Course Outline E-Marketing for e-Commerce

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					Course Outline: eMarketing for eCommerce

eMarketing is a crucial part of eCommerce and its effectiveness has a direct impact
on commercial success. As the Internet becomes more and more multilingual and
multicultural, more companies are realising that adopting a multilingual and
multicultural website is a cost-effective way of meeting the needs of multilingual
users and increasing sales internationally. However, surveys show that many
employees of SMEs feel that they lack the appropriate skills and expertise to tackle
potential international markets through the medium of the Internet. They don’t know
how to adapt to different markets and do not have the expertise to deal with all the
cultural and linguistic issues that selling to foreign markets raises.
This module, accordingly, aims to develop an understanding of the linguistic and
cultural characteristics of eMarketing. More specifically, it aims to help learners:
             develop an understanding of the concepts of eCommerce and
             develop an understanding of the concept of the ‘integrated eMarketing
              strategy’ and alternative eMarketing strategies.
             develop an understanding of the various marketing mixes and related
              implications of the Internet.
             develop an appreciation of the implications of eMarketing for customer
             become familiar with the internationalization and localization issues of
              international eMarketing.
             measure and evaluate international eCommerce effectiveness

Module Contents

   1. Introduction to internet eCommerce and eMarketing
   2. eMarketing strategy
   3. eMarketing mix
   4. eMarketing for customer relations
   5. eMarketing internationalization and localization
   6. Measuring and evaluating international eCommerce effectiveness