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					                                       Marketing Questionnaire - Web Site Design & Hosting

Company Name:                                                             Do you have a digital file of your company logo?                        Yes    No
                                                                          *A digital file must be submitted to be included on any print literature.

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Marketing Request
    Website Development                 E-mail Hosting            Domain Transfer           Domain Acquisition           *HYDROLogic will acquire your
                                                                                                                          domain name.

Company Information For Website
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Website Design & Hosting by HYDROLogic
Website Pages                               Please provide all verbiage for each page selected:

Please select 5 desired pages
below for your company's
web site.
*Additional pages are available upon
request. Charges may vary.

    Home Page
    Services Page
    Products Page
    Photo Gallery Page
    FAQ Page
    Seasonal Instructions Page
    Contact Page
    Individual Service Pages
    Individual Product Pages
    Other, please list below
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 Please use extra field below if needed:

-You will need to save your completed form (File->Save As) before you e-mail it to your account advisor.
-Marketing services will not be produced without this completed form.
-Please provide any and all digital artwork or digital photographs that you would like to display on your web site.