.

1967-1968      New York City secondary school teacher.
1965-1967      Peace Corps Volunteer in Cartagema, Columbia in a training
               program to prepare secondary school teachers for the classroom.
1963-1965      New York City secondary school teacher.


•   Chairperson of Community Board Six in Brooklyn
•   Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
•   Serve on the Business Committee of the Prospect Park Alliance
•   Member of the Fifth Avenue Merchants Association
                                     Grace Wilner, Ph.D.
                                       594 THIRD STEET
                                      BOOKLYN, NY 11215
                                       TEL. (718) 768-1262
                                       FAX. (718)788-5636


NAME: Grace Wilner, Ph.D.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Colombia, S.A.

EDUCATION: Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Long Island University.
           Post-Doctoral Certificate in Psychology and Psychoanalysis,
           New York University.


Private psychotherapy practice, 1992-present. This work consists of
a) Psychological evaluations in English and Spanish with inner city children and adolescents
b) Supervision of psychologists in their work with adolescents in group homes.
c) Supervision of social workers in charge of conducting group work with the parents of
adolescents in group homes.
d) Group trainings of Spanish-speaking foster parents in a variety of areas, such as: teaching pre-
school skills to their foster children, helping them to learn and understand developmental issues
with children evolving into adolescence, teaching them appropriate anger management skills, etc.


                        Board Member of Project Reach Youth since 1998.
                                 BARBARA McTIERNAN
                                  607 SECOND STREET
                               BROOKLYN NEW YORK11215
                                      (718) 499-4113


New York City Department of Parks & Recreation/Prospect Park Alliance
     July 2002 to the present         Senior Vice President for External Affairs
     July 1995-June 2002...........Vice President for development, marketing and concessions
     July 1992-June 1995............Director of Development
     July 1990-1992....................Director of Volunteers, Prospect Park
     July 1988-June 1990............Co-coordinator of Special Projects Prospect Park

Berkeley Business School, New York New York
       December 1987-June 1988 Admissions Assistant

Mc Tiernan/Kahn Catering
      October 1980-October 1987-Co-partner in catering and party planning business.

Catholic Charities of New York
       June 1968-June 1971-Social Worker Department of Family Services


   • Vice Chair of Park Slope Volunteer Ambulance Corp.
   • Chair of Second Street Block Association
   • Member Junior League of Brooklyn

Prior Service:
    • Trustee and past President of the Park Slope Civic Council.
    • Past Vice President Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment.
    • Brooklyn Museum Community Committee past Vice President and Chair of their Ball.
    • Past Vice President at PTA’s of PS 321, Regis High School and the Dillon Center for

Park Slope Civic Council Volunteer of Year-1983. Park Slope Civic Council Community
Service Award 1989. ROSAS Community Service Award 1989. Junior League of Brooklyn
Service Award 1984.

BA Boston College (Newton College of the Sacred Heart) Newton Massachusetts.
Degree in Political Science June 1968.

Married with three children. Thirty-year resident of Brooklyn.
                                   Project Reach Youth, Inc.
                                   VENTURE CATERING
                                    Focus Group Questions

Please give your honest responses to these questions. Your input will assist PRY as we consider
opening a social purpose catering business. If we decide to move forward with the business, your
feedback and suggestions will help us refine our products and services to meet the needs and
interests of businesses, community organizations and individuals that live or work in Park Slope
or the neighborhoods in Brooklyn that surround PRY.

   1. When choosing a caterer, what are some of the things you look for? Which of these
      qualities are most important?
      • Flexibility will customize menus, host can supply some of menu other part catered,
         caterer that can augment family favorites so host doesn’t do everything.
      • Moderately priced options many CBOs and schools have parties, meetings, events
         looking for good food, finger food, easily eaten, familiar foods
      • Convenience want to know that things will be taken care of, drop off, set up, serve food
         and drinks
      • Party Set-up help hosts maximize space in homes for large parties. Move furniture and
         set party space up.
      • Price especially with organizations on limited budget.
      • Present range of budget options
      • Consider not including Alcoholic beverages
      • Need to figure out how to handle equipment rentals or provide referrals
      • Get 3 bids with vendors. They will negotiate

   2. For what types of events have/do you use a caterer?
      • Dinner Parties for 6 – 10 people
      • PTA events dinner/dance at PS 321 over 200 people
      • Principals holiday and year-end parties
      • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
      • Holiday parties – Thanksgiving, Seders, Fish Dinner on 12/24 may heave people pick
         food up
      • Cocktail Parties
      • Fund Raisers

   3. How often do you seek catering services or attend catered events?
      • We host 2- 3 parties/year at our home for over 100 people
      • I go to parties 3X a month
      • Once a month
      • We go to a lot of events

   4. Based on your knowledge of your community, which catering services do you think
      your local community would be most interested in?
      • Buffet meals with service
      • Sit-down, served meals
      • Cocktail parties, passed hors d’oeuvres and stationery platters
      • Meals or refreshments delivered to site but not served
      • Holiday foods (Thanksgiving, Passover etc.)
      • Picnic packages
      • Gift baskets
      • Other
5. Which of the aforementioned services, if any, stand out as particularly unique business
opportunities that you think your community would support? Why?
   • Holiday foods – Seders, Thanksgiving – miss when Cucina used to do that, maybe
      Christmas Eve fish dinners
   • Dinner parties – drop off or with service

6. As you can see from our sample menu, our students prepare intricate, gourmet dishes
using high quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are comparable to items you might
find on the menu at an upscale restaurant. Do you think there is a demand is for high-end
catering in your community? What makes you say, “yes” or “no”?
    • Yes there is some demand but important to have a moderate end for schools &
       community organizations
    • There is a high demand for catering. Drop a small ad in the New Yorker, “Socially
       Conscious Catering” could get you booked solid.
    • Host an event for event/party planners to showcase food and services

7. Assuming all else was comparable, (food quality and taste, service, presentation,
cleanliness etc.) would you be willing to pay comparable market prices for food prepared
by a social purpose business?
    • There’s good food a lot of places – would pay more b/c of Social mission
    • I would pay comparable prices – 2 responses
    • Schools probably looking to pay less.
    • Most people in community would probably pay market prices

8. Do other high-end caterers that serve your community provide service along with food?
Is the option of service a selling point? Why or why not?

9. Do you think we should consider expanding our repertoire to include some simpler
menu options that cost less? To what market in your community would a scaled down
menu appeal? For scaled down, more simple catering, who do you use?
    • Keep the high-end but definitely include simpler – less expensive options

10. How, if at all, would the social purpose of our proposed business affect/influence
potential customers?
    • Big time – sell social purpose ahead of the food.
    • Food is good enough to sell on its own but the social purpose adds value.
    • Be careful about using “social purpose” could be confusing.

11. Do you think there is a niche for a social purpose catering business in Brooklyn?
    See above responses

12. Given that we are working with young people, what if any, are your concerns?
    • All about how you introduce the work, sell it as helping the community.
    • Present youth wearing chef hats, jackets and aprons looks professional.
    • Maybe include youth when talking to potential client.
    • Need to package kids.
    • Every time I have seen PRY youth at an event they have been very nicely turned out in
    • Age not a factor, presentation is
    • Plenty of rude adults
13. What are some advantages/disadvantages of advertising the social purpose of our
    • No disadvantages raised.

14. If we decide to advertise the social purpose nature of the business, how would you
recommend we do that?
    • Don’t use term social purpose. The point is you are working with youth.
    • Come from angle as “socially conscious” as part of the sales pitch.

15. For example, our slogan could be, “Great Food for a Great Purpose” or we include the
social purpose information in fine print at the back of our menu?

16. Based on your knowledge of your community, what are some effective ways we could
market/advertise our social purpose catering business?
    Distribute menus door-to-door              Mail menus to agency supporters
    Place menus at local stores                Post menus on agency web page
    Advertise in local newspapers              Distribute “tastes” on the street
    Other :
       • Target all non-profits in area- churches, synagogues, schools; try to find someone
            who can give you an entrée.
       • Write own add in local Brooklyn papers, but need to pay for advertisement.
       • Brooklyn section of Brooklyn edition of Daily News
       • Direct mail campaigns to local organizations
       • Through Park Slope civic council – leaflet at baseball opening day parade to over
            2,000 people.
       • Through local police precincts
       • Community Board meetings
       • Get Marty Markowitz’s events coordinator to promote you (see Lisa Dempsey for
            that contact).
       • Become an approved caterer for Prospect Park Picnic House
            (see Barbara Mc Tiernan)
       • Become an approved caterer for School District #15 ( see Mark Naison his wife is
            principal of PS 321)
       • Include a glossy shot of sumptuous food
       • Word of mouth referrals is how Park Slope people do things.
       • Target Superintendent’s lunches at schools
       • Target Brooklyn Parents’ magazines
       • Food sections in local publications

17. What additional advice and suggestions can you offer?
    • Spicy finger foods
    • Comfort foods, don’t hesitate to offer fried chicken
    • Define menu selections better like “Brooklyn Bouillabaisse”
    • Offer more meat and pork options
    • Baby lamb chops
    • Price should include food and service
    • Break down menus by price-provide options within a price range. Set up menus by cost
      per guest.
•   Think about serving etiquette. Have someone from high-end restaurant come to train
    students in service.
•   Contact Montauk Club (Berkeley Place in Park Slope) food there is appalling.
•   Keep in mind cost and effort of preparing small dinner parties may be close to that of a
    cocktail party or buffet for larger group
•   Might want to incorporate a Zen; like approach “ease of mind” when others do the
    cooking. Hand out food photos at Grand Army Plaza train station to tired moms who are
    responsible for their family’s food and social lives.
•   Set up booths at street festivals Seventh Heaven.
•   Set up a tasting booth on Seventh Ave. and give out free tastes
•   Offer range of food options not just veggie stuff
•   Market ability to prepare foods that accommodate clients dietary needs, i.e. Healthy
    heart, vegetarian
•   Once word gets out there will be enough business
•   Meet with party planners at Perfect Parties, Perfect Setting on Atlantic Ave and Court
    St. to try to have them promote catering company.
•   Link with other businesses in community to cross-refer clients for example wine store,
    rental companies etc.
•   Always get three bids to find the least expensive and get others to negotiate down.
•   Offer more meat, veal or pork dishes
•   Menu items that have names only like Hunter Chicken need explanation
•   Don’t use term “wilted” for a warm spinach salad unappealing
•   Risotto wasn’t appealing looking to one guest, others loved it
•   Most raved about the BBQ chicken cakes, liked goat cheese in salad and asparagus,
    favorable on desserts
•   Many found term “roasted lemonade” confusing
•   Limeade a big hit
Venture Catering
Sample Menus
Passed Hors D’ Oeuvres
Smoked Chicken Quesadillas
Red snapper Cakes with Lime Remoulade
Wild Mushroom Filo Pastries
Butternut Squash Dumplings with Coconut Curry Glaze
Caramelized Scallops in Chive Crepes with Basil Cream
Spice Rubbed Seared Shrimp
Vietnamese Summer Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce
Roasted Cremini Mushrooms with Herbed Chevre and Toasted Pine Nuts
Spicy Shrimp Maki Rolls
California Rolls
Vegetable Nori Maki
Olive and Artichoke Bruschetta With Tomato Concasse
Mini Crab Cakes with Cajun Mayonaisse
Fresh Mozzarella, Grape Tomato and Basil Skewers

Stationery Platters
Bread Crudite Basket with Rosemary White Bean Hummus or Olive – Artichoke Pesto
Vegetable Crudite Basket with Caramelized Leek and Shallot Dip
Assorted Imported and Local Cheeses Garnished with Seasonal Fruits and Nuts
Smoked Salmon with Capers and Crème Fraiche on Brown Bread
Guacamole, Fresh Tomato Salsa and Chips

Cream of Wild Mushroom
Vera Cruz Chicken and Rice
Curried Butternut Squash
Spicy Corn Chowder
Brooklyn Bouillabaisse
Italian Clam and Mussel Stew
Gazpacho with (or without) Shrimp
Chilled Cantelope and Peach
Chilled Leek and Fingerling Potato

Roasted Vegetables, Fresh Mozzarella and Pesto on Sun-dried Tomato Wrap
Coconut Curried Chicken or Tuna Salad on Multi-Grain Bread
Smoked Turkey and Avocado with Honey Mustard on Baguette
Portobello Mushroom Burger with Goat cheese and Tomato on Ciabatta Roll
Mediterranean Shrimp Salad on Olive Bread
Rosemary White Bean Hummus on Pita
Seared Chicken Breast with Cilantro Pesto on Pullman
Green Salads
Roasted Pears, Toasted Walnuts and Goat cheese on a Bed of Baby Greens with Shallot Sherry
Roasted Beets, Pickled Red Onions, and May Tag Blue Cheese on a bed of Frisee with Balsamic
Blood Orange, Red Onion, Avocado on Mixed Greens
Harvest Apples, Shaved Cheddar, Toasted Walnuts, Dried Cranberries on Mesclun with
Arugula, Tomato and Toasted Pine Nuts in Basil Infused Olive Oil Vinaigrette
Roasted Corn, Avocado and Garden Vegetables on Mixed Greens with Dijon Vinaigrette
Wilted Spinach Salad with Homemade Croutons and Warm, Garlicky Olive Oil
Smoked New Potato and Roasted Corn and Red Peppers with (or without) Grilled Chicken
French Lentils Marinated in Twelve Indian Spices
Curried Couscous with Mint, Slivered Almonds, Currants, Garbanzo Beans and Feta
Salade Nicoise with Fresh Grilled Tuna
Pasta Pesto
Purple Cabbage Slaw
Beet and Apple Salad with Horseradish Vinaigrette
Black Bean, Roasted Corn and Red Pepper
Panzanella, Ripe Tomatoes, Basil, Black Olives with Garlic Croutons
Chicken Waldorf
Coconut Curried Chicken or Tuna with Currants and Toasted Cashews
Seared Scallops on a Bed of Tender Greens with Sherry Vinaigrette
Mediterranean Shrimp with Citrus Vinaigrette
Chilled Soba Noodles with Sesame Peanut Sauce

Seared Salmon with Fingerling Potatoes and Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Chicken Jeweled with Green Olives, Capers, and Dried Fruit
Flash Cooked Ginger Beef
Seafood Risotto
Cremini, Porcini and Shitake Mushroom Risotto
Hunter Chicken
Barbeque Chicken Cakes with Green Apple Risotto
Crab Cakes with Cajun Mayonaisse
Barbeque Shrimp Cakes
Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan
Smoked Chicken and Roasted Asparagus Lasagna with Fresh Mozzarella
Spinach Lasagna with Bechemal and Tomato Sauces
Seared Spice Rubbed Salmon with Honey Barbeque Glaze

Vegetables and Side Dishes
Jalapeno Corn Bread
Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Greens
Red, White and Blue Roasted Potatoes
Fresh Corn on the Cob with Cayenne Lime Butter
Spinach Filo Tart with Caramelized Onion and Feta
Creamy or Baked Polenta
Creamed Spinach with Freshly Grated Nutmeg
Macaroni Baked with Three Cheeses
Roasted Asparagus and Cremini Mushrooms
More Vegetables and Side Dishes
Sauteed Asparagus with a Balsamic Reduction and Toasted Pine Nuts
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Baked Stuffed Peppers with Mint, Couscous and Feta
Haricot Vert with Sauteed Shitakes

Decadent Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Preserves and Deep Chocolate Ganache
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Maple Mascarpone Cheesecake
Angel Food Cake with Toasted Coconut Icing
Strawberry Shortcake
Coconut Bread Pudding
French Apple Tart with Apricot Glaze
Lemon Curd or Chocolate Mousse Pate A Choux
Mocha Brownies
Cinnamon Filo Nests with Lemon Curd or Chocolate Mousse
Assorted Cookies
Seasonal Fruit Skewers

Breakfast or Brunch Items
Wild Mushroom Frittata
Red, Yellow and Orange Pepper and Leek Quiche
Quiche Lorraine
Banana Walnut, Lemon Poppy Seed, Cranberry Orange Pecan, Blueberry, Carrot, Corn, Jalapeno
Corn, Maple Sweet Potato Muffins or Quick Breads
Assorted Rugelah
Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Apple Cranberry Walnut Cake
Irish Soda Bread
Buttermilk Biscuits
Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, or Currant Scones
Bagels and Nova with Tomato and Scallion Cream Cheese
                                    Project Reach Youth, Inc.
                         Project Venture Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for using the catering services of Project Venture Culinary Arts. As we seek to further
develop the catering business, our valued customers are an important source of information. Please
take a few moments to complete this customer satisfaction survey. We appreciate your honest
feedback and suggestions for improving and further developing both our catering services and
products. Please return the completed survey to Project Reach Youth in the envelope provided or
fax it to 718-788-5194 to the attention of Maricela Brea, Director Adolescent Services.

   1. What type of event did Project Venture cater for you?
      Buffet Meal Cocktail Party        Sit-Down Meal       Food was Delivered

   2. About how many guests attended the event? ________________________

   3. What was your overall impression of Venture Catering?
      Excellent          Very Good     Good         Satisfactory          Needs Improvement

   4. How did Venture Catering compare to other caterers you have used or had
      experiences with in the past?
      Significantly Better        Better     Comparable           Worse

   5. Please rate your experience planning the meal/event with Venture staff.
      Excellent            Very Good     Good         Satisfactory Needs Improvement

   6. How might we improve the event/meal planning aspect of our business?

   7. Please rate the food on a scale from 1 – 5 (with 5 as the highest) using the following
      _____ taste _____ presentation _____ fresh ingredients            _____ portion size
      _____ interesting menu options      _____ ability to accommodate diverse diet

   8. Please make any comments or suggestions about the food below.

   9. Please rate the catering service on a scale from 1 –5 (with 5 as the highest rating) using
      the following criteria:
      _____ staff arrived on time& ready to work
      _____ staff dressed professionally
      _____ staff was well informed about food
      _____ staff was cordial & professional
      _____ staff maintained a clean environment throughout event
      _____ staff left work area clean and tidy

   10. Please make any comments or suggestions about the catering service below.

   11. Would you consider using Venture Catering in the future?_____ Yes _____ No.
       If yes, what type of events would you consider us for? If no, please explain why.

   12. Would you recommend Venture Catering to friends and colleagues?
       _____ Yes   _____ No. If no, why not?

   13. Can you offer any suggestions that will help improve and develop the business?
                                      Venture Catering, LLC
                                      Market Research Survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Venture Catering, LLC is a new social
purpose catering business that provides entry-level work opportunities to teens and young adults
that have successfully completed culinary arts training at Project Reach Youth, Inc. Your answers
to the following questions will help Venture Catering develop catering menus and events that meet
your catering needs. Feel free to make additional comments and suggestions in the space provided.

     1. In what zip code do you reside? _________

     2. In the past year, how often have you used a caterer?
        58.8 times 41.3 1 – 5 times                0 6 – 10 times    0 more than 10 times
        66.1 times 28.6 1 – 5 times       1.8 6 – 10 times     3.6 more than 10 times

     3. Please place a number beside the catering events of each type that you hosted.

         29.5 sit-down lunch/dinner         ____ average number of guests
         11.5 cocktail party                ____ average number of guests
         34.6 buffet meal                   ____ average number of guests
         24.4 business meeting                     ____ average number of guests

     4. Total spent last year on catering? __________ (few respondents answered question)

     5. Do you have a local caterer with whom you work?                 21.4 Yes 78.6 No
        If yes, what are the top two reasons you continue to hire this caterer?

         26.5 taste            20.6 price             11.8 service          14.7 interesting menu
          2.9 flexibility of menu       8.8 presentation     14.7 past experience with caterer

     6. In the coming year, what do you expect your catering needs to be? (Place a check
        beside all events that might be of interest to you or your business.)

          8.9 Served, buffet meals or receptions          ____ anticipated number of guests
         11.8 Served, sit-down meals                      ____ anticipated number of guests
         21.1 Refreshments for a meeting or business event____ anticipated number of guests
         17.1 Cocktail parties                            ____ anticipated number of guests
         21.1 Meals delivered but not served              ____ anticipated number of guests

     7. How interested would you be in using a catering company that: delivered high
        quality, gourmet, professionally served, competitively priced food that had a social
        purpose (training and preparing young people for careers in the culinary arts)?

         46.6 Very Interested 21.9 Interested 27.4 Possibly Interested 4.1 Not Interested

     8. If all other factors (price, quality, service etc.) were comparable, do you think your
        community would support a social purpose catering company?

         47.1 Definitely     33.8 Likely            16.2 Possibly                  2.9 Not at all

     9. Should Venture Catering advertise the business’ social purpose?           96.9 Yes 3.1 No
     10. How do you think that knowing the business employed and trained young people
         would affect a potential customer’s decision to use Venture Catering

         58.6 Very Favorably 25.7 Somewhat Favorably 14.3 Favorably
         1.4 Somewhat Negatively ___Negatively

     11. Based on your knowledge of your community, what are some effective ways we could
         market/advertise Venture Catering? (Check all that you think would work.)

         14.3 Door-to-door menu distribution
         18.1 Venture Catering webpage
         24.7 Advertise in local newspapers
         32.4 Distribute “tastes” at Green Market, Brooklyn Eats & other community events
         10.4 Press releases

     12. How important are the following factors in your decision to hire a caterer:

              Flexibility/customization of menu

              62.1 Highly important         37.9 Somewhat Important             Not a factor

              Offer wait staff along with food service

              34.8 Highly important                51.5 Somewhat Important      13.6 Not a factor

              Wait service is less expensive than competitors

              36.5 Highly important         49.2 Somewhat Important      14.3 Not a factor

     13. Would you be interested in finding out more about Venture Catering for your
         catering needs?
              64.9Yes                     35.1 No

         If yes, please provide contact information:

              Address: ____________________________________________________________
              Telephone: ________________________ E-mail: ______________________

Thank you for your time and suggestions. Venture Catering looks forward to working with you!