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					End of Support Announcement
HP WinRunner 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 8.2, 9.2 (all editions)


HP Software is announcing the End–of–Support for HP WinRunner versions 7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 8.2, 9.2 - all
versions, all editions (this message does not impact the end of support notification already given for versions
7.5, 7.6, 8.0).

HP Software strives to offer customers support and migration paths from HP WinRunner to HP Functional
Testing. For the past 7 years Hewlett-Packard has offered both WinRunner and the newer, technologically
more advanced, QuickTest Professional as part of a leading Functional Testing packaged solution for
automated testing. Eliminating the functionality overlap between the products will maximize the value of the
software functionality to our customers.

WinRunner to Functional Testing - License Migration Path

   •   As part of the migration offer, Hewlett-Packard will replace the WinRunner licenses listed above that are
       fully maintained by an active annual WinRunner support contract with a Functional Testing v9.5 license,
       free of charge.

   •   WinRunner customers may upgrade to Functional Testing v9.5 at the next WinRunner maintenance
       renewal date. License migration will be available starting April 1, 2008.

   •   Support for WinRunner will be provided until Jan 1, 2011 in two phases as detailed below, giving
       customers enough time to plan and execute a successful migration of test assets.

   •   In order to aid customers and minimize disruptions resulting from the migration of testing assets, HP will
       offer migration consulting services through HP Consulting and Integration (C&I), as well automated
       migration service offerings through HP Professional Services (PSO) & external 3rd party service
       providers. (See below for migration service details).

   •   If you have any questions not addressed in this document, please contact:
       HP Worldwide Customer Support:
End of Support Plan Details

WinRunner Support
In order to give customers time for the migration of all testing assets, there will be two levels of support
available in phases. After phase 2 (limited support), support for WinRunner will no longer be available. The
support levels are:

 Support Type     Date                  Support Type Includes
 Full Support     Feb 1, 2008       Product patches and bug fixes, Web and telephone
                  until Aug 1, 2009 support through HP Customer Support depending on the
                                    respective support contract.
 Limited          From Aug 1, 2009 No product patches and bug fixes, Web and telephone
 Support          until Jan 1, 2011 support through HP Customer Support depending on the
                                    respective support contract.

WinRunner to Functional Testing License Migration

WinRunner customers are entitled to receive an upgrade, under support, which migrates their WinRunner
license to a Functional Testing 9.5 license. The Functional Testing 9.5 package includes: QuickTest Pro 9.5 +
all QuickTest Pro 9.5 add-ins + WinRunner 9.2.

License migration will be done according to the following guidelines and requirements:

   •   Pre-requisite: A WinRunner license is valid for the migration plan if it is supported by an active
       and a fully paid for annual WinRunner support contact.

   •   Target License: Supported and valid WinRunner licenses can be migrated to Functional Testing v9.5.

   •   Migration Time: Migration from WinRunner to Functional Testing v9.5 (that is done as part of this
       plan) will happen at the next maintenance renewal date of the WinRunner license. License migration
       will be available starting April 1, 2008.

   •   Please contact your sales representative to receive your Functional Testing 9.5 license at the specified

   •   Note: Although Functional Test 9.5 includes both QuickTest Pro and WinRunner, HP encourages its
       customers to make use of QuickTest Pro and plan the migration of all existing WinRunner testing assets
       to the newer QuickTest Pro. As noted, WinRunner will continue to be supported according to the
       timetable above.
Migration Services

To assist customers in migrating testing assets from HP WinRunner to HP QuickTest Pro, HP will offer
automated migration services from HP Software Professional Services (PSO) and 3rd party service providers,
as well as migration consulting services from HP Consulting and Integration (C&I), at an additional cost.

HP Software Professional Services (PSO) is teaming up with Gallop Technologies Inc. (based in Dallas, TX) to
offer automated migration services from WinRunner to QuickTest Pro using WinQuick - an HP R&D validated
and approved automated migration solution. WinQuick ( provides a fast, high
quality, cost effective solution for automatically migrating and re-architecting the WinRunner code base to
QuickTest Pro. WinQuick has been implemented at several large customers and has proven to save a
substantial amount of migration time and effort. For more information:

   •   Gallop WinQuick:
   •   HP Professional Services email: or +1.866.286.5171
   •   Contact your sales representative for more information

HP Consulting and Integration (C&I) offers a migration consulting service to WinRunner customers. The
migration process addresses the scripts as well as related framework migration. The process includes the
following phases: Discovery, Analysis, Pilot, Migration and Handover.

For more information:
   • Email:
   • Contact your sales representative for more information
Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why is Hewlett-Packard discontinuing offering WinRunner?
Answer: By offering 2 overlapping products – WinRunner and QuickTest Professional, HP does not
  maximize the value of our current Functional Testing resources. By migrating our customers to QuickTest
  Professional, our customers will enjoy a technologically superior product, as well as a faster developed
  product to suit their needs, leveraging all of HP resources dedicated to one functional testing solution.
  Furthermore, the old technologies used to build WinRunner are suffering from lack of support, resulting in
  a risk to our customers of encountering unsupported issues.

Question: How long do I have to migrate?
Answer: As detailed in the timeline above, full support (bug fixes, patches, web and phone support)
   will remain until Aug 1, 2009, while limited support (web and phone support) will be available until
   Jan 1, 2011.

Question: What do I do with the WinRunner licenses I have today? Do I need to buy
additional QuickTest Professional or Functional Testing licenses?
Answer No. There is no need to buy QuickTest Professional or Functional Testing licenses to replace the
  old WinRunner license (if this license has been supported through an active support contract). For every
  WinRunner license that is supported by an annual support fee, you are entitled for an equivalent
  Functional Testing 9.5 license for no additional charge. You are entitled for the license migration at the
  end of the annual support period for your WinRunner license (maintenance renewal date). License
  migration will be available starting April 1, 2008. Please contact your sales representative for more

Question: Is there anyone who can assist me in migrating my WinRunner tests to
QuickTest Professional?
Answer Yes. HP offers migration services through HP Professional Services (PSO) and HP Consulting
and Integration (C&I) organization. Contact Information:

   •   HP Consulting and Integration (C&I) migration consulting services:
          o Email:

   •   HP Professional Services (PSO) teamed up with Gallop Tech. to supply automated migration services
       using Gallop’s conversion tool WinQuick:
           o Gallop WinQuick:
           o Email:

   For more information, see ‘Migration Services’ section above or contact your sales representative.
Question: Which environments are supported with QuickTest Professional?
Answer: Most of the environments that were supported by WinRunner are supported by QuickTest
Professional 9.5. The last widely used environment that was added in QuickTest Professional 9.5 is Power
Builder. The only single major environment supported by WinRunner that is still not supported in QuickTest
Professional is Delphi. Delphi support for QuickTest Pro is in progress and will be released shortly as a patch
on top of QuickTest Pro 9.5.

Question: What are the system requirements for QuickTest Professional?
Answer: For QuickTest Professional System Requirements Please See: QTP - System Requirements at:

Question: Am I still allowed to use my WinRunner product after the end of support date?
Answer: Yes for those Win Runner licenses which are perpetual licenses. However HP highly recommends
that you plan your migration to QuickTest Professional v9.5 as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, there might
be a need to migrate to QuickTest Professional in the future, when migration services may no longer be
available, which can result in higher migration costs. It is recommended to make use of the offered migration
services and support period during the time they are available.

Question: What if my environment is not supported by QuickTest Professional?
Answer: Although not recommended, you can continue to use WinRunner if required. However, QuickTest
Professional offers a Test Extensibility API (TEA) allowing you to develop an add-in support for any type of
environment you need. HP Professional Services and HP partners can assist in developing a custom
QuickTest Professional add-in for your non supported environment.

For more information on additional QTP add-ins developed by partners, please see: Quality Management
Ecosystem at

Question: Can I still purchase Functional Testing 9.5 separately regardless of this announcement?
Answer: Yes. Functional Testing is unchanged as a result of this announcement and sold as it was before.
Question: What does the Functional Testing package contain after this announcement, when sold
Answer: In order to minimize inconvenience for our customers, Functional Testing is left unchanged as of the time of
this announcement. Functional Testing 9.5 includes:

           o   QuickTest Professional 9.5
           o   All add-ins for QuickTest Professional 9.5
           o   WinRunner 9.2

Although the Functional Testing package is left unchanged for now, we encourage our customers to migrate all testing
assets to QuickTest Professional and not start any new initiatives using the outgoing WinRunner.

Question: I have a question or special request. Who do I contact?
Answer: HP Customer Support ( and your local sales teams are aware of
  this announcement and can help you resolve any problems or concerns that may arise. Hewlett Packard is
  committed to customer satisfaction and we will take all reasonable steps to help you transition smoothly.