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									The Top Reasons to use a Mobile Home Financing Specialist
It seems like common sensethat if you need a loan for a manufactured home, then working with a broker that specializes in your particular needs is the
way to go. However, manymobile home buyers are lied to by desperate loan agents or firms that are well known for their track record in traditional
home loans but are unfamiliar with manufactured home loans, and are just trying to break into the manufactured home loan market. Only after
dragging their customer through the entire process (and racking up quite a bill), does the inexperienced loan specialist realize that they were unable to
secure financing for a manufactured home all along. To tell you the truth, many of our customers have contacted us after their former loan specialiast
refused to complete their loan. In this situation, a borrowerhas no choice but to start over and leave behind the fees and charges they already paid up
to the sum of $1,000. As if that isn't convincing enough, you need to read the top three reasons to seek out a manufactured home loan professionalto
fully weigh your true financing options. n nOne. The finance and real estate economy changes every day, and this includes the mobile home industry.
Only a Specialist in Mobile Home finance will know the funders that will and wont' lend for Manufactured Home Loans. Many funders that used to lend
on Manufactured Homes, have stopped with their Mobile Homeloan programs within the past fewmonths. Most likely, even if thelenderdidn't cancel
their Mobile Home programs, they have modified themquite a bit. Only a company that specializes in Manufactured Homefinance will know the true
temperatureof this niche market.n nSecond. Manufactured Homefinance maintains it's own specific laws. A broker that only works with traditionalhome
loansdoes not knowthe intricacies of the manufactured home market. This leaves the buyer, seller and any third party very vulnerable to legal action if
the agent's lack of knowledge and experience causesany legal or regulatory snags during the transaction. Manufactured Homesare treated quite
differently on both the federal and state level, and unless the agent is familiar with these laws there is great potential for a catastrophic mistake.n
nThird. Using a Manufactured Home Loan Specialistwill save you money, in the short term and long run. Mobile Home realtors and mortgage agents
without Manufactured Home know-how usuallyapply their stick builthome loan expertise to Manufactured Homes, and this does not work. They will
charge the customer to get an appraisalon a home that may not even haveany comparable sales in the area, which makes the home nearly impossible
to finance. This will needlessly waste four hundred dollars of your hard earned cash, and sadlyyou'll get nothing for it. A Mobile Home Loan
Specialistknows the best course of action, and you will enjoy the wealth of expertise they currently have, rather than) being drug through the learning
curve of a stick builthome specialist. Ultimately, a borrowerisalwaysleaving themself open to great liabilitywhen\by not using a mortgage broker that
lacks Mobile Homeloan experience.

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JD Levens is a credited expert on mobile home loans. He currently works for a mobile home financing firm in California where he has helped hundreds
of families finance and refinance their manufactured homes.


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