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									For Ambrosi:                                              FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Jean Ban

For Second City Communications:
Michael Tirrell
cell: 312-953-5639

                 Ambrosi Teams with The Second City and the Retail Industry
                    in a Send-Up of How Retailers Really Go to Market:
                                               SKU You!
                           Ad Agency and Second City in Unique Roles at
                            Retail Advertising Conference February 5 - 7

Chicago, IL (February 5, 2003)--Leading retail advertising agency Ambrosi is teaming with the corporate
communications division of The Second City in an unprecedented event at the Retail Advertising
Conference February 5-7 in Chicago, that is guaranteed to turn heads and provoke new industry thinking
about how to better connect with customers.

The event, "SKU You! Disintegrated Marketing and How to Avoid It" will use improvisation and comedy
skits to explore the starts, stops, handoffs and overall disconnects that make up a typical integrated
marketing process in the retail industry. Ambrosi is the event sponsor and provided authenticated content
and script input through its network of retail industry contacts at national mass merchants, department
stores and specialty retailers. Many industry executives contributed anecdotes and stories as part of the
development process.

SKU You! is a first-ever for the Retail Advertising Conference (RAC), the largest single gathering of
retail marketing and advertising executives in the industry today. RAC 2003--the 51st gathering of retail
advertising and marketing executives--takes place in Chicago from February 5-7 at the Hilton and
Towers, Chicago. The SKU You! event is a major part of the RAC roster and is scheduled for February 5
at 4:10 p.m.


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                                          Ambrosi on SKU You!

Chicago-based Ambrosi is a leading retail advertising agency, with more than 30 years experience
crafting strategic marketing communications campaigns for clients as diverse as "big box" merchants,
high-end department and specialty stores, and brands that sell at retail.
"SKU You! is a great opportunity to showcase the ins and outs of retail--including the obvious
disconnects--and to have some fun with retail advertising in an industry that struggles to achieve a truly
integrated approach to reaching customers. Our intent is to have people walk away with new ideas about
how to achieve some of their integrated marketing goals. We'll also make them laugh harder than
anybody ever has in 51 years of the RAC Conference," said Mark Pearson, Executive Vice President of

                                Custom Content Aimed at Retail Industry

As the corporate training, business workshops and corporate entertainment division of Second City
Theater, Second City Communications will use SKU You! to bring a unique emphasis to the Retail
Advertising Conference.

"We're excited to partner with Ambrosi to deliver a customized production about the retail industry. Our
goal is to provoke an understanding and suggest some solutions to certain industry shortcomings,"
according to Tom Yorton, President of Second City Communications. "We typically do client workshops
and larger productions like SKU You! that use our methods to deliver messages in a unique way and to
help companies achieve important business goals. At RAC, we're going to take that approach industry-
wide and direct it squarely at the retail industry," said Yorton.

Yorton brings an insider's view to the content of SKU You! as a corporate marketing executive and ad
agency veteran with prior senior positions at the 3Com Corporation, Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hal Riney
and Ogilvy & Mather.


Jean Ban
For Ambrosi

                                       About Ambrosi:
                         The Nation's Leading Full-Service Agency
                         Specializing in Marketing at the Front Line
Founded in 1971, Chicago-based Ambrosi is the leading retail advertising agency specializing in
marketing at the front line, where brands connect with customers making a purchase decision right now.
Our solutions motivate consumer behavior, build brands and move product across all media.

Ambrosi services include:
• Brand development
• Fully integrated advertising campaigns
• Broadcast advertising
• Catalog marketing programs
• Direct response marketing programs
• In-store visual marketing
• Packaging programs
• Web and e-commerce solutions
•   Photography
•   Digital imaging services
•   Outsourcing

Ambrosi's client list reads like a Who's Who of American retailers. Case studies and additional
information on Ambrosi services and philosophy is available online at One of the
agency's unique resources is its state-of-the-art photography studios and digital imaging capabilities and
the most in-depth resources in the country for product, room scene, fashion and food photography. The
agency has over 450 employees and offices in Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Miami.

Ambrosi is owned by Black Dot Group, a division of Applied Graphics Technologies (ASE: "AGD").

Michael Tirrell
For Seocnd City Communications
cell: 312-953-5639

                       About Second City Communications:
        The Corporate Training, Live Messaging and Entertainment Division
                      Of The Second City Theater Company

Second City Communications (SCC) is the corporate training, business tools and corporate entertainment
division of The Second City, the renowned improvisational theater company famous for launching the
careers of such stars as Tina Fey, Horatio Sanz, Bill Murray, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Martin Short,
Joan Rivers, Alan Arkin and a host of others.

Founded in 1990, SCC helps corporate clients use improvisational techniques, unique communications
methods and humor to:
• Understand the power of humor to achieve certain business goals
• Communicate strong brand messages and brand persona more clearly and effectively
• Break through today's advertising clutter with unique, focused and targeted messages
• Innovate new products and services through stronger teams and adaptive processes
• Foster a more nimble, spontaneous and creative workforce that is flexible in changing business
• Create a company and brand image that is relevant, smart, empowering and fun

SCC's innovative corporate workshops use elements of improvisation and theater to help clients develop:
• Stronger teambuilding skills
• More robust processes for creativity and brainstorming
• More effective presentation and interviewing skills
• Overall communications savvy

SCC also draws on its strong legacy in humor, improvisation and wit to help clients create energetic and
entertaining live corporate events, effective video and multimedia tools, memorable and on-target trade
show presentations and product launches, and relevant training experiences. In all, SCC produces
hundreds of live customized events for corporate clients each year, in addition to numerous corporate
training workshops and sessions. Clients include Motorola, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kraft, 3Com, Leo
Burnett, Abbott Labs, Toyota, BP Amoco, British Airways, Starcom, GTE and many others.

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