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									                                                             D    I   P   L   O   M   A

Marketing Coordinator
Program Objective                                                Career Opportunities
The Marketing Coordinator Diploma is designed to                 This program provides the student with a range of
prepare students for entry-level marketing support               marketing knowledge and skills, which prepare them for
positions relating to a variety of integrated marketing          many aspects of marketing.
and communication activities. Its objective is to expose         Graduates of this program are prepared for entry-level
students to a broad range of marketing knowledge and             marketing support, and administrative positions in a
processes, administration skills, and practical tools that       variety of industries, specializing in those areas of
will assist them in dealing with situations within a             greatest interest, experience, and ability. Careers in
marketing related career. The program will provide the           marketing communications, such as marketing,
skills to progress into manager-level careers, given the         advertising, direct marketing, public relations, and
proper combination of skills, experience, personal               market research are available to those students who
attributes, and additional training.                             possess the proper combination of marketing skills,
This program provides students with:                             experience, personal ability, and aptitude. Careers that
                                                                 correspond with the skills learned in this program
   Leading-edge marketing skills and current course              include:
   curriculum relevant to today’s businesses in
   Canada, and in some cases, internationally.                        Marketing & Events Coordinator
   An introduction to the most relevant aspects of                    Sales & Marketing Coordinator
   marketing support and administration.                              Direct Marketing Coordinator
   Professional skills in high demand by employers.
   These skills include: team-work, communication,               Admission Requirements
   customer service, leadership, research and problem
                                                                 Grade 12 or equivalent or Mature Student status.
   A solid knowledge of marketing practices and                  Courses are open to any applicant who possesses a
   principles. It also develops the student’s ability to         good command of the English language and is able to
   relate and apply this knowledge to the many facets            follow instructions.
   of marketing.
                                                                 An admissions interview will be administered to
   Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications and              determine if the applicant has the required interest,
   accounting.                                                   motivation, and entry-level skills to take this program.
Program Notes                                                    Full-time students must attend the required hours per
                                                                 week as per the course schedule and may do so at times
Financial assistance may be available to qualified               convenient to them.
                                                                 Part-time students may set their own schedules to a
Students must also achieve a 75% program average to              minimum of two training sessions per week. These
earn a Marketing Coordinator Diploma.                            times may be scheduled during the day, evening, or on

                                                                 Program Prerequisites
                                                                 Introduction to Keyboarding, Keyboarding Skill Building
                                                                 Level 1, and Introduction to Personal Computers

                                                                                                           MC ON 08/06
                                                            D    I   P   L   O   M   A

Marketing Coordinator
Duties & Responsibilities                                       Competencies upon Completion
Individuals working in a Marketing Coordinator career           CORE BUSINESS & COMPUTER COURSES*
perform a wide range of marketing support and                        OPERATING SYSTEMS
administrative duties relating to the day-to-day
                                                                     Basic level of proficiency in Windows
operation of a marketing department. Specific job duties
                                                                     SOFTWARE FUNDAMENTALS
vary with education and experience and may include:
                                                                     Basic level of proficiency using the Internet,
   Assist Marketing Manager to coordinate a wide                     Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Access
   range of integrated marketing and communication                   Intermediate level of proficiency in Microsoft Word,
   activities.                                                       Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point
   Interface and build relationships with counterparts               OFFICE SKILLS
   at marketing suppliers.                                           Completion of Office Procedures Levels 1 & 2
   Coordinate production of various marketing                        BUSINESS SKILLS
   communications.                                                   Completion of Business Writing Essentials,
   Desktop publishing, developing and maintaining                    Business Correspondence Levels 1 & 2, Business
   sales collateral and proposals, rate cards, brochures,            Math, Customer Service, Project Management
   newsletters, and other marketing materials.                       Fundamentals, and Microsoft Project Level 1
   Oversee the execution/production of marketing                     GRAPHICS SKILLS
   materials.                                                        Proficiency in Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop,
   Execute a variety of details involving direct mail,               and Adobe Illustrator
   outbound calls, mass email broadcast campaigns,                   EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS
   marketing events and trade shows, public relations,               Job Search and Résumé Writing, and Employment
   promotions, customer communications, media                        Success Strategies
   advertisements, and other marketing tactics.
   Track campaigns, prepare post campaign                       CORE BUSINESS/MARKETING SPECIALTY
   performance analysis reports and make                        COURSES*
   recommendations for corrective changes to                         BUSINESS SKILLS
   concurrent programs.                                              Business Essentials, Marketing & Sales, Marketing
                                                                     Administration, Business in the Electronic Age, and
Personal Attributes Required                                         Business Presentations

To be successful in a Marketing Coordinator career,             ELECTIVE COURSES*
individuals must possess the ability to:                        Students must complete a maximum of 3 credits from
   learn new skills and knowledge                               the following:
   formulate decisions and exercise good judgment                  KEYBOARDING
   build working relationships to achieve goals                    OFFICE SKILLS
   efficiently manage time and stress                              WORD PROCESSING
   work collaboratively and effectively as part of a team          ACCOUNTING
   recognize dynamics and politics of an organization              BUSINESS SKILLS
   be self-motivated, energetic, confident, and creative           WEB DESIGN
   effectively communicate and use interpersonal skills         *Note: Actual course selections may vary by campus and
   use good listening skills and be tactful                     are made at the time of enrollment.
   communicate verbally and in writing with people
   from all walks of life

                                                                                                         MC ON 08/06

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