CodeIgniter Quick Reference by techmaster


benchmark->                                       email->                                 session->
     mark                   memory_usage               from             set_alt_message        userdata              flashdata
     elapsed_time                                      reply_to         clear                  set_userdata          set_flashdata
calendar->                                             to               send                   unset_userdata        keep_flashdata
     generate                                          cc               attach                 sess_destroy
config->                                               bcc              print_debugger    trackback->
     load                   site_url                   subject          initialize             send                  send_error
     item                   system_url                 message                                 receive               send_success
     set_item                                     encrypt->                                    display_errors        data
db-> (Query)                                           encode           set_mode          parser->
     query                  insert_string              decode           sha1                   parse
     simple_query           update_string              set_cipher                         unit->
     escape                 dbprefix              upload->                                     run                   use_strict
     escape_str             protect_identifiers        do_upload        data                   report                active
db-> (Results)                                         display_errors   initialize             result                set_template
     result                 free_result           ftp->                                   uri->
     result_array           insert_id                  connect          list_files             segment               uri_string
     row                    affected_rows              upload           mirror                 rsegment              ruri_string
     row_array              last_query                 rename           mkdir                  slash_segment         total_segments
     num_rows               platform                   move             chmod                  slash_rsegment        total_rsegments
     count_all              version                    delete_file      close                  uri_to_assoc          segment_array
     num_fields                                        delete_dir                              ruri_to_accos         rsegment_array
db-> (Active Records)                             table->                                      assoc_to_uri
     get                    or_not_like                generate         make_columns      agent->
     get_where              group_by                   set_caption      set_template           is_browser            robot
     select                 distinct                   set_heading      set_empty              is_mobile             platform
     select_max             having                     add_row          clear                  is_robot              referrer
     select_min             or_having             image_lib->                                  is_referral           agent_string
     select_avg             order_by                   resize           watermark              browser               accept_lang
     select_sum             limit                      crop             clear                  version               accept_charset
     from                   count_all_results          rotate           display_errors         mobile
     join                   count_all             input->                                 validation->
     where                  insert                     xss_clean        ip_address             run                   set_error_delimiters
     or_where               set                        post             valid_ip               set_rules             set_select
     where_in               update                     cookie           user_agent             error_string          set_checkbox
     or_where_in            delete                     server                                  set_message           set_radio
     where_not_in           empty_table           load->                                       set_fields
     or_where_not_in        truncate                   library          helper            xmlrpcs->
     like                   start_cache                view             plugin                 server                set_debug
     or_like                stop_cache                 database         file                   timeout               display_error
     not_like               flush_cache                scaffolding      lang                   method                display_response
db-> (Transactions)                                    vars             config                 request               send_error_message
     trans_start            trans_complete        lang->                                       send_request          send_response
     trans_complete         trans_begin                load             line              zip->
     trans_strict           trans_rollback        output->                                     add_data              archive
     trans_status           trans_commit               set_output       set_header             add_dir               download
     trans_off                                         get_output       enable_profiler        read_file             get_zip
db-> (Table Data)                                 pagination->                                 read_dir              clear_data
     list_tables            table_exists               initialize       create_links
db-> (Field Data)
     list_fields            field_data
db-> (Custom Function Calls)
db-> (Caching)
     cache_on               cache_delete
     cache_off              cache_all
     create_database        drop_table
     drop_database          rename_table
     add_fields             add_column
     add_key                drop_column
     create_table           modify_column
     list_databases         csv_from_result
     optimize_table         xml_from_result
     repair_table           backup
     optimize_database                                                                                          CodeIgniter 1.6.2
                                                                                            compiled by Bastian Stalder, 23.05.2008

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