Vegetable Marketing Assistance Opportunities

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					 Vegetable Marketing
Assistance Opportunities
  Angelyn DeYoung, Marketing Officer
  Montana Department of Agriculture
             Who am I?
Angelyn DeYoung
Marketing Officer
Not production expert!!
        What is available?
Financial assistance
Business development assistance
Marketing assistance
Regulatory compliance assistance
        Financial Assistance
Growth Through Agriculture program
  Up to $50,000
    Deferred-payment loan
  Staff assistance with application
         Financial Assistance
Rural Assistance Loan
  Available to persons not able to qualify for a loan from
  commercial lenders
  Maximum loan amount is $35,000 per individual or
  $70,000 per household.
  Loans are made up to 80% of the value of the collateral
  used to secure the loan.
  A 20% down payment or additional collateral may be
  required to meet this guideline
       Financial Assistance
Rural Assistance Loans (cont.)
Funds may be used to finance the following:
    Agricultural Property
       Such as livestock and farm machinery
    Agriculture Improvements
       Such as barns or irrigation systems
    Annual Operating Expenses
    Agricultural Land
Business Development Assistance
 Developing ideas
 Regulatory compliance
 Feasibility of idea
 Financial assistance
      Marketing Assistance
Individual marketing assistance
Trade Show Assistance Program
Cooperative marketing at trade shows

Marketing Montana farmers’ markets
Encouraging Montanans to buy locally – both
consumers and buyers
      Marketing Assistance
Shipping Point Inspections
  Inspect for grade
  At shipping point
  Guarantees grade
  By request only
      Organic Certification
Marketing or regulatory compliance?
“Organic” is a LEGAL TERM
Can be used for marketing
      Organic Certification
Organic is…
  Soil fertility
  Weed, pest and disease management
  A lifestyle
      Organic Certification
Certification organizations
  There are others, but…
    Montana Department of Agriculture
       1st year fee-waiver
       Talk to the manager
       Understand Montana-specific conditions
       IOIA in Broadus, Montana
Regulatory Compliance Assistance
  Voluntary, unless government contractor
  Large distributors and retailers also require (Sysco,
  Albertson’s, etc.)
  Guarantees quality control and sanitation to
  eliminate microbial contaminates
  ONE WORD: Spinach!!
Regulatory Compliance Assistance
Licensed Auditor – Larry Krumm
  “Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety
  Hazards for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables”
  “Food Safety Begins on the Farm”
  Audit Verification Matrix
  Functional foods
  Organic – seed, feed, or consumer products
  Heirloom seeds

  Farmers Markets
  Farm-to-school programs
  Non-traditional “grocery” stores
           Functional Foods
Avocado              Soy
Beans                Spinach
                     Tea, black and green
Broccoli             Tomatoes
Citrus Fruits        Whole Grains
Cranberries          Wine, Red and
                     Grapes/grape juice
Flax Seed
        What can you do?
Customers’ needs and wants
Educate consumers
Join organizations
Look at value-added ag
        We can help!
 Montana Department of Agriculture

Angelyn DeYoung, Marketing Officer