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					                Government Information Kiosk
HUD has several kiosks in public places through-
out the country. Working with the Departments of
Education and Labor, the Internal Revenue Service
and the Environment Protection Agency these kiosks
provide basic information about many government
programs and services.

Our kiosks have a simple-to-use touch-screen to help
citizens and your customers find information about
homebuying, student loans, retirement accounts,
household safety and ways to save on your taxes.

We need your help
A Government Informational Kiosk in your business
location provides an excellent community service to
your customers and community.

Kiosk specifications:
HUD kiosks are approximately 7 feet tall and 3 feet in
width and depth. We need to be able to install a
dedicated phone line that we will pay for. We also
need a dedicated 110 volt outlet. Each kiosk is
visited weekly for maintenance and to provide sup-

                            Customers will find -

                        U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development