Volume 1 No. 1 A Nightclub Marketing Newsletter Fall by kellena94


									Volume 1 No. 1                          A Nightclub Marketing Newsletter                             Fall 2007

      CHEAP DRINKS/NO COVER                                Your cheap drinks and no cover are a typical recipe for
    EQUALS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER                           disaster. But, when you have the Passion For The
                                                           Promotion, you pack your club, with premier patrons.
     By RichUnger@promotingnightclubs.com
                                                           Far too many club owners measure success by the
                                                           amount of liquor they pour. But I count the cash, the
How much is a gallon of milk right now?                    revenue generated by regular priced drinks, and the
How much is a gallon of gas in your area?                  money a cover charge generates, knowing the profits
                                                           are in the consistency of "THE FUN" and "THE WOW
Because of these economic “Red Lights,” you decide to
                                                           FACTORS,” not how cheap you can go.
counteract the supposed lack of disposable income and
offer cheap drinks for everyone, every night you’re open, When all you do is attract the same patrons, mostly
or a different dramatic drink special to attract customers men for the price at the bar, rather than what you’re
to your establishment.                                     doing in the Club, you have nothing to build on.
Then you also "Panic Promote" and offer live entertain- I see a future beyond begging for club-goers with low
ment with no "Cover Charge".                                priced drinks and beer. Want to turn a new page in
                                                            your club's typical format? Promotions are not only
This places the entire burden of your overhead, fixed
                                                            the foundation to reinventing your club, they are the
expenses, entertainment fees, advertising and costs all
                                                            key to your future success.
on your bar.
                                                            Close your eyes, imagine having patrons paying a
The bar cannot sustain the costs of your rent, your
                                                            cover charge to enter your club, then paying regular
electric, your insurance, your payroll, your liquor orders,
                                                            price for drinks. Now open your eyes and "TURN ON
your phone, your water, your garbage, your music
                                                            THE POWER OF THE PROMOTION."
licensing, and cleaning crew.
                                                            Rich Unger
Instead, you should be trusting your instincts to
“PREMIER PROMOTIONS".                                       www.promotingnightclubs.com
Creating profits in the current night life climate
demands risk, resilience, and conviction in your
Packing your nights with patrons requires strong insight
and expertise. The issues of promoting each night are
You totally refrain from any kind of drink specials, you
do not drop your cover charge. You do provide
diverse, innovative promotions; you tie in a Trip to
Cancun, or Jamaica, or Aruba. You don't follow, you
lead. Seize the Nights!
Use my mantra," the harder I work, the luckier I get".
Your competition is only busier than you, because you
allow them to be.        You’re not doing enough to
                       Promotions                                 November is a
The word promotion scares a lot of owners and managers;           really good time             November
but believe it or not, there are a least 5 calls a week that      of the year when
comes into our office asking for help. They say, “If you can      you can showcase                Promotions
come up with some good promotions, I will buy your vaca-          your bar or night-
tion packages and use them.” Even if you give a raffle            club. Some of the
ticket to everyone that comes in, that’s a way of doing a         ways     are     by                    That
“Simple Simon” promotion. Now with that being said,               getting involved
let’s work on Simple Simon, My busiest time of the night is
between 11:30 and 12:30. Well Let’s do a Beat the Clock
                                                                  in your commu-                              Work
promotion. The person that comes in between 8 and 9 gets          nity’s, by starting
10 chances to win, between 9 and 10, you get 4 chances to         a food drive for
win, between 10 to 11:30, there are 2 chances to win and          your communities
so on. That’s why it is called a Simple Simon promotion.          needy. This not
It’s a no brainer!                                                only gets you a
There are several key times of the year that you have to do       lot of FREE PUBLICITY, but it shows that you are
some promotions:                                                  not solely interested in your own gains. Thanksgiving
•   Memorial Day               •   New Years Eve                  is the a time of the year when people want to feel
•   July 4th                   •   Mardi Gras                     good about what they’re doing, so start with can
•   Labor Day                  •   Valentines Day
                                                                  goods, then go to turkey giveaways and create food
                                                                  baskets that can be given to needy, deserving families
•   Halloween                  •   St. Patty’s
                                                                  that are having some difficulties this season. Make
•   Thanksgiving               •   Secretary/Bosses’ Day
                                                                  sure that you organize a team of workers who will find
•   Christmas                  •   Mother/Father’s Day
                                                                  out who these families are, and then you know how
                                                                  many food baskets are needed. Incorporate this with
What will you do for these holidays? Just put up decora-
tions, the usual nonsense, give tee shirts away? But if you
                                                                  promotions for customers to get involved; who makes
are serious of making the most out of your business, you          the most canned food contributions, who is willing to
can come up with a plan several months before and make it         go out and pass them out, or invite these families to
an event. Let’s pretend that you are planning your own            your business and make this a publicity event for free
birthday party, (balloons, lights, cake, some creative            air time and newspaper placement.
cocktails great beer and wine, and a lot of good looking girls
or guys to play with, etc. etc. etc.). Yes, if it’s good enough           There are other ways that you can accomplish
for me, it will be great for them. Let the party begin!           similar goals. Have a police and firemen buffet, to
It has been my experience that where the girls are, the boys
                                                                  honor them for all the work that they do for your
will follow very quickly. Try and make some special drinks        community, and start building a strong relationship
that the ladies will love and make them affordable. Notice I      that you may not have had in the past. You can have
didn’t say free or next to free. The guys will definitely want    the same event for doctors and nurses at your local
to buy the ladies a drink, so capitalize on that very instinct.   hospital, school teachers, etc. Keep the event going
When starting a promotion there are items that you need to        all day so that shift workers can enjoy it also.
put in order.                                                             Then you should have a Thanksgiving party
•   Budget: Can I or will someone else pay for it?                on Wednesday, the 21st, to show your appreciation to
•   Would a sponsorship work for you?                             your clientele; no free or super discounted drinks, but
•   Will there be positive community reprecussions?               good prizes that are worth the time coming in to try
    Does it fit my venue’s format?                                and win. Remember you want to involve your staff and
                                                                  customers in making this a success.
•   Will it be fun to produce?
•   Is the giveaway appealing?                                                                      A packed club, is
•   How can it generate free publicity?                                                             what your goal
•   How can I get my patrons to go out and                                                          should be; and
    promote my 24/7?                                                                                great promotions
This is the checklist that needs your attention. Then assign                                        is the path to
various parts of it to your staff members so that they will                                         seeing that goal
feel a part in this promotion, as it’s their promotion too.                                         become a reality!
              December                                                   CREATING THE WOW!
Toy drives are an excellent way to get the                                   Denise Blackburn, APR
holiday rolling. You must get people                                        Marketing Strategies, Inc.
motivated, reward them (make a contest out
of it) by YOU coming up with the idea and
                                                             It’s a principle made famous by Disney and followed by
then YOU following it through. Remember
                                                             successful businesses worldwide. It’s called “Creating
leadership starts at the top, if you’re excited and
                                                             the WOW”, and done successfully, can catapult your
enthusiastic about the promotion, your help will be too.
                                                             club…and you…to fame and fortune.
One of my favorite promotions for Christmas is the
“Twelve days Christmas.” Have a good giveaway
each day, and then end it off with Santa’s Christmas         While it’s not magic, its results are magical. The fomula:
Eve day party, with food and holiday type drinks.            Passion + Personality + Promotion + the “WOW”
Remember, don’t give away your bar, that’s                   Factor = Profits
where you make your money!                                   is really quite simple. The main ingredient is the
 You can incorporate a happy hour theme with this            WOW…that which impresses your customers and
promotion. That way you can attract local business           differentiates you from the competition.
people to participate. They may even want to donate
some of the gifts that you’ll be giving away, i.e.
                                                             Sure, you need the passion for the business and the
(tanning salons, gyms, limos, beauty salons, hardware
                                                             personality to “endure” its trials and tribulations, but
stores, stereo & TV’s, clothing stores, appliance stores,
                                                             make no doubt about it, its the WOW that will keep
restaurants and pizzerias and even big stores like Wal-
                                                             your customers coming back…and bringing their friends
Mart). Use your imagination. The more you give the
                                                             with them.
more you get back in business.
                                                             A WOW:
You now have to work on that crucial week between
the holidays; people are in a celebrating mood during        •is generally preplanned
that time. I often talk with managers and owners who         •is something your customers truly value
tell me are busy enough. That’s an absurd comment. I
never had enough business until my doors had to be           •is something that is not included in your
closed because there wasn’t any room left inside, and        advertising
even then, lines were formed outside so as one left, the     •carries an element of surprise/spontaneity
other entered. Now that’s a WOW!                             •cannot be easily duplicated by your competitors
                             January                         •is memorable
               Let’s bring in the New Year right, make       •prompts word-of-mouth advertising
               this a special night, reservations, great     •doesn't have to be expensive, and
               food, a good quality champagne, a
               continental breakfast at the end and most     •makes people say “WOW!”
               of all make your customers feel that they
are getting what they are paying for. I often think that     If you’re looking for a WOW for your next promotion,
owners just figure that this holiday is a “gimme.”           let me suggest giving away a luxury vacation. These
People want to feel like big shots that night. It is your    turn-key packages, such as those offered through
job to make that come true. Start getting reservations       Vacation Adventures International, meet all of the
well in advance and lots of really cool prizes. Offer a      criteria above and generate thousands of dollars of
limo package, a singles package so that everyone will        word-of-mouth advertising….Think about it. It’s
want to be there. Hire a great band or DJ. Remember          snowing outside and someone in your club just won a
this is your show, and you are the emcee; get the            trip to the tropics. WOW!!!!!
party rolling. Super Bowl parties will bring on the latter
weeks of the month so there’s another opportunity to                   www.marketingstrategiesinc.com
shine and have fun. Be creative and have fun.
That is the formula for success!!!!
  Vacation Adventures International
            PO Box 4354
        N. Myrtle Bch., SC 29597

                                                Great Holiday Promotional Ideas

This newsletter will come out on a quarterly basis. Each issue will have promotions for
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