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									 Professional Certificate in
 Public Sector &
 Non-Profit Marketing
 An intensive program designed to equip you with the skills and core
 competencies to develop and execute action-oriented marketing
 strategies for the public and non-profit sectors.

2010 Program
10 days over 6 months

January 20 – June 18, 2010
Professional Certificate in Public                      Message from the Program Directors
Sector & Non-Profit Marketing
                                                       Managers in the public and non-profit sectors operate
                                                       under different constraints than the private sector and
There is a rising need for highly skilled marketing    are largely unprepared for the marketing challenges
professionals in the public and non-profit sectors      they face. Traditional, commercial marketing education
to effectively bring their organization’s products,    programs are of limited value as they don’t address the
services and messages to the marketplace.              unique needs of these sectors.

The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and       The Professional Certificate in Public Sector and
Non-Profit Marketing provides the information,          Non-Profit Marketing is geared specifically to the unique
tools and solutions that are critical for marketers    needs of government and non-profit sectors.
in these sectors to excel in their positions.
                                                       Our seminar leaders are top professionals with extensive
This program engages participants in a rich            experience in managing public sector and non-profit
learning environment that reinforces theory with       marketing programs and apply real-world experiences
practical, real-life examples based on the             to their teaching.
extensive experience of our instructors.
                                                       This program is intensive and rigorous, respecting that
Why You Should Attend                                  time away from your job needs to bring concrete results
• Develop an action-oriented, strategic                once back at the office.
  marketing plan for your organization.
                                                       We encourage you to learn more about this hallmark
• Gain the skills and expertise to assume              program.
  more senior positions and responsibilities.

• Share experiences with marketers in your
  sectors and expand your network.
                                                       Jim Mintz             Bernie Colterman
Who Should Attend                                      Program Director      Program Director
Managers working for government, crown
corporations/agencies, non-profit organizations
and associations who are responsible for:             A must-have learning experience for any serious
                                                      marketer. Up-to-date and purposeful marketing
• Programs, products and services targeted            concepts delivered by true professionals in the field
  to the public                                       make for a unique program designed for managers
                                                      and executives. Positive interaction and the sharing
• Partnership and/or revenue-generating
                                                      of ideas and real life experiences by course
                                                      participants was a true added benefit.
• Social marketing, community outreach
 and public education programs                        Mark Lalonde, Chief, Marketing Programs,
                                                      Canadian Dairy Commission
• Strategic communications, media relations,
  online marketing                                    Course content is practical and applied - I was
                                                      immediately able to take concepts back to my
                                                      work and implement. I learned to appreciate the
                                                      marketing orientation. As a program person, I am
                                                      able now to talk the language with my marketing
     Register online at                               and communication colleagues.                             Patti Murphy, Program Consultant,
                                                      HIV/AIDS Policy, Coordination and Program
                                                      Division, Public Health Agency of Canada
Module 1 Fundamentals of Public Sector               Module 5 Partnerships & Creative
Jan. 20  and Non-Profit Marketing                     April 8-9 Marketing Tactics

Start the program with an overview of marketing in   Build partnerships and other proven marketing
the public and non-profit sectors.                    tactics into your strategies to leverage resources
What you will learn:                                 and increase impact.
• Understand how marketing differs in the private,   What you will learn:
  public and non-profit sectors.                      • Explore the latest trends and best practices in
• The processes to develop and implement an            partnership marketing, corporate engagement
  action-oriented, strategic marketing plan.           techniques and cause marketing.
• Review the format and guidelines for               • Key elements of face-to-face and event
  developing a marketing plan for your                 marketing programs.
  organization. (Term project)                       • Learn how to measure the value and impact
                                                       of partnerships and sponsorships.

Module 2 Marketing Research and
Jan. 21 1 Evaluation                                 Module 6 Strategic Social Media/
                                                     May 3    Web 2.0 Marketing
Explore how to conduct research on a limited
budget for effective short and long-term             Learn how to leverage social media to reach and
marketing campaigns.                                 engage your target audience.
What you will learn:                                 What you will learn:
• Understand how to use market research to           • Explore how to use relevant social media channels
  support decision-making framework.                   to reach your objectives more efficiently and
• Key concepts in consumer behaviour.                  effectively.
• The most effective methods for acquiring and       • Incorporate automated social media monitoring
  using market intelligence.                           activities into your daily schedule.
• Develop a system for measuring progress and        • Move away from one-way communication and
  monitoring performance.                              enter the world of two-way communication.
                                                     • Save money using free, open-source applications.

Module 3 Integrated Marketing
Feb. 17-18 Communications                            Module 7 How to Sell Your Marketing
                                                     June 1   Program
Through case studies, learn how to use integrated
marketing communications to deliver key              One of the biggest challenges faced by non-profit
messages to target markets, with limited             and public sector marketers is selling their market-
resources, for successful marketing campaigns.       ing programs to senior management.
What you will learn:                                 What you will learn:
• Prepare an integrated marketing                    • Key factors in selling your marketing program
  communications plan for maximum impact.              internally and externally.
• The strength of various IMC components and         • Tools and strategies to build support for your
  how to select the right mix for your goals and       marketing program.
• Develop a segmentation and positioning strategy.
                                                     Final Exam: June 8
 Module 4 Social Marketing                           (online – no class attendance)
 Mar. 10-11
Examine social marketing and create a powerful       Course Project Due: June 18
strategy to influence opinion and change behaviour.   (no class attendance)
What you will learn:
• Develop a strategic social marketing plan
  based on solid research.
• Explore the latest social marketing approaches.
Registration Details                                    Convenient Registration Options

PROGRAM DATES & LOCATION                                 ONLINE
Jan. 20 - June 18, 2010                        
10 days over 6 months
Sprott School of Business                                You may also download and print a registration
Carleton University                                      form from, complete and
312 Dunton Tower, 1125 Colonel By Drive                  fax to the Sprott School of Business,
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6                                       613-520-7507
Tel: 613-520-3486 Fax: 613-520-7507
Unless otherwise indicated, all modules                  Mail your downloaded registration form to:
commence at 8:30 a.m. and end at 5:00 p.m. The           Sprott School of Business,
Sprott School of Business reserves the right to make     Carleton University
changes regarding schedule, location and                 312 Dunton Tower,
instructors. For information, please visit               1125 Colonel By Drive
the website at                   Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION                                PHONE
You will receive a framed Certificate of Completion.      613-520-3486
Participants must attend all days of all program
modules and complete the final exam and course
project in order to receive the certificate.
                                                        Here Are Your Next Steps
PROGRAM FEE                                             1. To Register
$4,200 + GST                                            Visit

• Program fee includes full 7-module program            2. To Ask a Question About the Program
  tuition, all teaching materials, lunches and          Contact Leslie Love at 613-520-3488 or
  refreshments.                               , or
                                                        program directors Jim Mintz at
• Carleton University’s liability is limited to and
  reimbursement of paid tuition fee.                    Bernie Colterman at
• Full program fee is payable prior to the start
  of program.                                           3. For More Information
IMPORTANT: A deposit of $800 is required to
secure your place in the program. Please include
your credit card information on faxed or online
registrations, or mail a cheque along with your
completed program information.

If you are unable to attend the program, a full
refund will be issued for written cancellations
received a minimum of 21 days before the program
start date. Written cancellations received after this
date will incur an administration charge of $800.
Non-attendance or withdrawal after program start
date will incur a full program fee.

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