Sports, Recreation, Entertainment Marketing

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WorkKeys Certifications
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Our students develop an                  Youth Organizations
                                         Distibutive Education Club of America
understanding of the marketing
concept,definition, functions,
identification, and strategies as it
applies to sports, recreation,
and entertainment as well as
some of the fundamentals of
American business in economics,
contracts, legal issues, and
ethics. They will also develop an
understanding of the fundamental
concepts to the marketing mix—
that of product, place, and price
                                                                                 Recreation, &
as they pertain to the Sports,                                                   Entertainment
Recreation, and Entertainment
                                       Blue River Career Center
                                       801 St. Joseph Street
                                       Shelbyville, Indiana 46176

  Post-Secondary Options                        Sports, Recreation, &
    and Opportunities
This course provides an excellent
opportunity for any student planning on
                                                Entertainment Marketing
pursuing a career or degree in any of the
following areas:
                                            Program Description
• Business Administration                   2 Semesters                                                  6 Credits
• Advertising                                      Grades: 11-12
• Public Relations                          A specialized course which provides students with the opportunity to learn marketing
• Sales Promotion                           principles in the field of Sports, Recreation, and Entertainment.
• Event Marketing
                                            This course is based upon the Marketing Education Framework which includes
• Sports Information
                                            business, management, and entrepreneurship; communication and interpersonal
• Venue Management
                                            skills; economics; and professional development foundations
• Product Management
• Player Relations Specialist               Instructional strategies may include computer/technology applications, real and/or
• Sports Information                        simulated occupational experiences, and projects in the marketing functions
• Ticket sales and Management                Students are able to earn both high school as well as college credits while
                                            participating in Marketing.
                                             Earn up to nine college credits through IVY Tech College, Indiana Business College,
                                            Sullivan University, Johnson & Wales University, University of Northwestern Ohio, &
                                            Pennsylvania Culinary.
                                            This is an excellent opportunity for any
                                            student who plans on pursuing a post-
                                            secondary degree in business administration,
                                            accounting, finance, and/or marketing.