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Scotts Valley HS
Welcome Sophomore
 SVHS counselors promote
    academic, career &
  development for every
    student, through a
       Scotts Valley High
       School 2007/2008
            Principal: Gregg Gunkel
          Vice Principal: Mrs. Bariteau
   Counselor: Kimberly Frey (last names A – G)
 Counselor: Barbara Cushing (last names H – M)
   Counselor: Cathy Drew (last names N – Z)
Angela Marshall: Principal’s secretary, School secretary
      Jacque Kannegaard: Counselor’s Secretary
         Julie Edwards-Levy: Interim Registrar
               Kelly Cox: Attendance Clerk
 Career Center Technician: Janet Manusos (Mon-Fri 12:30-3:30)
ROP counselor: Sherri Williams (in career center on Thu-break & lunch)
 Youth Service Counselor; Mike Leimbach (Mon. Tue. 9-1)
Student/Parent/School-wide benefits of SVHS Counseling Program
           Academic                         Personal/Social                    Career/College

Counselors handle all individual    Classroom presentations            Career-topic lessons presented
class schedules: registration,      include information about          in classrooms, for all grade
class changes, adds/drops.          various topics of interest         levels. Career exploration &
                                    pertinent to students’             personality assessments during
                                    social/personal lives.             classroom visits.
Available for students on a drop-   Individual Counseling & Crisis     Advisement regarding post-
in basis during break, lunch        counseling                         secondary options: Ongoing
and after school                                                       throughout the school year.
Academic topics presented in         Help student explore various      Available for students on a drop-
classrooms twice per year for all    Clubs, Sports and Activities      in basis during break, lunch
grade levels.                                                          and after school
Four year Graduation Plans for      Point-of-contact person for
all students and evaluation of      students who need personal         ollege Liaison
transcripts                         and social support
                                                                       etters of Recommendation,
Small group advisement for 10th       Confidential help for parents     College Night
                                                                       school reports &
graders, individual advisement        regarding tutor lists, private   Coordination of College Rep.
for all incoming 9th graders             counselors, residential       visits to SVHS
                                                                       th Semester College Reports
                                          treatment programs           Cabrillo Workshop
Advisement for all seniors          Helping students to recognize
regarding their Senior Contract     personal strengths and             PA Verification/
transcript                          weaknesses which effect their
                                    success                            oordination for FASFA
Evening Presentations for                                              Advisement regarding summer
Parents/Students about various      ew Student Orientation and         enrichment programs at
                                                                       areer Panels
school related topics                                                  colleges/ university and training
                                    oordination of grade-level         programs
Parent/Teacher/Student              Conflict Resolution for students   Regional Occupation Program
conferences                                                            (ROP) class advisement
                                    Informational resource for
B & AP classes; advisement and      students regarding items within    oordination & Advisement RE:
registration                        the three broad content areas.     PSAT, SAT 1 & 2, ACT
504 Plans & Student Study           Referral Coordination regarding    Provide students with materials
                                                                       SAT classroom presentations
Team (SST)                          students who need outside          for career/college interests,
                                    services                           through the career center
              SVHS Graduation
English/Lang Arts 4 years/40 credits
Math                 3 years/30 credits (or through Alg. 2)
Science-       1 yr of Physical & 1 yr of Life; an additional yr from
either area
Humanities                3 years/30 credits
Phys. Ed.                 2 years/20 credits        (2nd yr flexible)
Health                    1 Semester/5 crdts
World Lang.               1 years/10 credits
Visual/Perf. Arts.        1 year/10 credits
Additional year of World Lang. or Visual/Perf.Arts 1 yr/10 credits
Additional SVHS Requirements
 35 additional units of electives for a
 total of 220 units
 Each semester class = 5 units
 Passing score on High School Exit Exam,
 Math & English score of 350- each section

 Minimum of 60 hours of approved
 Community Service Learning
Community Service Learning
 •See your counselor for pre-approval, a list of ideas, or to turn
             in your community service paperwork.
 •CSL experience requires pre-approval & your reflection in writing.
 However, there is a list of Pre-Approved opportunities.
 •A list of current CSL opportunities is available on SVHS website & in
 the Career Center.

 •   More resources for you:
 • YouthServe 427-5066
High School Exit Exam
      Sophomore Class
       “First testing”
       February 2009
         Need a passing score of 350
         in both the Math & English.

    The CA High School Exam Web site gives info
       about the content of the exam-
   page 8 in your Life After High School booklet
  High School Transcript

Official record of academic performance in
high school
Shows units attempted/units completed
each semester (6 & 12 week progress reports are not
listed on transcripts)
Used by college admissions, military and
Shows various GPA calculations, and class
      4-year Graduation Plan

Purpose: Provide a place for students
   to track their progress towards
   graduation requirements.

  –   Course of study by year
  –   Graduation requirements
  –   Notes Post Secondary Plans

  –   *Please refer to your son/daughter’s Graduation Plan which
      has been provided.
   Baccalaureate Diploma
Students can choose to take one, or
           more IB classes
   in their junior and senior year.
A “Full IB Diploma” student will take
 all subject courses in the IB track.

    Our IB Coordinator is David
  Junior/Senior Options at
All SVHS courses (No IB courses)
“Mix & match” IB courses with other SVHS
Full IB Diploma program
ROP classes: on or off campus
Work experience/ TA/ Office Aide
Cabrillo classes
Cross Age Tutor
      Santa Cruz County
Regional Occupational Program
             What is ROP?
County and state funded courses in Career Pathways for high school students-
 - Economics of Marketing               - Sports Related Occupations
 - Administration of Justice            – Digital Photography
 - Culinary
 - -Construction technology, International Business & Aquaculture-
     (environmental sci. or wildlife biology, lndscape architecture- related to
     water systems) all offered at SLV, Green Careers
 -   Medical Occupations, Medical Technologies, Athletic Trainer all
     offered at Harbor high school, Dental Occupations
 -   CA Highway Patrol Explorer - First Responder
 -   Vet Science & Horticulture offered at Soquel HS
 –   Engine Performance, Interior & Fashion Design offered at SCHS

 - Seniors Only-   Cosmetology - Dental Assistant - Fire
     Science Central Fire Dept
Medical Technologies
    Harbor High School
    Why students like ROP
The Instructors!
Meaningful and fun hands-on projects
Exposure to career opportunities
Instructors meet individual student
learning needs
Challenging course content in an
appropriate learning environment
Learn useful work skills
Sports Related Occupations
     Scotts Valley HS
CA Scholarship Federation:                    This is a
statewide organization whose purpose is to recognize
students who have demonstrated outstanding academic
achievement. Qualifying for membership is on a
semester basis. It follows a point system that requires
A’s and B’s in approved classes, and specific type of
community service each semester.
Mr. Salome is the advisor; 
Students need to get an application from Kelly Cox, attendance clerk,
and submit it to Mr. Salome to see if they will qualify. The first
opportunity to apply is after 1st semester grades are released.

Membership in “CSF” on your college application looks good !
Please refer to the blue flyer in your packet titled, “Oct. 23, 08”
            College & Career Center
Visit the College & Career Center to access
resources for college research, scholarships,
summer learning programs, financial aid
information, PSAT, SAT, ACT information,
part-time jobs and Community Service
 There are computers available for online
Janet Manusos is the person to see in the
College & Career Center. She’s there to help
you every day from 12:30-3:30 every day.
Turn to page 21. “Soft Skills”
Refer to Pages 21 – 28 for info about Resume writing,
Cover letters, job interviews & work related rights and
       How to find out more about a
            Visit the SVHS Career Center- talk with
the Career Center Tech. & she can direct you to the
information we have to research careers.
Turn to Pages 18 – 19 in your Life After High School
booklet. And refer to the Website list (blue flyer).
Research careers in your pathway on the internet.
Explore the pathway by talking to people in the field
about what they do.
Enroll in a ROP class in your area of interest.
Job shadow a person for the day to see what the
work is all about.
Do an internship or get a job in your area of interest.
               Post High School Options
• 4 Year College/University & & &

• 2 Year Community College                       
        –   Associate Degree &/or Transfer to 4-yr college (60+ credits)
        –   Certificates of Achievement (23 – 45)
        –   Skill Certificate (12-17 credits)

• CTE (Career Technical Ed.) training, including ROP
      Career Related Classes
•     Apprenticeship Programs
•     CityYear (Americorps)- See yellow flyer in your packet.
•     CA Conservation Corps & Job Corps- Pages 69 & 70
•     “Gap Year”- See orange flyer
•     Military-
•     or On the Job training
         Gap Year programs
Read student gap-year
Training other than College
CTE (Career Technical Ed.) Programs are available at CA Community
  Colleges, Regional Occupation Programs (ROP), and private sector post-
  secondary institutions     &    &
   –   Few weeks to two years in length
   –   Learn a specific skill for a particular career
  Apprenticeship Programs, page 66
   – Focus is on On-the-job training, includes some classroom instruction
   – Earn $$$ while you learn a trade -Application process is competitive
  CityYear (AmeriCorps), page 69 &
   -AmeriCorps*NCCC in Your State-     Service Through Teamwork
    See yellow flyer in your handouts.
  Military, page 68
   – Excellent training in a specific area such as Accounting, Optometrist, Nursing
     or Airplane mechanic, (for example). Opportunity for travel, free room and
     board, money to pay for college. Must be a high school graduate

   Job Corps & CA Conservation Corps
   See yellow flyer in your handouts
Two-year colleges - usually public community
colleges. Open admissions. Minimal tuition. Accept
anyone over age 18 or with a high school diploma.
                           Pages 51-55
– Skill Certificate for specific jobs (12-17 credits)
– Certificate of Achievement for a specific career field (25-39
– Associate degree and/or transfer to a 4 year college

4-year colleges or universities - selective and
open admissions             Pages 56-65
– Many are residential     -Require students to pursue a degree
– Tuition, room and board more expensive than community college
          What do 4-Year
          Colleges look for?

Strong academic program (6 classes a
Including some IB classes or Full IB
Increase your chances of getting into
the colleges of your choice page 48
See pages 45 – 47 to help you decide on
which college is the best one for you.
           UC/CSU A-G Requirements
           a grade of C or higher in:
A.   English                      4 years
B.   Math (thru Alg. 2)           3 years (4 preferred)
C.   Laboratory Science           2 years (3 preferred)
D.   Social Studies               2 years
     –   World History (studies) & U.S. History
E.   Foreign Language             2 years of the same language
F.   College Prep Electives       1 year
     –   Choose from: History, Social Studies, English,
         Advanced Math, Lab Science, Foreign Lang.)
G.   Visual/Performing Arts 1 year
H.   Page 8 in your Life After High School booklet
   UC/CSU “A - G” GPA
Only 10th,11th, and 12th grades used

Courses taken in 9th grade are used as Subject Requirements (and
must be C or above for academic classes-each semester) but the
GPA from 9th grade is not factored into your “academic” GPA

12th grade marks determine final acceptance
      College Entrance Exams
PSAT- (Practice SAT) taken the 3       rd   ACT-      accepted at all colleges &
                                            universities in the US. Divided into 4
Saturday in October of your junior
year. Offered only once per year.           sections; English, Math, Reading
                                            comprehension & Science. There is an
SAT-taken during junior or senior           optional Writing Test. Includes a
                                            career inventory and extensive
year. Divided into 3 sections; 1)           feedback which can be helpful in
critical reading, 2) math and 3) writing.   choosing a college major.

SAT Subject Tests-
Only the UC universities and some
private colleges require the subject
tests. The CSU do not require these.
Normally taken at the end of the junior
year, or when you have completed a
specific subject. It is designed to
measure knowledge in that specific
   Paying for Post Secondary
(Colleges: 2 yr, 4 yr, CTE programs, etc)

 Check out the Financial Planning to
      fulfill post secondary goals
              pages 38- 44
    You want to see these pages!
Engine Performance
  Santa Cruz HS
Administration of Justice
Due date- by November 18th

Go to the Website

Get out your yellow flyer. Lets go over the
instructions on that sheet.
   Thank you for attending
    our Sophomore Parent
   Night Presentation. We
       appreciate your
  participation and support.
         Kimberly Frey
This Power Point will be on the SVHS website