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					                                                                                                      Field Experiences &
 Pathway to Success                                                                                   Internships
                                                                                                       Sites where SI students have
 Product Strategy/                                                                                    recently completed relevant
                                                                                                      internships include
                                                                                                         BetsGoWild, New York, NY
 Marketing                                                                                               Gale Group, Farmington Hills,
 Manager                                                                                                 MI
                                                                                                         Hewlett-Packard, Houston, TX
                                                                                                         Interlect Co., Ltd., Tokyo,
                                                                                                         Nike Corporation, Beaverton,
                                                                                                         OneupWeb, Ann Arbor, MI
                                                                                                         ProQuest, Ann Arbor, MI
                                                          Research, Service, &                           Seattle Opera, Seattle, WA
                                                          Activities                                     University of Michigan Office
 SI Courses                                                Examples of relevant SI and U-M               of Technology Transfer, Ann
  Fulfill all MSI requirements .                          research initiatives, service                  Arbor, MI
 Recommended course options                               projects, and activities include
 include                                                     Collaborative Filtering Project
    SI 519: Special Topics:
    Intellectual Property and                                Computational Foundations of
    Information Law                                         Information Markets
    SI 539: Design of Complex                                Design of Computer-Assisted              Career Success . . .
    Web Sites                                               Market Mechanisms                          Recent grads have accepted
    SI 544: Introduction to                                  Design of Reputation Systems             positions in this area that include
    Statistics and Data Analysis                             Economic Design of                         Associate Producer, Nike
                                                            Information Goods                           Digital
    SI 557: Visual Persuasion
                                                             Economic Design of the                     Director, New Business
    SI 562: Microeconomics for
                                                            Internet                                    Development, Probe Research
    Information Professionals
                                                             Strategic Positioning in                   Manager, SoftAd Group
    SI 563: Game Theory
                                                            Information Product Space                   Market Research Analyst,
    SI 583: Recommender
                                                             Society for Information                    Electro-Comm
                                                            Management, Policy, Law, and                Marketing Director, ERA
    SI 627: Managing the                                    Economics (SIMPLE)                          United Realty
    Information Technology
    Organization                                                                                        Marketing Manager, AnyEparts
    SI 646: Information                                                                                 Product Analyst,
    Economics                                                                                           Project Coordinator, University
    SI 649: Information                                   U-M Cognates                                  of Chicago Office of
    Visualization                                                                                       Technology Transfer
                                                           Take six credits outside of SI
    SI 652: Electronic Commerce                           from U-M's wealth of offerings,               Search Engine Marketing
                                                          such as                                       Specialist, Backbone Media
    SI 679: Aggregation and
    Prediction Markets                                       Corp. Strategy & Int'l.                    Senior Communication
                                                             Business 669: Adv.                         Specialist, Valassis
    SI 680: Incentive-Centered                               Competitive Analysis
    Design: Contracting and                                                                             Syndicated Analyst, Corporate
    Signaling                                                Marketing 601: Strategic                   Executive Board
                                                             Market Planning
    SI 686: Public Goods                                                                                Vice President, Media
                                                             Marketing 608: Pricing                     Quotient, Hass MS&L
                                                             Strategy and Tactics                       Web Marketing Manager,
                                                             Marketing 619: Marketing                   Samsung Techwin
                                                             Research Design and Analysis
                                                             Marketing 630: Decision
                                                             Models for Marketing

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