DELTA EPSILON CHI
          University of Wisconsin – Stout, Menomonie

                                  (Revised May 2004)


The official name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Marketing and
Management Association/Delta Epsilon Chi, UW – Stout. It is a local chapter of the
Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association and Delta Epsilon Chi. Delta
Epsilon Chi ( or DEX) is a college division of National DECA. The Wisconsin
Marketing and Management Association (WMMA) is a state association chartered by
National DECA. The letters WMMA/DEX will be officially used to designate the
organization and its members.


SECTION 1. (Definition)

A. Members shall be part-time and full-time undergraduate and graduate students
   enrolled in the areas of marketing, marketing education, e-commerce design and
   management, retail management, hotel, restaurant & tourism management, culinary
   arts, business administration, fashion design or any other fields at UW – Stout.
B. Members must have at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) and maintain that
   throughout his/her tenure of membership.
C. Active members in good standing will consist of those who have paid his or her dues
   subject to Article XI, Section 1.
D. Members are encouraged to attend all meetings and participate in all activities,
   regional, state, and international conferences or competitions.

SECTION 2. (Benefits of Membership)

A. All members will be given the opportunity to compete at regional, state and, if
   qualified, international competitions.
B. All members will have the opportunity to run for and hold officer or chairperson
   positions (subject to Articles V and VI and the Stout Student Code of Conduct).
C. Members will have the opportunity to serve on and/or head committees and special
D. Members, if chosen, may be eligible to serve as voting delegates and represent this
   chapter in state and international DEX affairs.
E. Other membership benefits include but are not limited to:
       1.      Social interaction
       2.      Travel (within the state and nationally)
       3.      Networking in a professional setting
       4.     Excellent resume builder
       5.     Competition with other students (statewide and internationally)
       6.     Opportunities to apply classroom knowledge on tests and in business
              simulations at competitions
       7.     Awards for membership participation and competitions
       8.     Opportunities to attend workshops, speakers and seminars
       9.     Participation in civic projects (volunteering/goodwill)
       10.    Increased communication with fellow students and professors


SECTION 1. (Mission Statement)

The mission of the Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association/Delta Epsilon
Chi, UW – Stout is to provide students the opportunity to be involved in a professional
organization where they may practice those skills learned in the classroom by applying
them to real-world business situations and experiences. The conferences and events
held will also help to develop a greater sense of personal responsibility, leadership
qualities and business ethics.

SECTION 2. (Purpose/Goals)

The purpose and goals of our organization are:
      1.    To develop leadership qualities and skills
      2.    To develop a sense of teamwork and individual responsibility
      3.    To develop high ethical standards in personal and business relationships
      4.    To develop a greater proficiency in communications
      5.    To develop a greater appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship
      6.    To encourage relationships with the business community
      7.    To develop better communication with area high schools
      8.    To develop a healthy, career-oriented, competitive spirit
      9.    To develop a greater understanding of our free enterprise system
      10.   To encourage continued personal growth in the areas of self-motivation,
            interpersonal communication, planning and organizational skills
      11.   To plan and participate in social activities, fund-raisers, and civic activities
      12.   To encourage member participation in competitions at regional, state, and
            international conferences


SECTION 1. (Regular Meetings)

Meetings will be held every week during the regular academic year except when no
classes are scheduled, classes are canceled or when student members are attending
conferences and competitions. The meeting time and day will be determined the
previous semester by the executive board of the semester in question. (Location based
on availability.)

SECTION 2. (Official Meetings)
A. Official meetings shall be called whenever there is a need to conduct official
   business of this organization, i.e. nominations, elections, impeachments, etc.
B. These meetings will be conducted in strict form of Roberts Rules of Order and
   Parliamentary Procedure.
C. Notice shall be given to all members at least one week prior to an officially call ed
   meeting that one will take place to give as many as possible the opportunity to

SECTION 3. (Special Meetings)

Special meetings may be called as needed by the President. An Email must be sent or
phone call made to all officers and members at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the
meeting. A note may also be placed on all active members’ dorm room doors if


SECTION 1. (Titles of Office)

The organization will consist of the following Officers and Committee Chairpersons:
President                                 Regional Representative
First Vice-President                      Civic/Educational Events Chairperson
Second Vice-President                     Social Activities Chairperson
Parliamentarian                           Fund-raising Chairperson
Secretary                                 Promotional Chairperson
Treasurer                                 Historian/Alumni Association Chairperson
SECTION 2. (Executive Council)

The seven officers plus committee chairpersons shall make up the Executive Council.

SECTION 3. (Other Offices)

Any other offices or officers that are needed will be decided on by the Executive C ouncil
and voted on by the members subject to Article VII.

SECTION 4. (Eligibility)

A. Candidates must be members in good standing. (Dues paid and active attendance.)
B. All officers must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, maintain this throughout his/her term
   in office and abide by the Stout Student Code of Conduct.


SECTION 1. (All officers)

A. It is the responsibility of all officers to aid and assist the organization and attend all
B. An officer may miss four excused meetings, but must notify another officer or advisor
   no later than one hour prior to the scheduled meeting. If an officer has missed two
   or more meetings without notifying another officer or advisor, it will be cause
   for immediate removal from office.
C. All officers must be available for the entire year in office.
D. Term of office is one year beginning May 1st and ending April 30 th of the following
E. All officers must turn in a report to the secretary by the 5th of each month of all
   activities they were involved with the month prior (5th of the Month Report).
F. Officers may not hold more than one major office within this club or any other or if
   holding a state or national position and is subject to the Stout Student Organization
   Code of Conduct (with regards to such issues).
G. Collectively develop a “Program of Work” (typically before the Fall Leadership
   Conference) to guide this organization in all aspects for the current academic year.

SECTION 2. (President)

A. Preside over and conduct all organization meetings and Executive Council meetings
   in accordance with accepted parliamentary procedures.
B. Be responsible for conducting the meetings according to an agenda in proper form
   as outlined in Article X of this Constitution, distributed to all members before the start
   of any official meeting.
C. Coordinate and guide the efforts of the organization, it's officers, committees, and
D. Be responsible for communication down through the channels of this organization.
E. Keep discussions on the subject.
F. See that time limits are observed.
G. Preserve the integrity of this Constitution.
H. Serve as a member of all standing committees.
I. He/she has the power to appoint special committees and meetings.
J. Energetically promote activities on the part of all members of this organization
   through display of his/her own enthusiasm.
K. Council with organization officers concerning their duties and responsibilities.
L. Serve as Chairperson of the Executive Council.
M. Serve as a representative to the Stout Student Association or appoint any interested,
   responsible individual to be the chapter representative.
N. Check the organization mailbox in the SOC office at the MSC at least three times
O. Be ultimately responsible for the activities and conduct of the organization.

SECTION 3. (First Vice-President)

A. Assist the President in the discharge of his or her duties and responsibilities at all
B. Preside over the organization and Executive Council meetings in the absence of the
C. Preside over and assist the following officers in their duties, in part by keeping the
   communication between the organization members and other officers and the
   President flowing smoothly at all times:
      1.     Secretary
      2.     Treasurer
      3.     Parliamentarian
      4.     Regional Representative

SECTION 4. (Second Vice-President)

A. Assist the President in the discharge of his or her duties and responsibilities at all
B. Preside over the organization and Executive Council meetings in the absence of the
   President and First Vice-President.
C. Preside over and assist the following committee chairpersons in their duties, in part
   by keeping the communication between the organization members and other officers
   and the President flowing smoothly at all times:
      1.     Fund-raising Committee Chairperson
      2.     Social Activities Committee Chairperson
      3.     Promotional Committee Chairperson
      4.     Civic/Educational Events Committee Chairperson
      5.     Historian/Alumni Association Chairperson

SECTION 5. (Parliamentarian)

A. Will see that all organization meetings are run in an orderly business manner and
   official meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order (Parliamentary Procedure) and
   this Constitution.
B. Will ensure all elections are conducted following Robert’s Rules of Order and in a
   fair and equitable manner.
C. Will advise those parties concerned in regard to matters of parliamentary procedure
   when requested or required, including structure of the meeting agenda.
D. To guard that this organization is operated to the best of its ability for the greatest
   benefit of all the members within the boundaries of the Chapter Constitution.

SECTION 6. (Secretary)

A. During any organization meeting give roll call when asked, take minutes (notes),
   write or type them and either read them or hand them out at the next meeting for
B. Record and keep track of individual attendance at each meeting.
C. Collect those names from committee chairpersons of members who worked fund-
   raisers, attended civic events and social activities and keep track of their
   participation with attendance records.
D. Prepare all necessary reports for the organization, including the 15th of the Month
   Report to be sent to the WMMA State President as part of his or her 25th of the
   Month Report, following those guidelines set forth by the State President.
E. Protect any and all permanent records of the organization.
F. Be prepared at every meeting to give the organization information about any
   unfinished business that is before the organization.
G. Keep a proper record of motions made, seconded, and past; as well as votes cast,
   especially on important issues.
H. Have available at each meeting:
      1.      Minutes of previous meeting
      2.      Attendance records for all members
      3.      A record of committees and their past reports
      4.      A copy of this Constitution
I. Oversee any official communication from this organization to outside individuals or
   organizations including, but not limited to, thank you cards to guests, etc.
J. Assist the Parliamentarian in properly running official meetings according to Robert’s
   Rules of Order.

SECTION 7. (Treasurer)

A. Receive and account for all funds that come into and flow out from the organization's
   treasury (account) and maintain that the budget is never exceeded.
B. Develop a budget with the assistance of the Executive Council and advisor(s) to
   project the financial needs of this organization and to request monies (segregated
   fees) through the Stout Student Association following those prescribed methods set
   forth by the Financial Affairs Committee. (See Article XI, Section 2 for more
   information and basic procedure.)
C. Keep financial records neat, accurate and up-to-date. An accurate balance should
   be kept of the organization’s funds at all times.
D. Collect all membership dues and be responsible for their proper disbursement.
E. Pay out funds when authorized by the organization (following Stout Student
   Organization Center (SOC) procedures).
F. Report at meetings on the current treasury status of the organization.
G. Make all payments in a timely manner for all regional, state, and international
   conferences and any other debts as necessary.
H. Protect the financial reputation of the organization by seeing that its obligations are
   correctly met.
I. Help the Fund-raiser Committee plan the ways and means of providing income for
   the organization.

SECTION 8. (Social Activities Committee Chairperson)

A. Responsible for organizing, setting up and overseeing all social events f or the
   organization. These may include but are not limited to: a Halloween party, spring
   picnic, Christmas party, high school banquet, Last Blast Marketing Party, Alumni
   Banquets, bowling parties, golf outings, pizza and movie parties, etc.
B. Work with the Promotional Committee for getting announcements out to members.
C. Work with the Treasurer for getting requisitions, purchase orders or agency account
   requests and money for supplies and/or food and return proper receipts to the
D. Report at meetings on upcoming events and review the success of past events.

SECTION 9. (Civic/Educational Events Committee Chairperson)
A. Will inform the organization and coordinate any civic or charitable activities the
   organization may wish to get involved in, whether on the UW – Stout campus or in
   the community. This may include but is not limited to: Adopt-A-Highway, guest
   speakers, food drives, clothing drives, business tours, DECA District 1 Conference
   (High School) judging/advisement, miscellaneous educational activities, etc.
B. Will be responsible for contacting those organizations involved with our civic
   activities, setting dates and times, circulating a member sign-up sheet, and working
   with the Promotions Committee to inform the organization, college and community
   where appropriate.
C. Will handle any sporting teams (on or off campus) in which members wish to be
   involved. This does not mean manage or even participate but will ask if there is an
   interest, check into what is needed, get people signed up and work with the
   Treasurer to obtain and pay for any registration fees.
D. Will coordinate this organization to help the WMMA state association with the State
   Civic Consciousness Project for that organization chosen to receive civic support for
   the current school year; based on information received prior to or at the Fall
   Leadership Conference.
E. Report at meetings on upcoming events and review the success of past events.

SECTION 10. (Fund-raising Committee Chairperson)

A. Will develop and oversee all fund-raising opportunities from the very beginning to the
   very end for members of this organization. Those opportunities may include but are
   not limited to the following: pizza sales, selling advertising, silent auctions, bowl-a-
   thons, walk-a-thons, selling Christmas wreaths or trees, brat stands, etc.
B. Will contact the people necessary to organize fund-raisers that are partially
   sponsored by another organization i.e. Wal-Mart matching grants, selling items from
   other companies like pies, pizzas, etc.
C. Contact merchants for necessary supplies at the best price. Note: UW – Stout has
   certain contracts with various vendors that may restrict options for suppliers while at
   the same time making it more or less convenient to plan an event (i.e. a food sale of
   any kind). Be sure to check out current options before going to outside vendors.
D. Will distribute a sign-up sheet far enough in advance (4-6 weeks or more) to
   determine the interest and commitment for the fund-raiser.
E. List all members and report the time(s) they worked to the Secretary and Treasurer
   for attendance and proper credit.
F. Work with the Promotional Committee for necessary communication and promotion
   of the event, to heighten awareness of upcoming fund-raisers within this
   organization, college and community.
G. Have sign-up sheets filled so that all times, etc., are filled and set up everything
   before time - making sure everything needed is there and ready to start on time.
H. Work with the Treasurer to make sure that all of the proper financial forms and
   requisition forms are filled out in proper time to secure funds needed to support the
   event. Return those monies earned to the Treasurer upon completion of the event
   for distribution to participants or the general fund. This includes reporting totals and
   turning in receipts to the Treasurer.
I. Report at meetings about upcoming fund-raisers and review the success of those

SECTION 11. (Promotional Committee Chairperson)
A. Will organize all recruiting efforts for the organization, especially at the start of each
B. Announce all meetings and events with the use of the organization's announcement
   board, residence halls, notices for faculty to read in class, the Stoutonia, Power 100,
   posters, personal communications, sidewalk chalk messages (only if permission is
   obtained), etc.
C. Work with the other committees to promote all events that require member, student,
   faculty and public awareness and support.
D. Work with the Stout Student Association and public relations office with press
   releases for special events, activities or news.
E. Provide information and newsworthy articles (organization news, events, etc.) to the
   Stoutonia for publication.
F. Design and keep an overall planning calendar of all upcoming events (chapter and
   Stout) as reported to you by the other committees, the president or advisors.

SECTION 12. (Historian/Alumni Association Chairperson)

A. Take pictures at any and all functions throughout the year, and make a scrapbook
   with them to be shared with the organization (history, record of events) and the
   public as a promotional recruitment tool.
B. If you are unable to make a function you are responsible for finding a substitute to
   take pictures.
C. Maintain a list of UW – Stout WMMA/DEX former members (non-alumnus) and
   members who are graduates (Alumnus) of Stout.
D. Make contacts of former members when need arises: i.e. competitions, fund-raisers
   and other activities.
E. Seek, gather and classify all of the organization’s news.
F. Keep a cumulative file of clippings, pictures and charts.

SECTION 13. (Regional Representative)

A. Will assist and coordinate with the WMMA Northern Region Vice-President for
   northern region or state activities and/or events as needed.
B. Will act as an assistant to the Northern Region Vice-President or other State Officer
   and assist in any manner possible if that person is a member of this chapter.
C. Will communicate to the organization any state activities and/or events, and will
   coordinate the organization's efforts pertaining to these activities.
D. Will assist the advisor(s), President and/or Secretary as needed in filling out the
   necessary forms for registration of new or returning members (the membership
   roster), Fall Leadership Conference, Northern Region Conference and the State
   Career Leadership Conference.

SECTION 14. (Assistants)

There may be two assistants to each Committee Chairperson to assist that Chairperson
in his or her duties. Those individuals will be assigned as needed by the President.

SECTION 15. (Committees)
If any additional committees or committee chairpersons are needed they shall be
recommended by the President and voted upon by a two-thirds majority vote of all
members in good standing.


SECTION 1. (Time of Elections)

A. The dates for nominations and elections will be decided by the Executive Council.
B. The offices of President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary,
   Treasurer, Parliamentarian, and Regional Representative will be elected during the
   spring semester.
        1.     The nominations meeting will be held no later than the first week of April.
        2.     The elections meeting will be held no later than the 2 nd to last week of the
               SEMESTER subject to the terms of Article VII, Section 2, paragraph C.
        3.     Unfilled positions may be elected in the fall subject to the same terms as
               paragraph C below.
C. The positions of Civic/Educational Events, Fund-raising, Social Activities,
   Historian/Alumni Association and Promotional Chairpersons will be voted on in the
   fall no later than the 6th week of the semester.
        1.     The nominations meeting will be held within the first 4 weeks of the
        2.     The elections meeting will be held no later than the 6 th week subject to the
               terms of Article VII, Section 2, paragraph C.
D. Any of the above positions of office that are unable to be filled in the fall will be filled
   by election in the spring at the beginning of the semester.
        1.     The nominations meeting will be held within the first 4 weeks of the
        2.     The elections meeting will be held no later than the 6 th week subject to the
               terms of Article VII, Section 2, paragraph C.

SECTION 2. (Nominations)

A. Any member in good standing (as defined in Article II, Section 1), who wishes to run
   for an office must be present at the nominations meeting to accept a nomination for
B. If a student wishing to run for office is unable to be at the nominations meeting he or
   she should make arrangements with the President or a Vice-President to accept
   his/her nomination in his/her absence.
C. There must be a nomination and a second to that nomination for each office and that
   nominee must accept the nomination.
D. Nominations will be made at least one week in advance of elections so that there is
   time to campaign for office (if desired).

SECTION 3. (Manner of Elections)

A. A secret ballot will be cast for all offices.
B. Any member in good standing is eligible to vote for the organization's officers.
C. A candidate must receive a popular (majority) vote. In case of a tie, a second ballot
   should be cast.
D. The counting of ballots should be done by an advisor(s). If an advisor is not present
   at an election two members of the Executive Council may count ballots and must
   come to an agreement on the numbers.
E. The election results will be announced immediately.

SECTION 4. (Special Elections)

A. A special election shall be held as soon as possible after an office has been
   vacated, with at least one week's notice.
B. If vacated before the end of his/her term, the office of President will be filled by an
   election of one of the Vice-Presidents.


SECTION 1. (Removal from Office)

The following are policies and procedures for removal from office:

A. Any member in good standing of the organization can bring charges against an
   officer for the purpose of removal from office. He/she shall present these charges in
   writing to an advisor, signed by two other members in good standing of the
B. Any voting on these charges will be postponed until the next scheduled organization
   meeting with notice given that it is an officially called meeting.
C. Between the time the charges are presented and the meeting at which the action will
   be taken (at least two days), notice of the motion of removal and charges presented
   will be given to the officer charged and the Executive Council of the organization.
D. These charges must be serious, valid and without bias.
E. Appeal of the charges is the right of each officer being recalled. The officer has the
   right to explain his/her reasons for his/her actions to the organization at an
   appropriate time set by the Executive Council.
F. An officer may then be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the present
   members in good standing.

SECTION 2. (Right of Recall for the Officer)

In a case of recall for an officer of the organization, a petition signed by one half of the
members in good standing of the organization is needed. This petition must be
presented to the Executive Council of the organization within one week following
impeachment. Within two weeks following the presentation of the petition, ballots shall
be cast to determine whether or not the officer can retain his/her position. A two-thirds
vote of present members in good standing is required for reinstatement.

A quorum will be defined as the members in attendance at any officially called meeting.


The order of business at any official meeting should be as follows:

I.      Call meeting to order
II.     Roll call of officers and members
III.    Secretary’s Report
        A.     Read minutes of last meeting
        B.     Any corrections or additions?
        C.     If so, make changes,
        D.     If not, "The minutes approved as read"
IV.     Treasurer’s Report
V.      Committee Reports
        A.     Civic/Educational Events
        B.      Promotional
        C.      Fund-raising
        D.     Social Activities
VI.     Old Business
VII.    New Business
VIII.   Announcements
IX.     Adjournment

All officers shall reside at a designated area during official meetings.


SECTION 1. (Organization Treasury)

A. WMMA/ UW – Stout holds Account # 03124463 with Bremer Bank of
   Menomonie, WI.
B. This account shall have signing privileges only for the Chapter President, Treasurer
   and at least one Advisor. It will be the Advisor’s responsibility to see that this is
   updated with Bremer Bank from year-to-year, after new officers are elected.
C. This organization may also hold a Student Organization Agency Account in
   accordance with SOC policies.

SECTION 2. (Membership Dues)

Dues for full membership are set by the Executive Council. Council members should
take into consideration national (DEX) and state (WMMA) dues as well as the financial
goals /needs of this organization.

SECTION 3. (Financial Sources)
Budget Process
     1.     This organization may request funds from the Stout Student Association
            for use throughout the academic year for events and activities that take
     2.     These funds must be requested through the budget hearing process
            prescribed by the SSA Financial Affairs Committee. Failure to follow
            those guidelines may result in loss of funding for this organization.
     3.     The budget process begins in early October for the NEXT academic year
            and must involve the Chapter President, Treasurer and Advisor(s).
     4.     When the budget is submitted a budget request hearing is scheduled. The
            three afore mentioned people should all attend this hearing.
     5.     The treasurer of this organization is charged with maintaining the
            budget for all activities for which an allocation from SSA has been

B. Other Sources
      1.    Fund-raisers, area sponsorships and corporate sponsorships will generate
            funds. Any additional funds raised through any other means are subject to
            approval by the Executive Council, UW – Stout policies and at least one
      2.    There may be other events such as guest speakers, dinners, shows, etc.
            that could be used as fund-raisers. These events must be planned well in
            advance and may be eligible for partial funding from SSA, depending on
            the event.

SECTION 4. (Distribution of Finances)

Distribution of funds will be voted on within the first month of the school year; that is
within the first four meetings held (i.e. how much money from each fund-raiser goes to
the Chapter account and how much (if any) to the student; or case by case or for the
whole year).


A. At least one advisor must be a member of the faculty or staff of the University of
   Wisconsin – Stout, Menomonie or be approved by the Administration of the college.
B. At least one advisor should make every meeting. If an advisor is unable to attend a
   meeting he/she should make an effort to notify the President or Vice-Presidents of
   his/her absence.
C. Advisors should make a reasonable amount of time available to members for
   preparation for conferences and competitions (regional, state, and international).
D. Advisors will also be expected to comply with the state constitution and its policies
   regarding advisor involvement with WMMA/DEX including paying dues.


SECTION 1. (Alumni)
Alumni of UW – Stout and Delta Epsilon Chi are welcome to register with this chapter to
National DECA as Alumni and join the WMMA Alumni Association with respect to
membership guidelines of those organizations. Alumni members would be required to
pay chapter dues as decided by the Executive Council (provided by Article XI, Section
1) as well as any other fees of those organizations.

SECTION 2. (Professional Members)
Administrators, Professors, Instructors, Business and Industry Professionals are also
welcome to join Delta Epsilon Chi as Professional Members through this chapter by
paying dues. The amount is as decided by the Executive Council (provided by Article
XI, Section 1).


A. Any member in good standing of this organization may propose an amendment to
   this Constitution.
B. The amendment must be proposed in writing to the President or Vice-Presidents.
C. Notice of amendment(s) must be formally presented, in writing, at a meeting and
   then tabled for two weeks before it can be voted upon at an officially called meeting.
D. A two-thirds majority vote by the quorum is needed to amend the Constitution.
E. The amendment(s) will be made to the original document of this Constitution and the
   Revision date at the top shall be updated to reflect the change.
                  Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association /
                            Delta Epsilon Chi, UW – Stout
                             Suggestion Summary Form

DATE SUBMITTED                           NAME



DATE REVIEWED                                   EST. AMT. $

                                                EST. COST $

In the space provided below, summarize your idea. Be sure to include reasons why you
are particularly fond of the idea, and tell why and how you plan to support it.

Please give a desired choice in how you would like to see the funds from your
suggestion divided up. (If applicable)

The officers will give this idea very close attention and inform you of their decision as
soon as possible. Remember, your suggestions are valuable in helping our club grow
and utilize what we have been taught in the class through our club functions.

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