Marketing learning communities by kellena94



          Part 2
Building a marketing plan
         Jacque Mott
   with Jean Henscheid &
    Barbara Leigh Smith
                   A marketing team

§ Marketing team structures vary

   § Some institutions have a cross-functional learning
     community steering or advisory committee that also
     serves as the marketing team
   § Others have a separate marketing team
   § In large, decentralized universities, different colleges
     or schools often design the LC program and each
     school has its own student recruitment, advising, and
     marketing process
   § All require collaboration
 Developing a marketing team
§ Identify key players for your team
   §   Students
   §   LC program coordinator or LC committee chair
   §   Academic advisor/counselor
   §   Admissions/student recruitment representative
   §   Residence life representative
   §   Registrar
   §   Institutional research
   §   New student activities coordinator
   §   Member of institutional marketing department
   §   Faculty
         Marketing team functions

§ Establish a leadership structure for
    marketing the program
§   Gather data to inform decisions
§   Clarify issues and options
§   Spread ownership of the planning process
§   Ensure that relevant parties are well
§   Develop, implement and monitor the
    marketing plan
§   Develop a marketing plan and set deadlines
    to accomplish tasks
§   Make results and some proceedings public
      Building a marketing plan
STEP 1 - Identify where the program is now
STEP 2 - Identify the marketing goals
STEP 3 - Identify the target audience
STEP 4 - Research the target audience
STEP 5 - Research methods for goal
STEP 6 - Create an action plan
STEP 7 - Gather resources
STEP 8 - Establish a timeline
STEP 10 - Evaluate and adjust
     Key marketing considerations

n   Develop appropriate strategies for all
    audiences your marketing plan must reach
n   Develop a widespread on- and off-campus
n   Build permanent locations for promotional
n   Become a part of the registration system
     Key marketing considerations

n   Is your program listed in the course
    schedule and other publications?
n   Are your marketing materials within the
    program budget?
n   Does your program have a recognizable
n   Do you have a handbook for all LC
n   Have you involved advisors and
n   Are current LC students marketing your
       Key on-campus allies

n   Dean/provost’s office
n   Department chairs
n   Office of research
n   Admissions office
n   Registrar and scheduling office
n   Student advisors and counselors
n   Teaching and learning center
n   Public relations office
n   Graphics/design office
            Key off-campus allies

n   Key communicators in high schools and
    community colleges
n   Newspaper and television reporters
n   Mayor’s office personnel (especially if they
    have a educational liaison or special events
n   Local library personnel
            Key off-campus allies

n   Mall managers with empty display windows
n   Persons with influential websites
n   Owners/managers of public gathering sites
    (post offices, parks, swimming pool, etc.)
n   Local businesses and community
Marketing to the entire campus

n   Activate the under-informed or
     Broaden program acceptance and marketing
     scope by involving on-campus individuals who
     don’t know about learning communities in a small
     marketing activity.

n   Hold campus-wide small group
     Typical concerns you may hear during these
     meetings may include content vs. process
     issues, concerns about faculty load and
     compensation, and concern about whether LCs
     can meet the need for student preparation for
     higher level courses.
    Marketing to the entire campus

n   Keep values and benefits visible
     Focus formal and informal discussions on the value of
     learning communities to students, faculty, and the
     institution and present evidence of their effectiveness.
     A focus on basic values creates a common ground for
    Common marketing mis-steps

n   Not meeting student needs
n   Creating ineffective promotional strategies
n   Forgetting that academic advisors change
    and need re-educating often
n   Assuming that marketing efforts to students
    will last more than a year
n   Forgetting that one person can’t do
    Common marketing mis-steps

n   Not maintaining student contact and getting
n   Forgetting to create flexible/multiple use
    marketing materials
n   Not building a sustainable plan that
    integrates tasks into the duties of specific
n   Creating a great plan without people to
    execute it

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