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                                                     Business Administration – marketing

                                                                                                      You must also complete a Career Strategies
 ontario College Advanced Diploma                      For more inFormAtion                           course and two unique field placement*
 3 years                                               ContACt reCrUiting                             courses, one at the end of the second year
 starts september and January                          Call: 1-800-463-0752                           and one at the end of the third year. This
 Students starting in January must take the second     Email:                        strong workplace focus for the program
 semester during spring/summer in order to be on       Visit:                allows graduates to develop the skills,
 track for the third fall semester.                                                                   knowledge and networks required for
                                                       Program Coordinator:
                                                                                                      career success.
                                                       Jim Hamilton, 613-544-5400, ext.1139
                                                                         The Marketing programs at St. Lawrence
 ProgrAm oUtline
 semester 1                                                                                           are recognized leaders in Ontario. St. Law-
 ACCT 1    Introductory Accounting I                                                                  rence teams have excelled at the Ontario
 COMM 21 Effective Business Communications                                                            Colleges Marketing Competition over the
                                                     2009-10 tuition fees are $2,219. Compul-
 COMP 201 Basic Computer Applications                                                                 last 18 years, winning more often than any
                                                     sory fees are $832.15. All fees are subject to
 HUMA 201 Intro. to Human Resources I                                                                 other college in the province, including first
                                                     change in 2010-11.
 MARK 201 Introductory Marketing I                                                                    place overall six times in the last ten years.
                                                     ADmission reQUirements                           Students succeed, in large measure, because
 MATH 35 Business Mathematics
                                                     Ontario Secondary School Diploma or              top-notch marketing faculty members are
 semester 2                                          equivalent. The majority of Grade 11 and         all current in their fields.
 ACCT 2    Introductory Accounting II                12 courses must be college or university
 COMM 27 Developing Writing Efficiency                                                                One faculty member has authored three of
                                                     preparation level.
 MCOM 25 Business Principles                                                                          the most popular marketing texts in Cana-
                                                     ADDitionAl inFormAtion                           da. All have significant employment experi-
 HUMA 202 Intro. to Human Resources II
                                                     High school students with a minimum              ence in marketing, including a number with
 MARK 202 Introductory Marketing II
                                                     grade of 75% in Grade 12 M level accounting      national and international experience, and
 MATH 53 Mathematics of Finance
                                                     (BAT4M) are eligible to receive advanced         all undertake marketing and management
 semester 3                                          standing in St. Lawrence College Introduc-       consulting projects on a regular basis.
 CARE 91 Career Strategies                           tory Accounting, ACCT 1. Once you have
 MATH 1 Quantitative Methods for Marketing                                                            CAreer oPPortUnities
                                                     been accepted into your college program,
 MARK 19 Marketing Research                                                                           Graduates of the 3-year Business Admin-
                                                     contact your program coordinator for
 MARK 2 Professional Selling                                                                          istration – Marketing program compete
 MARK 4 Retail Strategy Development                                                                   for the very best marketing jobs in Canada
                                                     ProgrAm HigHligHts                               and elsewhere. Graduates find rewarding
 MARK 80 Direct and Interactive Marketing
                                                     The 3-year Business Administration –             careers as sales, marketing and advertising
 semester 4                                          Marketing program provides the depth and         managers and representatives in a variety
 GENE 11 Economic Issues**                           breadth of coverage needed to build a suc-       of industries, including media, communica-
 MARK 9 Advertising                                  cessful marketing career with the very best      tions and entertainment, consumer goods,
 MARK 39 Strategic Account Management                organizations in Canada and elsewhere.           technology, and financial services. Many
 GENE 21 New Venture Development**                                                                    graduates are also successful at starting
                                                     As in the two-year Business – Marketing
 WORK 64 Marketing Internship I *                                                                     their own businesses.
                                                     (0261) program, the first year provides a
 MARK 6 International Marketing
                                                     solid grounding in the fundamentals of
 semester 5                                          business administration and the second
 FINA 12K Intro. to Personal Finance **              year introduces you to major areas of the
 ACCT 30 Managerial Accounting                       discipline (including Marketing Research,
 MARK 5 Marketing Planning                           Sales, Advertising and Promotion and In-
 MARK 12 Customer Relationship Management            ternational Marketing). You also build skills
 MARK 22 Consumer Behaviour                          in Economics and Venture Development.
 MARK 111 Integrated Marketing Communications        In the third year of the program, you are
                                                     exposed to emerging areas of the discipline,
 semester 6
                                                     including Supply Chain Management, Data-
 MARK 11 Leadership & Sales Management
                                                     base Marketing and Customer Relationship
 MARK 16 Marketing Management
                                                     Marketing. Courses in Sales Management
 MARK 10 Supply Chain Management
                                                     and Marketing Management also help to de-
 MARK 55 Business-to-Business Marketing
                                                     velop the management and leadership skills
 WORK 65 Marketing Internship II *
                                                     required of today’s business leaders.
 * Marketing Internships occurs during a 3-week
   period in April.
 ** General Education Course

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