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									M A RK ET IN G @ M CG IL L

   L ow er prices than ever before!
              Dear Future Par tner!
The Students’ Society of McGill University has a years’ long reputation of excellence as far as
communication with its members is concerned. We take pride in the fact that we CAN reach out to the
20,000 students that make us up, and the addit ional 10,000+ that we have exposure to. Not only do we get
visibility in the form of attendance at our events, but also in the form of media attention and word-of-
mouth promotion that surrounds our initiatives and projects. Basically, we make a lot of noise on and off our
located-in-the-core-of-downtown campus… and we are pretty proud of it!

Over the years, the SSMU has become more than just a representative body to the McGill administration and
Quebec government. The Students’ Society has taken a central role in campus life, facilitating and creating an
atmosphere of mutual respect for its diverse student body.

With its recent successful initiatives to bring SSMU “outside” the Shatner University Centre building, we’re
reaching out to more and more students, faculty and staff members within and outside the McGill community
(that brings the total of the number of people we have direct exposure to, to nearly 35,000 people). With the
best reputation among Canadian universities, we receive more exposure internationally than any other post-
secondary institution in the country. Just pick up the latest Maclean’s or any other Canadian university
rankings, and you’ll know what we’re talking about! Cu rrently McGill University is ranked the number one
university in Canada!

Successful events are an aspect of the Society that makes SSMU important to its members – and to you as a
sponsor! SSMU has traditionally depended on the support of many on and off campus businesses to create
successful events for its student body. Strong partnerships have been formed with these companies and we
would like to welcome your business into the family of SSMU supporters! This sponsorship package will
provide you with information on the Students’ Society events for the rest of the 2006-07 academic year.

Please go through the following pages and discover for you rself all the different ways you can become an
integral part of the largest student association on the McGill campus. We are pretty confident in saying
that you are bound to like all that you could get in return!

                                                                                            Elana Ostrega
                                                                               Creative Marketing Director

                           Elana Ostrega, Creative Marketing Director
                       3600 McTavish Suite 1200 Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2
                             Tel: (514) 398-2527 Fax: (514) 398-7490
 We view our marketing contracts as commitments to
 relationships. Receive one-on-one client support from
the very initial stage of contract negotiation to the very
           final stage of post-event reporting.
100 % S atisfaction Guarantee d!!

                Elana Ostrega, Creative Marketing Director
            3600 McTavish Suite 1200 Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2
                  Tel: (514) 398-2527 Fax: (514) 398-7490

                           WHY McGill?
                                •   Established in 1821.
                                •   McGill has 21 faculties and professional schools,
                                    including Arts, Science, Education, Law, Medicine,
                                    Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Management
                                    and Engineering.
                                •   The University offers 300 fields of study. It is possible
                                    to combine fields of study through McGill's
                                    interdisciplinary programs, double majors and minor
                                •   McGill has one of the highest international student
                                    populations in North America.
                                •   McGill students have won more Rhodes Scholarships
                                    (125) than those of any other Canadian university.
                                •   Ranked first (1st) in Canada according to the latest
                                    Maclean’s rankings. It’s not just a brand name – it lives
                                    up to its international reputation!
                                •   We don’t just have the smarts. McGill is the only
                                    Canadian school to make it to the “Playboy Top Ten
                                    Party Schools in North America” list!
                                •   Two McGill professors have won Nobel Prizes: Ernest
                                    Rutherford in 1908 and Frederick Soddy in 1921.

•   The first ever official                                             football match in
    history    was      held                                            between       McGill
    and Harvard on the                                                  grassy hills of the
    McGill       downtown                                               campus – the site
    where the majority of                                               SSMU events are
•   McGill grads are                                                    CEOs of a lot of
    companies      including                                            the Bay, Canadian
    Pacific Railway, Jean                                               Coutu, Telus, Pr att
    & Whitney Canada, the                                               Laurentian Bank of
    Canada, Aldo Shoes                                                  and Le Château.
•   William       Chalmers,                                             invented Plexiglas
    while    a      graduate                                            student at McGill.
•   McGill graduate James                                               Naismith, invented
    basketball in 1891.

                     Elana Ostrega, Creative Marketing Director
                 3600 McTavish Suite 1200 Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2
                       Tel: (514) 398-2527 Fax: (514) 398-7490
•   Seven Academy Award winners, including film producer Edward Saxon, Burt Bacharach,
                           and National Film Board animator John Weldon are McGill
                       • Supreme Court of Canada justices Ian Binnie, Marie
                           Deschamps, and Morris Fish are McGill alumni.
                       • TV actors William Shatner (after whom the SSMU building is
                           named), Jessalyn Gilsig, Cameron Mathison (All My Children),
                           and Jamie Elman (American Dreams) are all – you guessed it –
                           McGill alumni too.
                       • McGill students and graduates have collectively won three
                           Olympic gold medals, five silvers and ten bronzes at various
                       • Other McGill graduates of note include Latvian president
                           Vaira Vike-Freiberg, Auditor General Sheila Fraser,
                           singer/poet Leonard Cohen, and astronauts Julie Payette,
                           Dafydd Williams, and Robert Thirsk.
                       • Carrie Derick, was the first female professor in Canada,
                           teaching botany here at McGill.
                       • The first woman elected to the Quebec National Assembly,
                           Marie-Claire Kirkland Strover, is a McGill graduate.
                       • McGill was the first non-denominational university in the
                           British Empire.
                       • McGill owns 155 historic and state-of-the-art buildings.
                       • In the last five years, over 30 films, TV shows and/or TV
                           commercials have shot scenes at McGill.
                       • McGill medical professor Sir Thomas Roddick (the Roddick
                           Gates are named after him) served as the chief medical
                           officer for the Canadian military during the Northwest
                           Rebellion of 1885 led by Louis Riel.

                    Elana Ostrega, Creative Marketing Director
                3600 McTavish Suite 1200 Montreal, QC H3A 1Y2
                      Tel: (514) 398-2527 Fax: (514) 398-7490

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