; International Ocean Cargo shipping service
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International Ocean Cargo shipping service


Ocean cargo shipping service that includes shipping cars, air freight and more

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									USAcargofreight.com offers International Freight, Ocean, and Air cargo Services
USAcargofreight.com is leading the way to provide businesses with affordable International freight service. Vast network of International Cargo shipping carriers that can handle any shipping needs.

Neighborhood Parcel is proud to announce the Successful launch of its newest International Cargo and ocean shipping service website. The International cargo and freight shipping site will allow businesses and consumers to take advantage of our wide network of ship carriers, Airliners to get the best rates. "Our Business continues to grow and we want to give our clients an opportunity to move their freight from point A to point B, fast and at affordable price" Said Mr. Bechat CEO of Neighborhood Parcel during Grand Opening Ceremony in Boston MA. USAcargofreight.com offers Ocean Cargo, Air Freight, Ground shipping both LTL and Full truck loads worldwide. Ocean Shipping service will allow Businesses and consumers to ship anything from Cars to household goods at affordable rates, car shipping can be done via RoRo or Container shipping. Household Items can be packages in skids or Wooden crates. Our Air cargo service is reserved for time sensitive merchandise, our wide network of air carriers will give you the best possible rate for the shipment along with optional freight insurance. Small Air packages can be shipped Via FedEx or DHL at rates that are 20 to 60% below retail rates. In addition to Air and ocean shipping, our Company provides customs solutions that fit all customer needs and budget. From dedicated access to our Executive desk to satisfaction guarantee. For more info on our ocean freight, Air cargo or Crate Service, visit: http://usacargofreight.com http://usacargofreight.com


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