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									                             marketing awareness and
                             assessment questionnaire
Marketing Goals and Objectives

  •   Is this marketing offensive or defensive?
  •   What are we trying to do? (Maintain awareness? Build awareness? Change
  •   What are your short- and long-term marketing goals?
  •   What are your expectations from marketing efforts?


  •   Who is the audience?
          • Are you looking to broaden the market or maintain current percentage of
             available market?
          • If there is more than one audience, what weight do they carry?
          • Who are the key influencers?
  •   What do you want your audience to know? What is your product?
          • What are the features, added value, or benefits of the service over the competition?
  •   From where is it possible to draw additional business? (Geographically? New products?)
  •   What makes you mad? “Boy, I wish they knew……………”
  •   What do you see as your image? How do you feel people currently perceive your product/
  •   What/who is the competition? How are we better?
  •   What do you feel drives sales or pushes someone to choose your product or service over
  •   What marketing has been successful in the past?

Specific Information

  •   Again, whom do you compete with for customers?
  •   How important is introduction of new product (classes, services) over sustaining product in the
      marketing efforts?
  •   Is what you offer cyclical or seasonal? When are the high and low points?
  •   Do you have capacity for additional customers? Where? In what areas?
  •   Do you have budget allocated for marketing activities? If so, how much?

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