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									            Membership Pack

The Branded Content Marketing Association

                                              The BCMA
                                         32 Percy Street
                                      London, W1T 2DE
                                 T +44 (0)8700 622 394


The Branded Content Marketing Association encompasses members spanning world leading brands,
broadcasters, filmmakers, studios, producers, advertising agencies, media planners, publishers,
games and music producers.

The BCMA strives to promote and grow the branded content market to the wider audience. Launched
on October 2nd, 2003 the BCMA is now an international body with members throughout Europe,
Australasia and the US.

The BCMA is designed to bring together and benefit a broad spectrum of content creators and owners
including organisations from the advertising, brand development, sponsorship, media, broadcasting,
programming and entertainment industries.

       To build a business we need to give value to our members.

       To give value to BCMA members we need a set of products.

       To create the products we need to identify the relevant industry needs.

       To identify the industry needs we must define branded content.

                Branded Content
                                                     Editorially led marketing

                                          Branded Content is anything a brand does that
             Branded Content is...
                                               is not directly about communication.

                                             Those who sell or make branded content
               Industry Sectors…
                                                 Those who buy branded content
What is the aim of the BCMA?

On behalf of its members, the BCMA aims to drive development in the branded content market by:

   •   Facilitating the standardisation of the creative and commercial formats necessary to create a
       vibrant branded content market

   •   Undertaking research into new measurement and valuation techniques required to support the
       branded content market

   •   Leading the negotiations with regulators and industry bodies to clarify the role of branded
       content in the broader communications mix

By providing networking opportunities and open discussion around these issues, the BCMA will enable
its members to adapt and capitalise on the new challenges that branded content presents.

What are the benefits of the BCMA to advertisers and brands?

   •   Access to the case study library and exclusive case studies of branded content

   •   Market data relating to branded content

   •   How to guides

   •   Glossary of terms

   •   Access to the latest branded content research

   •   Networking with other branded content international professionals (in the advertising and
       entertainment industries including music, gaming, mobile, film, events etc)

Benefits for content creators, producers, and distributors

   •   Access to advertisers and their agencies

   •   Access to latest branded content developments and best practice
  •   Access to market data relating to branded content

  •   Access to the latest branded content research

Benefits for agencies and the advertising community

  •   Access to branded content focused producers

  •   Access to latest branded content developments and best practice

  •   Association with the loudest branded content voice in the media

  •   Association with the loudest Branded Content voice in the media

  •   To promote the adoption of branded content as a potent form of marketing

  •   To share information about the market, the challenges, the regulations, best practice, key
      developments and industry standards

  •   To promote innovation, research, creative discussion and develop new partnerships and
      business opportunities

  •   To facilitate participation at all relevant International trade events, to actively represent all
      branded content disciplines and to lobby where necessary key issues concerned with branded
Membership Benefits

The BCMA will be running an exciting calendar of events in 2010 designed to address new and
emergent market trends and issues in the branded content market. BCMA Membership includes free
access to our Networking Panels, plus discounted entry to the BCMA conference and selected third
party events.

       BCMA Networking Panels

       The BCMA Networking Panels scheduled for 2010 are open to members free of charge. These
       networking evenings are designed to provide insights into the branded content market place in
       an atmosphere that is conducive to networking, information sharing and forging new
       partnerships. Networking Panels begin at 6pm with drinks and canapés, followed by a panel
       debate and Q&A with the audience. The rest of the evening is dedicated to networking in a
       relaxed expert environment.

       Partner Events

       In addition to BCMA events we also partner with topical industry forums and international
       trade shows to ensure our members can attend relevant events at a discounted rate and also
       take advantage of savings on exhibition space and sponsorship opportunities. For example the
       BCMA has been active at 3GSM, MIPTV, MIPCOM, Cannes Lions and Cannes Film Festival.

       Press Coverage

       The BCMA achieves regular press coverage throughout the year for the BCMA, the industry as
       a whole, its capabilities and the work of its members. Publicising branded content successes
       and educating the broader audience about the possibilities of branded entertainment is high
       on our agenda for driving growth in the creation of branded content.

The BCMA is constantly striving to provide fresh research and insight into the field of branded content.
With the recent launch of the Bces, branded content evaluation system, members are entitled to a
significant discount on research projects and indepth access to case studies.         The Bces is an
essential tool for media agencies, creative agencies, PR agencies, production companies and
media owners for planning and evaluating branded content campaigns.

It gives marketers an in-depth insight into:

1. How your branded content campaign is performing against key brand metrics, allowing you to
determine the ROI

2. Which elements of the campaign are performing the most strongly in meeting the campaign

3. What you could do differently to support the campaign more strongly to optimise its ROI

The Bces has been developed by contentworx, a branded content specialist agency on behalf of the
Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA) with two leading companies in the area of advertising
and planning research - OTX and Pointlogic - and is modular in its approach, making it suitable for all
sizes of campaign.

The BCMA is dedicated to promoting best practice in all areas of branded content. BCMA forums are
designed to provide the knowledge and relationships required for all stakeholders across all sectors.

The BCMA will continue to lobby on relevant issues pertinent to developing branded content in the

We are partnered with the following events/associations securing discounts for BCMA members;

        MEF, C21 Media, Media & Marketing Europe, Marketing Week/Centaur, IPA, APA, BIMA, IAB,
        European Sponsorship Association, Screen Expo, Osney Media, GSM, NMK, Music Week,
        London Calling.
The BCMA has achieved a steady supply of international press coverage for both BCMA member
companies and the association, coverage includes Media Week, Contagious, Cream, Campaign, FT
Creative, Marketing, News Week, NMA,, Cannes Lions Daily,, Media & Marketing

The BCMA actively promotes best practice to associated industries and also via other trade association
bodies regarding effectiveness of specific areas of branded content. We will be formatting more
research into effectiveness throughout the year which will be available to all BCMA members.

The BCMA now has members in Germany, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Australia, US, France, Netherlands and
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Corporate membership: £750.00

Baccs Payment: The BCMA, NatWest Bank, Dover Branch UK. Sort code 60 07 04, Account 39514811,
VAT 839 5714 88.

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