Marketing Manager Roles and Responsibilities by kellena95


									                               Marketing Manager Roles and Responsibilities

ROLE                 RESPONSIBILITY           RECURRENCE   REASON                         RESULT

Manage Sales and     Meet or exceed           Monthly/     Achieve franchise sales        Increase franchise sales
Marketing Function   franchise sales quota    Annual       goals                          revenue

                     Develop and execute      Annual       Focus and expand sales         Structured plan to
                     annual marketing plan                 and marketing efforts          execute
                     Develop and manage       On-going     Control expenses               Operate within approved
                     marketing budget                                                     budget
                     Research and establish   On-going     Accurate pricing of            Accurate pricing of
                     pricing for new                       franchise services             customer work
Manage Sales and     Recruit and hire         As needed    Teambuilding                   Build and develop an
Marketing Reps       marketing reps                                                       effective sales team
                     Monitor and coach        On-going     Ensure sales and               Professional and effective
                     sales and marketing                   marketing tasks are            sales team
                     activities                            accomplished and
                     Manage route sales       On-going     Ensure sales coverage          Increase sales revenue
                     and account                           and development of             while diversifying customer
                     development                           customer relationships         base
                     Monitor and audit        On-going     Ensure objective to            Account development
                     ManagER customer                      objective selling activities
                      contact information

ROLE                  RESPONSIBILITY           RECURRENCE   REASON                      RESULT
                      Evaluate performance     On-going     Provide performance         Improve performance
                                                            feedback                    results

                      Monitor compliance of    On-going     Ensure full compliance      Adhere to territorial policy
                      territorial policy
Manage and train      Manage and train on      On-going     Ensure proper written       Clear and timely customer
Reps on all aspects   customer                              and verbal customer         communications and
of scoping,           communications                        communications              interactions
estimating, and job
                      Manage and train         On-going     Jobs are accurately         Ensure the customer
                      proper scoping and                    scoped and pre-testing is   understands the
                      pre-testing procedures                conducted                   restoration process and
                                                                                        potential results
                      Manage and train on      On-going     Ensure proper estimating    Accurate job estimates
                      proper estimating                     procedures are followed

                      Manage and train on      On-going     Proper services are         Increased customer
                      job-monitoring tasks                  preformed and job status    satisfaction
                      and documentation                     and files are properly
                                                            updated                     Accurate job file
Manage marketing Supervise all marketing       On-going     Ensure all customer data    ManagER customer
support position support position and                       is updated and all          contact information is
                    marketing                               administrative support      current
                    administration tasks                    tasks are completed
                                                                                        Marketing tasks are
                                                                                        completed in a timely
                                                                                        and accurate manner

ROLE                RESPONSIBILITY           RECURRENCE     REASON                      RESULT
Manage customer     Monitor customer         On-going       Ensure customers are        Increase customer
satisfaction and    feedback and resolve                    satisfied                   satisfaction
complaints          customer complaints
                                                                                        Increase referrals
Monitor account     Expedite collection of   On-going       Ensure timely collection    Prompt commission
receivables         customer payments                       of receivables              payments

                                                                                        Increased cash flow
Professional        Keep abreast of          On-going       Effectively direct sales    Increased customers
development         industry and                            and marketing initiatives
                    competitive trends                                                  Increased sales

  NTE – Not to Exceed                                     OPM – Office Procedures Manual
  FNOL – First Notice of Loss                             EM – Executive Manual
  COS – Certificate of Satisfaction                       HR – Personnel / Human Resources Manual
  COI – Center of Influence                               PM - Production Manual
  CE – Continuing Education                               FFA – Franchise Financial Analysis

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