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					                       Cultural Executives Committee Meeting Minutes
                             Wednesday, November 19, 2008
         Josephine S. Leiser Opera Center – 221 SW 3rd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

Present: Janet Erlick (Vice Chair), Barbara Barber, Mary Becht, Judith Carney, Marie
Darmanian, Douglas Evans, Donald Giancoli, Yvonne Gonzalez, Luctricia Welters, Jody
Leshinsky, Vena Paylo, Scott Sherven, Charmain Yobbi

Absent: Mary Archer, Hazel Armbister, Andie Arthur, Hal Axler, Trish Burgio, Michael
Caldwell, Sam Caldwell, Hailani Chan-Williams, Adriane Clarke, Abel Cornejo, Marguerita
Gayle, Vanya Allen, Alta Jessie Guido, Estelle Weitzner, Jo Harris Ingram, John W. Johnson,
Jo Ann Harris, Ed Haynes, Julia Brown, Linda Houston Jones, Martena Johnson, Clara
Kashar, Julie Labate, Helen LaForge, Marsha Maragh, Andre Martineau, Lisa Maxwell,
Yvonne McCormack-Lyons, Jimmy Moise, Melissa Wilson, Kenneth Moylan, Raquel Pacheco-
Aumaitre, Laura Peterson, Claudia Polzer, Joyce Reynolds, Joy Satterlee, Trina Soumare,
Nerissa Street, Robyn Vegas, Gladys Velez, Diane Villeneuve Rhoades, Anita Wilson,
Deborah Wolford, Elsa Zarduz, Patricia Zeiler

Meeting Start Time: 12:00 PM

Agenda I: Welcome –Call to Order
Janet Erlick (JE) called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Agenda II: Self Introductions
JE asked that attendees introduce themselves and also refer to a question from the “Finding
Strategic Thinkers for your Board” handout. JE also passed out a handout entitled “Some
Strategic Questions Every Board Should Ask” (both handouts are attached in pdf format).

Agenda III: Elections
Jody Leshinsky (JL) informed attendees that there had been elections to determine the new
Chair and Vice Chair positions to the Cultural Executive Committee. Judith Carney (JC) read
the results of the election: Janet Erick was nominated as Chair and Hal Axler was
nominated as Vice Chair. JC called for a motion to be made to officially name Janet Erlick
and Hal Axler as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively. Donald Giancoli made first motion,
Marie Darmanian made seconded motion. Remaining attendees were unanimously in-favor.

Agenda IV: Director’s Updates & Announcements
JL spoke to attendees about speaking in front of Board to introduce (10 minute speech)
their organizations to Board in hopes of educating board about where and what their
organizations are about, this would be geared toward any members that are unaware of
their organization. JL had a sign-up sheet for the opportunity. JL also spoke about the new
“Broward Artists Hall of Fame” committee that had been formed and what the committee’s
mission is. JL informed attendees about the new Cooperative Marketing Program
Introduction video that had been created. JL informed attendees about
and discussed its purpose and benefit to a attendees. JL noted that the new Fall issue of
the Cultural Quarterly had been posted online. JL introduced Scott Sherven (SS) and
Barbara Barber (BB) as Emerging Cultural Leaders members that were attending the CEC
meeting as part of their requirement and education within the Emerging Cultural Leaders
program. JL informed attendees about the MoAFL booth, Jan 31, 2009 – Feb 1, 2009
( that would be available to cultural organization to
use to educate the public about their organizations, making a note that the organizations
must man the booth for the time they would like to participate. JL asked attendees if they
would like to make the next CEC meeting’s focus to be “Survival in Difficult Times”;

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attendees agreed. JL informed attendees about the 12-4-08 (10AM-12PM) meeting in the
Govt Center rm 409G, open to public, for the 2020 Cultural Plan. JL also mentioned the
Global Arts & Cultural Committee that had been formed as a sub-committee of the Cultural

Agenda V: Strategic Planning – Not Just a Dust Collector
JE introduced topic of Strategic Planning and asked attendees to ask questions or inform
committee about the subject. Yvonne Gonzalez (YG) said that she has a diverse group of
members in her organization’s board and asked attendees to give her suggestions of how to
get her board members all working towards the same goals. JL suggested a moderator and
how a moderator can lead the board through a SWAT analysis and be a neutral voice to
board in helping get board to work together towards common goals. Charmain Yobbi (CY)
said that her organization used a moderator and that it helped tremendously to get her
board all working cohesively. DG also reiterated same sentiment.

JE asked attendees what parts of a strategic plan works best. Luctricia Welters (LW) said it
was important to her organization to list goals in a timeline and to organize them
methodically. CY mentioned that her board had a business coach on it’s roster and how
that had helped her organization to communicate well between board and organization staff.
CY also said that it was important to re-evaluate your goals so that they are fresh. JC
reiterated that sentiment saying that it could be a challenge to move ahead with your goals
when an organization has been in operation for a long period of time and how important it is
to re-evaluate goals in order to move ahead. JE also reiterated sentiment about the
importance of re-evaluating an organizations goals and growth. YG said that the tips given
by attendees were very helpful.

JE asked that attendees look at the handouts and use them when considering their
organization’s boards. JE also spoke about the importance of the relevance of the CEC
meetings and asked attendees to please communicate their needs and desires from the CEC
meetings. She encouraged attendees to keep attending meetings and to also encourage
their peers to do the same. JE also asked attendees to host meetings at their
organizations; that it helps awareness of organizations.

Agenda V: New Kid on the Block –Doug Evans, Classical South Florida radio
JE introduced Doug Evans (DE), General Manager of Classical South Florida radio, DE spoke about the station and its importance
in South Florida. DE informed attendees that the station was membership supported and
that the listeners consist of arts patrons and that the station wants to support local arts
community in any way it can. DE encouraged arts organizations to get involved with the
station; informing attendees about the station’s Thursday/Friday Cultural Calendar and the
ability to air live performances.

Agenda V: Discussion
JE said that the theaters were very enthusiastic to hand out literature from arts
organizations and encouraged members to take advantage of this opportunity. JE asked
members if they any announcements. MD spoke about a hand-out she passed around
about upcoming events, CY spoke about upcoming events at Art & Culture Center of
Hollywood and SS spoke about an upcoming holiday play. JE thanked attendees for coming
and told them about the upcoming meeting.

Agenda VI: Next Meeting: February 18 – Bonnet House, February 18, 2009

VI: Meeting Adjourned: 12:57 PM

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