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									   Q M P ™ A S SO C I A T E S , I N C .
                      Success through quality marketing™


What is a QMP™ Sales and
Marketing Assessment?

“A QMP™ sales and marketing
effectiveness assessment is a
business process analysis tool for
determining the root causes of
lagging revenue growth and /or

“In general, there are three
major factors effecting the level
of a company’s sales: 1) the
fundamental economic health
and momentum of the its target
markets, 2) the relative
competitiveness of its offerings      A QMP™ sales and marketing effectiveness audit is designed to identify those
and 3) the effectiveness of the       areas within a company’s market strategy, business development and sales
company’s delivery processes, of      processes that have the best potential for positively affecting revenue
which, sales and marketing are        growth, increasing profitability and accelerating cash flow in the near-term.
key strategic components.
                                      Through in-depth interviews, sampling daily activities and data, and reviewing
A QMP assessment analyzes             working documents of the marketing team and sales force, a QMP™ sales
these three factors. The results      and marketing audit can reveal opportunities for significant improvement in
are usually revealing, and as         processes, tools and results.
such, engaging in such an             Areas assessed can include any or all of the following:
assessment project requires a
good deal of management                    • Viability and probability of success in the primary target markets
objectivity and openness.”                 • Effectiveness of the process used for creating market strategy
                       Jerry Vieira        • Cost-effectiveness and strategic soundness of the MARCOM plan
            President and Founder
                                           • Accuracy and “real” value of the sales pipeline
                                           • Strategic appropriateness of the channel
                                           • Sales skills and process discipline assessment: (qualification, call
Q M P ™ A S S OC I AT E S , I N C .           planning, time/financial management, listening, fact-finding, account
                                              strategies and ability to coalesce, propose and close)
 6441 SW Canyon Ct. Suite 103
                                           • Viability of and process for creating major account strategies
     Portland, OR 97221
                                           • Sales forecast accuracy/accuracy of predicting account closure
      Phone: 503-318-2696
       Fax: 503-297-4885              This activity fundamentally determines where a company can get the highest            return for its future marketing and sales investment, as well as, from its hu-
                                      man resource deployment.
                Success through quality marketing™

                                         Why a Sales and Marketing Assessment is a worthy investment

Industry applicability:                      • Identifies what to target in the sales and marketing process to
                                                 increase profitable sales as quickly as possible
  •   High Technology
                                             • Permits focused, high-leverage investment or change in the
  •   Medical Equipment
  •   Software                                   crucial few marketing/sales steps that will mean success
  •   Semiconductor                          •   Improves the ROI of the sales and marketing investment
  •   Information Technology                 •   Creates a culture of management-by-fact and trust
  •   Test Equipment                         •   Improves sales forecast accuracy
  •   Electrical Components
                                             •   Creates metrics and performance measurements for marketing
  •   Capital Equipment
  •   Mechanical Components                      and sales
  •   Consulting Services
  •   Building Products
                                         Typical assessment program plan (typically 4 to 6 weeks)
  •   and other Business-to-
                                             •   Appointment of project manager and steering committee
      Business enterprises
                                             •   Perceived problems: management discussions / interviews
                                             •   Design and approval of work-plan
                                             •   Steering committee work-plan briefing
                                             •   Internal research and data gathering
                                             •   Field research and data gathering
                                             •   Presentation of preliminary findings
                                             •   Supplemental data gathering (if required)
                                             •   Final Report preparation
                                             •   Presentation of Summary Report and Recommendations
    QMP™ Sales and Marketing             Typical Deliverables
Assessments are conducted in a non-
 threatening environment of objective        ♦ The final assessment report includes
  inquiry, cooperation, support and              • Process, skills and systems deficiencies
understanding for the challenges faced
                                                 • Opportunities for immediate positive impact (revenue, profit)
  daily by the employees in the field.
                                                 • Recommendations
                                                 • Supporting summary data
                                                 • Supporting anecdotal evidence
                                                 • High leverage opportunities for improvement
QMP™       A S S OC I AT E S , I N C .           • Investment improvement roadmap, including calculation of
                                                    financial benefit and resource redeployment
 6441 SW Canyon Ct. Suite 103                    • Executive presentation
     Portland, OR 97221

       Phone: 503-318-2696               Cost: Effectiveness audit projects are proposed based on the breadth
        Fax: 503-297-4885                      of assessment required, size of organization to be audited, the                    specific areas requiring analysis and schedule needs

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