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									Open Brolly: Umbrella Marketing Portal Briefing Note 9. November 2006.                                     1

    Building Links: Umbrella Marketing and Communication Portal

We use our experience and software to overcome the challenges associated with sharing knowledge and
communicating with groups and clusters of businesses. Our portal is the only software designed to facilitate
marketing of skills and resources under a common brand and collect detailed analytical information.

Company Background

Open Brolly delivers software, business advice and training services to its clients across the UK and Ireland who in
turn directly support and promote over 3,500 businesses. Clients include film offices, tourism marketing groups and
environmental partnerships. Our team has worked with economic development organisations for 10 years and works
with a wide-range of sectors.

Open Brolly is based in Horizon Scotland, a ground breaking centre for innovative businesses with on-site research,
training and leading-edge information and communications facilities.

The Solution
Open Brolly's web portal provides tools for knowledge transfer, communication, training, project management and
promotional activity. Our portal complements and supports other economic development work with groups of
companies or resource owners.

Our portal is already successfully used used by organisations including Kent County Council, Screen West Midlands,
The Moray Firth Partnership and The Film Board of Ireland.

Our portal, and its associated implementation programme, is designed not only to increase competitive advantages,
but also to promote business transformation within the participating organisations.
Open Brolly: Umbrella Marketing Portal Briefing Note 9. November 2006.                                                                      2

What The Portal Does: An Overview

                                       OPEN BROLLY: LEARNING & UMBRELLA MARKETING PORTAL SUMMARY
                                                                                                                            Nov 2006 v1.0

                                                                                                                  Marketplace &
                                Businesses            Research &         Government            Enterprise
                                Entrepreneurs          Partners


                                 Web Site /        Mobile     SMS        RSS &      Email          Fax        Printed         CD /
                                  Portal            Web       Alert      Feeds                               Materials        DVD

                                               Validation &                Filtering &              Analytics &
                                                Approval                 Transformation              Statistics

                                                                      Learning & Marketing

                                    Skills &            Training &        CRM, Project
                                                                                                  Collaborative        Communication
                                  Resources              Learning        Tracking, Shared
                                                                                                   Resources              Tools
                                   Database             Resources        Market Intelligence

In short, the portal acts as an intelligent hub which connects companies with their marketplace, research,
government, enterprise agencies and with each other.

It gathers and stores information, including skill, resource and project information. This information can come from
manual or electronic sources. It can gather any information at any time, enabling questionnaires at short notice. The
portal maintains quality by validating incoming inf  ormation and offers editorial control.

The portal filters and repackages information it holds; it can then distribute it through a range of methods including
web sites, mobile telephones, email alerts and printed materials. As well as facilitating kn owledge transfer and
collaboration among the participating businesses, it can also use gathered information to promote the businesses
under a common brand.

Comprehensive information is gathered about interaction with the portal which can be used to assess the return on
Open Brolly: Umbrella Marketing Portal Briefing Note 9. November 2006.                                        3

The Portal In Action
So what does this mean in practice? Here are some example scenarios illustrating the benefits of portal

Raise standards and create identity through knowledge transfer & common values.
The food and drink industry is subject to a high degree of regulation. The portal collects information about food and
drink companies and about actual and proposed legislative and regulatory changes. The portal then delivers
interpreted information in a customised email, including a monthly countdown to changes, targeted only to affected

Businesses affected by the legislative changes can use the portal to find each other and work together on solutions.

Target training, business advice and support; increase return on economic development investment.
The portal can electronically survey participants as often as required, making it very quick and easy for companies to
respond to a complex set of questions or a single query. Tourism businesses can complete a questionnaire to
determine levels of migrant labour and skill shortages, and subsequently linked with organisations who can provide
support addressing their needs. Relevant on-line and off-line training can be offered and highlighted through the

Improve efficiency in sector (& individual businesses).
Health-care companies collaborating on a venture can use the portal to store information they gather about the
attributes of prospective clients, and use the analytical facilities of t database to help develop a marketing

Accommodation providers can use the portal to upload information about visitors who have booked with them.
Activity providers and venues can provide information about events and special offers directly to visitors' mobile
telephones, but under the accommodation provider's brand.

Strengthen relationships with marketplace; improve access to new opportunities.
An automotive cluster can publish on-line and up-to-date paper copies of its skills and capability database directly
from the portal. Enquiries can be made on-line and distributed to all relevant companies, with full tracking for quality

A delegation to the Ukraine can produce a small run of printed directories only including companies interested in
trading with the region.

A film office can automatically distribute information about “what's filming here” to third party tourism websites to
improve film tourism opportunities.

Achieve, and communicate, a better understanding of sector and potential collaborations.
Companies can be routinely asked to check and update their information – and chased if they don't. Synergies
between companies can be analyses and issues of common interest highlighted.

Food companies who sell meat products to the US can be identified and brought together to find ways of mitigating
packaging and shipping costs.

Establish learning ethos and links with research.
A research database can be developed with academic partners; the research can then be matched on an ongoing
basis with current business requirements.

Other, longer term objectives can be achieved following portal implementation including brand development,
marketing and promotional campaigns, entrepreneur skills development and shared market research.
Open Brolly: Umbrella Marketing Portal Briefing Note 9. November 2006.                                          4

Initial Portal Implementation

Initial portal set-up and implementation is typically completed within 3
months. During this period we will:

     ●     Establish a project management framework;
     ●     Produce a “wire-frame”, demonstrating how users will interact
           with the portal;
     ●     Research the sector and international best practice;
     ●     Establish the core information to be held by the portal;
     ●     Establish the taxonomies required to readily use the
     ●     Establish sources of core information;
     ●     Create rules to validate incoming information;
     ●     Create forms and electronic links with other systems to collect
           incoming information;
     ●     Establish the form in which information will be disseminated, to who and how often;
     ●     Create web pages, mobile web pages, text alerts and other mechanisms for disseminating information;
     ●     Fully test all systems;
     ●     Go live with the core data collection modules;
     ●     Send out letters / emails / faxes inviting participating organisations to complete their core information on-
     ●     Go live with all portal features.

Over the next

Subsequent Activity May Include

     ●     Development of common goals into a brand, for internal and / or external use;
     ●     Development of a formal communications strategy;
     ●     Provision targeted learning through seminars and remote learning to:
              ● Improve communication and joint working skills within th cluster;
              ● Improve the use of information and communication technology;
              ● Provide sector specific information and promote internal dialogue;
    ●      Development of project management, administrative and promotional resources for the cluster;


David Sim, Director: Research and Development

Open Brolly
Horizon Scotland, Forres
Scotland IV36 1BY

Tel: 01309 678100 (+44 1309 678100)

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